Posted by Heather Rutz on Oct 11, 2017
Lima Refinery is preparing for the future with crude flexibility.
Husky Energy Lima Refinery is an integral part of the company’s overall business, and is planning for the future, refinery manager Jerry Miller told the club Monday. Miller, Vice President for U.S. Refining and manager of the Lima Refinery, explained that Husky is really two businesses, offshore exploration and the integrated corridor. Lima fits into that corridor, Miller said. The refinery can receive many kinds of feedstock from multiple sources across North America and then turn that feedstock into products that are also sent to many kinds of customers around the Midwest.
Lima and the Toledo Refinery, jointly owned by BP and Husky, process 275,000 barrels a day, 90 percent of that turning into transportation fuel.
Husky’s customers include some well known brands, such as Meijer, Kroger, UPS. The company also supplies jet fuel to domestic and commercial airlines and shippers.
The Lima Refinery, operating since 1886, is also preparing for the future with a crude oil flexibility project. While Lima was built to process primarily light, sweet crude oil, the project will provide feedstock flexibility, Miller said, meaning that Lima will be able process other kinds of crude from Western Canada, Miller said.
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