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Upcoming Events
Rotary Night at the Lima Locos
Simmonds Field
Jun 24, 2017
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Social Night
The Met
Jun 27, 2017
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing
Hidden Creek Golf Club
Jul 19, 2017
The Scoop - March 13, 2017
Work ethic, humor drive Bob Ulm.
Childers Media Group News Director Bob Ulm discussed on Monday a career in local radio and nearly a lifetime of adapting in a world he does not see.
Ulm began his 40-plus-years career with Delphos radio station WDOH as a teenager. He has been blind since retinal cancer took both of his eyes at age 1. For decades he and his service dogs have walked the mile from his home to the radio station in the middle of the night to start his shift. That first broadcast came reporting on a City Council meeting in 1973; by 1974 he had a full-time job at WDOH.
“Like many jobs, I suspect I got this one because no one else wanted to do it,” he said, laughing.
Ulm’s sense of humor has carried him through being blind (He named his blog ‘The Way I See It’) and his news career. His news casts, both live and recorded, are heard on multiple Childers Media stations in the Lima area, including three live cut-ins on 93.1 The Fan with well-known sports broadcaster Vince Koza, “which proves that into every life a little rain must fall,” Ulm joked.
Ulm credited his parents with his work ethic and his outlook. Those two things drove him, he said. He said he was fortunate to find a career in a place that gave him a chance. Four million people in the United States are totally or partially blind, and at least 60 percent of them are unable to find work, Ulm said.
While a person who is blind certainly understands he couldn’t drive a vehicle, that person would also make a fine dispatcher, Ulm said, with some adaptations aided by technology. A person with a disability often isn’t looking for pity, just an equal shot, Ulm said.
With a little show and tell, Ulm demonstrated how people start to learn braille, how people “read” news stories or emails, and how people use canes or service dogs. Using his black lab, Ulm took a blindfolded Jay Begg on a walk around the room. It was truly, Ulm said, “the blind leading the blind.”
In other Rotary business Monday:
It was a philanthropic day for the club. Lima Rotary Club gave $5,000 from proceeds of the reverse raffle to Lima Salvation Army; $12,000 in scholarships to nontraditional students; and more than $24,000 in proceeds from several fundraisers to the Lima Rotary Foundation.
President Dave Frost encouraged members to attend two upcoming District 6600 events, the assembly and conference.


The Scoop - March 6, 2017
3D scanning technology is developing quickly.
Technology advancements allowing mass customization is coming closer to reality, an entrepreneur told Lima Rotary Club Monday.
Dr. Jake Kuttothara, a physician and COO of Knockout Concepts, explained the technology of 3-D scanning, a partner technology to 3-D printing. Kuttothara, who co-founded the Columbus company,
While 3-D scanning is most popularly understood as a way to make video games more realistic, the technology is rapidly developing and headed to our phones, Kuttothara said. Think of being able to order a pair of shoes made for the contours of your feet because you scanned your foot with a 3-D scanner in your phone.
“There is no more small, medium or large,” Kuttothara said. “Now, there’s your size. Everything is customizable.”
The technology has many uses, for everything from helping a 3-D printer replacement skin tissue fit perfectly for a burn victim to providing three-dimensional blueprints for reverse engineering, to digital archiving.
Knockout Concepts brought the first mobile, handheld 3-D scanner to market. The equipment looks like a souped-up tablet. It works hand-in-hand with 3-D printers. The scanner captures the data that allows the printer to make something.
“Kids get it, as they always do,” Kuttothara said. “They have great ideas about what the technology can do.”
In other Rotary business:
Winners of the 4-Way essay and speech contests will be at Rotary in the next few weeks to give their winning speeches and recite their winning essays, President Dave Frost said.
The club is participating in a mission trip and has contributed $2,000 for the work in Costa Rica. The trip is scheduled for the week of April 15.
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights from the March 14th board meeting.
President Dave Frost called the meeting to order with the following Board Members present:  Jill Ackerman, Paul Crow, Peg Ehora, David Runk, and Tracie Sanchez.  Also Treasurer Kevin Bill and Secretary Rita Brown were present.
Brown presented the Attendance Report for February 2017.  Membership grew to 172 with orientation adding five new members along with one resignation.  Attendance was low at 43.11%.
President’s Report                      Dave Frost
Grant Management Seminar – Findlay February 25, 2017
Frost reported three club members attended the D6600 Grant Management Seminar held in Findlay on February 25, 2017, including David Runk, Bob Ruehl, and Harold Bischoff.  A webinar is now available for training anytime during the year and it will eventually replace the seminar.  All needed forms are on the web site too.  Once the club projects are determined at the annual meeting, the grant requests will be prepared.
District 6600 Conference – May 19-21, 2017
The District Conference will be held May 19-21, 2017, at Sawmill Creek Resort. 
The District Assembly will be held in Findlay on April 29th.  Registrations can be made on the DACdb website.
Presidential Citation 2016-2017 – Lima Rotary Club, Rotaract & Interact 
The Club continues to accomplish the necessary steps to qualify for the Presidential Citation.  There are two areas were the club still needs to focus - memberships and contributing at the EREY level.  The Interact and Rotaract Clubs are progressing in completing their requirements. 
4-Way Speech Contest & 4 Way Essay Contest               
Four contestants participated in the Speech Contest on March 4, 2017 at Lima Senior.  The first and second place winners will present their speeches at the Club Meeting on March 27th.  Ackerman will share the details with the club that day.  The D6600 Contest will be April 8, 2017 in Van Wert.
The judging deadline for the 4-Way Essays contest is March 20th.  Twelve essays have been received to-date.
Lima Rotary Avenues of Service Award Nominations        Dave Frost/Rita Brown
At the Annual Changing of the Guard Party in 2009, we started acknowledging members who had shown exemplary service in one or more of the Club’s Avenues of Service.  Dave will announce to the club members that we are asking for nominees for this current year.  Members will be asked to submit nominations over the several weeks.   At the May Board Meeting, the Board will vote and select the winners in the five categories.  
Little Free Library Kick Off April 3, 2017 
Frost will pick up one of the completed Little Libraries and bring it to the meeting on April 3rd.  The Book Drive will also be kicked off that day and will run for the month of April.   Ten Little Free Libraries will be located around the area.  Frost plans to ask for a committee of ten with each member being responsible to visit one of the sites once a month to restock the Library.  Books will be stored at Fidelity.
Annual Meeting will be held April 24th
Members of the Club will receive a ballot before the Annual Meeting to allow Club Members to vote on options including the fundraisers and the projects they wish to support.  There are three projects that are preapproved including:
  • The Scholarship Fund that is completely funded by the Golf Outing
  • The 5-year commitment for maintenance and repair on the Riverwalk – we are in the 4th year
  • Children’s Christmas Party funded by the Hulsken Fund
There will be two options to consider.
  1. The Foundation has freedom to select and fund the Projects.  Grant applications must be submitted for any funding. 
  1. The Club Members will be asked to vote on the fundraisers and also will be asked to make recommendations on Projects they wish to support. These will be included for approval at the Annual Meeting.
President Elect Report                Tracie Sanchez
Reverse Raffle Check Presentation 
The Reverse Raffle raised $18.780.77 after expenses.  Those funds have been transferred to the Lima Rotary
Foundation.  A post committee meeting was held to determine ways to make it bigger and better next year.
Christmas Raffle and Elvis
The event raised $4,101 that has also been transferred to the Foundation.
Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing scheduled for Wednesday June 14th.
Andy Wannemacher will chair the Golf Outing this year and Matt Otto will remain active on the Committee. 
Spring Blood Clinic set for Saturday May 6th at the Senior Citizens Center.
Lima Memorial will provide the phlebotomists.  The event will run from 6 AM – 10 AM and will require 15 – 18 volunteers to check people in and collect the money, type labels, greet people as they walk in and give out paperwork.  Also volunteers will be needed to work in the refreshment area and prepare and count money for deposit.  If interested in volunteering, please contact Tracie Sanchez.
Rotary Field of Dreams
Esther Baldridge, Rachel Staley and Tracie Sanchez will meet on March 17, 2017 to discuss the Spring timeline for the field to be finished.  All donors will be invited to a celebration.  Bricks with names are still being accepted.  An official ribbon cutting, with media coverage, will be held once the field is completed.
The Interact Club will be presenting a check in the amount of $500 to the Field of Dreams and to Polio Plus next Monday March 20, 2017.
Salvation Army check
The Salvation Army was given a check in the amount of $5,000 which reflects income from the Reverse Raffle and the Christmas Auction.
Vice Presidents Report   Paul Swartz
Polio Plus Campaign Update
As Swartz was not present, Frost provided the update.  The Rotary International Reporting Form needs to be completed and returned by March 31, 2017.  It will be sent to RI after the March 27th meeting.
Past Presidents Report   David Runk      
Membership Report
Runk reported the Membership Brochure is finished and he will bring 250 copies to a Club Meeting and make them available for members to give to perspective members. 
New Business                            Rita Brown
Applications were received from three employees of Lima Dental Associates. 
Sharon Ewing, RDH, Marketing Manager
Cassandra Carlin, CEO
Jane Campbell, Office Manager
Two of them will be included in a Corporate Membership and one will be an individual membership.
Ehora made a motion to approve the memberships.  Sanchez seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Crow made a motion to adjourn and Runk seconded the motion.  Board approved.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Rita Brown, Secretary
Monday's PolioPlus auction item is 2 days of labor from Swartz Contracting and Emergency Services and $450 worth of paint from PPG for a total value of $850. Please bid and help us end polio.
Social Meeting
Sponsor a Social Meeting this year!
The Social Committee created the Social Meetings at the MET as a way to bring together Rotarians to enjoy fellowship and networking in a casual forum.  We typically have between 10 to 20 Rotarians and guests to enjoy the fun hour on the 4th Tuesday of every month.  The Social Meetings count as a make-up meeting if you can't always attend the Monday meetings!
The meetings have evolved to a platform to which you can teach us about your business, cause, or hobby by becoming a sponsor.  As a sponsor, you are agreeing to purchase $40 of appetizers to showcase whatever it is you'd like to showcase for the hour.  
We have the following upcoming 2017/2018 dates opened for sponsors.  Please contact Catherine Sarno at to secure your date! See below some of the creative and past themes and games we've enjoyed from previous sponsors.  
Event Dates
September 26 2017
October 24 2107
November 28 2017
HOLIDAY – No Social
December 26 2017
January 23 2018
February 27 2018
March 27 2018
Catheryn Sarno
April 24 2018
May 22 2018
June 26 2018
July 24 2018
  •  Annette Swisher & Tracie Sanchez co-sponsored and played a game of "Guess What It Is?" The winner took home a bottle of wine.  They gave away Wingate and Lima Pallet goodies to everyone.
  • Dave Frost & David Runk co-sponsored & we played Fidelity Trivia. Fidelity Builders donated a brick to the winner to be placed at the Abilities Field and CSS Publishing gave away amazing pens.
  • Tim Sielschott played "Tim Jeopardy" where we learned about Lima, Tim, and Sielschott Financial Services.  
  • Carol Russell & Karen Grothouse had us guess what was in the box and we learned about what Spherion does along with taking home some great giveaways.
  • Amy Rode for Husky Refinery taught us about oil and gave away the most amazing flashlights to everyone.
  • Sometimes we just socialize and enjoy the fellowship of other Rotarians.
  • Andy Wannemacher recently combined Mardi Gras with a fun game learning about Wannemacher Logistics with prizes and giveaways. 
The next social at the MET is March 28th, 5PM-6PM
Sponsored by: Lisa Amstutz for State Bank
4-Way Speech Contest
Congratulations to the winners of the Lima Rotary Club's 4-Way Speech Contest!
First Place - Alexandria Stafford
Second Place - Elisa Ehrnsberger
Third Place - Charles Edwards
Fourth Place - Amanda Perkins
Women In Rotary
The future of women in Rotary...
Incoming governors Sandy Sava of District 5180 (California, USA)  and Dawn deFuria of District 7450 (Pennsylvania, USA) sat down to talk about the current and future state of women in Rotary for International Women’s Day. The day celebrates women and their social, economic, political, and cultural achievements around the world.
Blood Clinic
The Lima Rotary Club's Spring Blood Clinic is scheduled for May 6 at Senior Citizen Services.
The Lima Rotary Club and Lima Memorial Health System partner for this event which provides low cost blood screenings to the public. We need volunteers to type, collect money and serve donuts and juice.  If interested please email Tracie Sanchez at or call 419-296-1338.