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The Scoop - April 10, 2017
Ohio leads the nation in Standardbred racing.
Ohio ranks No. 1 in the country for Standardbred racing business, Renee Mancino, executive director of the Ohio Harness Horsemen’s Association, told Lima Rotary Club Monday.
That is in large part to the more than 60 county fairs across the state, including Allen County, that feature pari-mutuel racing, Mancino said. About 2,500 horses are racing at county fairs. Between the county fairs and racinos, breeding, raising, caring for, and training horses, is large industry. Ohio’s largest breeding farm is in Hancock County.
Mancino talked about the history of Thoroughbred and Standardbred horse racing in the United States, saying it dates back to President Washington and his horses. Racing began in earnest in this country with the formation of the National Trotting Association in 1870, and it continues today with American Pharoah winning the Triple Crown in 2015, the first Thoroughbred in 37 years to do so.
Mancino took an interesting route to the job she has today. In college she was preparing to be a veterinarian when she met her husband. The two joined the gaming industry and moved to Las Vegas. While in Nevada, Mancino earned her law degree and worked in gaming law. The couple decided to move back to Ohio to raise their daughter and Mancino found a home that combined her love of horses and her industry skillset.
“Our future looks bright and I hope to see you at a racetrack or pari-mutuel race near you,” Mancino said.
In other Rotary business Monday:
Bath Township Fire Chief Joe Kitchen surprised Paul Swartz with a $500 donation made in his name to Rotary. The Allen County Fire Chiefs Association made the donation to honor Swartz’s five-year sponsorship of significant training for Allen County first responders. Swartz Contracting has arranged for the training and made a significant impact on first responders’ education, Kitchen said. Swartz can decide where he’d like the $500 donated.
“He’s a true Rotarian, and understands service above self,” Kitchen said of Swartz.
Richard Warren updated the club on the High Octane Drum Line, saying the group is preparing to play in several parades and special events this summer. The group is also considering purchasing equipment to help younger drummers handle the drums, which can be heavy, and also investigating a box truck or van to haul equipment.
The Scoop - April 3, 2017
Couple volunteers to raise service dogs.
Thunderbolt sat quietly at the head table, but little did the Rotary club know, he was hard at work, and multitasking at that.
The service dog in training is just one that Nick and Jaki Waggamon have raised as volunteers for 4 Paws for Ability, a nonprofit group providing service dogs for children and veterans worldwide since 1998.
Nick, son of Rotarian Rebecca Waggamon, and Jaki had two dogs with them when they spoke to Rotary Monday, demonstrating their role in raising dogs from puppies and training them to help children with disabilities.
Thunderbolt was practicing skills he’ll need if he is to “graduate” from the program, Jaki Waggamon said. Rotary’s weekly and typical actions, such as clapping, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, were good training moments for the dog.
The Waggamons, both graduates of Elida High School and Ohio Northern University, have volunteered for five years with the program. Service dogs are different than therapy dogs in that they are trained for specific tasks and jobs. Volunteers start with simple commands and obedience training, and they then move to more advanced training. If a dog graduates as a service animal, it is placed with a client. If not, the dog is adopted out.
Dogs are trained to help clients with mobility, hearing, seizure alerts and autism. About 90 percent of the dogs go to children, and about 10 percent to veterans. The science is catching up to how service dogs help, Jaki Waggamon said. 4 Paws volunteers know what they see and hear from families about how a dog helps a child with autism, for example, with behavior control and socialization. Scientists who study such things are just beginning to understand why and how the animals help.
To learn more about 4 Paws, visit, or find them on Facebook.
In other Rotary business:
President Dave Frost introduced a new Lima Rotary project, little free libraries, that have been built by Lima Senior High School carpentry students. The club will maintain 10 of the libraries around the county, in a push to help increase reading and access to books for adults and children.
Rotary is partnering with the city of Lima Parks Department for five of the libraries, to be placed at Robb Park, Faurot Park, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Lincoln Park, and near the gazebo on Town Square. A sixth will be placed at the Lima Salvation Army and four are to be determined.
Frost said the club will collect books through April at Rotary meetings and members should bring both children’s and adult books.
Ken Dysert, Cat Sarno, and Jed Metzger were elected to the Rotary executive board. Dr. Jeff Unterbrink, Andy Wannemacher, and Linda Hamilton were elected to the Lima Rotary Foundation board.
Rottery proceeds through the first quarter raised $1,006 for the Polio Plus campaign. The overall goal for Polio Plus was $6,000 this year, and the Lima Rotary Club far succeeded that, raising $11,098.99.
Rotaract Interact
The Rotaract and Interact Clubs held a joint meeting.
Members of the Lima Rotary UNOH Rotaract & Bath HS Interact Club held a joint meeting Wednesday night. They discussed ways to collaborate on future projects, ate pizza, & played a trivia game. Lima Rotarians David Runk & Joe Kitchen were also in attendance.
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights from the April 11th board meeting.
President Dave Frost called the meeting to order with the following members present:  Jill Ackerman, Paul Crow, Susan Hubbell, Tracie Sanchez, Paul Swartz and Jeff Tracy.  Also present:  Treasurer Kevin Bill and Secretary Rita Brown.   Newly elected board members Ken Dysert, Jed Metzger and Catheryn Sarno also attended. 
        President’s Report             Dave Frost
        Little Free Library Project Update 
Frost recently attended the Mayor’s news conference to announce the project.  The Little Free Libraries will be in place by June 1 in the parks.   Additional locations being considered are the  Boy Scouts and at Memorial and St. Rita’s Hospitals.  Rotarian Mark Bowker has also agreed to place one at Alter Ego.  Donated books can be brought to the VMCCC at regular club meetings or dropped off at Fidelity Builder’s Supply.  The books will be stamped with Donated by the Lima Rotary Club. 
     Lima Rotary Avenues of Service Award Nominations      Dave Frost/Rita Brown
For the past eight years, the club has recognized members who have contributed to the club at an exemplary level at the Annual Changing of the Guard.  Winners for 2016 – 2017 will be announced at the June 26, 2017 event in the following categories:  Rex Perry Club Service, Rudolph Community Service, Goodnight International Service, Wemmer Vocational Service and Hulsken Youth Service.
     Annual Meeting Agenda – Scheduled for April 24, 2017   Dave Frost
Frost stated a Committee comprised of Frost, Sanchez, Swartz, Bill and Brown from the Rotary Board and Lewellen, Fitzgerald, Rutz and Walsh from LRF was formed to review the Annual Meeting process.  At this time, the Committee has approved the draft copy of the agenda and the resolutions.  Changes were made as a direct result of the ballots that Sanchez circulated over the last two weeks.  Club Projects that do not have their own specific funding source have been eliminated from Resolution 2.
Resolution #1 lists the proposed funding projects and the amounts the club anticipates raising.  It also designates how the funds will be used and if they are unrestricted to the Foundation.  The survey results indicted the membership wants the funds to be unrestricted to the Foundation.  
Resolution #2  Rotary projects included in Resolution 2 have their own fund raisers.   LRF will make decisions regarding the unrestricted funds.  The unrestricted funds, income from investments and membership dues will provide the Foundation around $35,000 in-total.
The LRF membership also selected a number of organizations and projects that are deemed important and recommended they receive consideration through the traditional grant application process.  They include:
  • Lima Symphony Orchestra
  • Lima Rotary Club Dictionary Distribution
  • Salvation Army
  • High Octane Drum Line.
Resolution #3 list the Partnership Projects that the Club adopts.  They include:
  1.  Rotary Special Needs Christmas Party from the Hulsken Fund
  2.  Riverwalk Maintenance (Fourth Year of Five Year Commitment – MOU signed 7/1/2013)
Resolution #4 Benefits Other Organizations
Resolution #5 These are District 6600 requests and include:
Res 5 - MESA - $5,000is reflective of the $26,000 unrestricted. It is for the operating costs and the mortgage on the warehouse.
The Lima Rotary Foundation speakers for the Annual Meeting will include Dale Lewellen President and Treasurer Jared Walsh.  The Lima Rotary Club speakers will include Kevin Bill, Treasurer and Dave Frost President.
Runk made a motion to approve the Agenda for the Annual Meeting.  Decker seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Officer & Paid Position Succession Plan effective July 1, 2017.
A motion was made by Ackerman to re-appoint  Anne Decker to the Social Media and Marketing position and to re-appoint Amy Ricker as Treasurer’s Clerk at the rate of $400 each per month.  The motion was seconded by Crow.  Board approved.  A motion was made by Dr. Hubbell to reappoint Rita Brown as Club Secretary and Kevin Bill as Club Treasurer.  Jeff Tracy seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Sanchez made a motion to name new Board Member Ken Dysert as Vice President and Ehora seconded the motion.  Board approved.  Effective July 1, David Frost will become President Ex-Officio, Tracie Sanchez will become President, Paul Swartz will be the Incoming President.
       President Elect Report                Tracie Sanchez
Golf Outing 2017   Andy Wannemacher will chair and Matt Otto will co-chair for the upcoming 2017 Rex Perry Golf Outing.  At this time they are working on getting sponsorships.
     Spring Blood Clinic – May 6, 2017 at the Senior Citizens Center
All needed volunteers are in place.  The event will run from 6:30 AM – 10 AM.  Memorial will be doing both the Spring and Fall Clinics.
     Rotary Field of Dreams
The concrete is being put down now and the blacktop will be laid during the week  of April 13.  The Rubber Field will be laid around May 15.  An outdoor donor celebration is being planned a few weeks before the ribbon cutting.  Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening is scheduled for July.
      Vice Presidents Report                     Paul Swartz
2017 Polio Plus Campaign Recap.  While the campaign had a goal of $6,000, the campaign actually raised $11 098.99 from member donations, auction items, and Rottery donations.      
     Past Presidents Report                     David Runk
New Membership Recruitment Brochures have been ordered and should be available as soon as next week. 
    New Business                                   Rita Brown
    Resignations & Transfers                                                                  
Joey Whittaker submitted his resignation for business reasons.  Ehora made a motion to accept the resignation with regret and Ackerman seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Lisa Amstutz submitted her resignation for business reasons.  Amstutz is transferring with The State Bank to their office in Findlay.  Lisa has requested assistance in transferring to the Findlay Flag City Club.  Decker made a motion to accept the resignation with regret and Sanchez seconded the motion.    
David Runk expressed interest in assuming Amstutz’s role with the Rotarac Club at UNOH. 
Jeff Tracy suggested that after new members’ orientation, the new members serve as Greeters for five meetings.  That will provide club members with an opportunity to meet the new members.  Roll-out of the process will be added to orientation.     
An application was received from Mindy M. Schulz, Executive Director of the Allen County Educational Services Center and Superintendent of the West Central Learning Academy.  Hubbell made a motion to approve the application and Ehora seconded it.  Board approved.
As there was no more business, Crow made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Hubbell seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Club Secretary. 
Thank You
The Lima Rotary Club has gotten a big Thank You for its work to help construct cisterns in Honduras.
The Lima Rotary Club has received a thank you for assisting with the construction of water cisterns with Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende - Midday. This was a companion club in the development of our current sanitation grant in Honduras. This week, they celebrated the completion of their 1,000th cistern! Watch this video for all the details...
River Cleanup
Help keep the Rotary Riverwalk beautiful. Join us for the Ottawa River Cleanup on April 22.
Blood Clinic
The Spring Blood Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, May 6 from 6:30-10:00am and we're pleased to have the Lima Memorial Health System phlebotomists providing the blood draws for the event.
From Bob Ruehl:
What don’t you know about your current health?  Feeling good? Surprises come when we least expect them, especially when we feel good. The value of the blood clinic is not in one test.  The value is in overtime our bodies change. When we are young we do not need insurance so we think. We seem indestructible and prove it by
Working many hours with little sleep.  Our energy is great until we crash. Speaking from personal experience I have had few sick days during my life. Two years ago I returned from a trip to review a project with the Tarharuma Indians, in the Sierra Madre of Mexico. I didn’t feel well.  Going to the doctor was right after one of our blood clinics.
The results from the blood clinic were with the doctor.  He made a quick read of the results and saw the changes from previous Blood clinics. The next day I was with a specialist who ordered a scan, and two days later I had my cancer removed. I was told that if I had waited as one usually does when you don’t feel well that the progression of the disease would have precluded a normal life. Building a medical history for your doctor and for you is a significant step to a long life.  Besides supporting your Rotary Club with the $35.00 you spend, you get to build a medical history for yourself. Please be there on May 6th.  We will have some cookies and a donut for you.
Picture Days
The next picture day is June 12.
Photographer extraordinaire Michael Ayers will have his second picture day on June 12 from 11:30-12:00.  So if you need a new Rotary photo, please make plans to see him prior to the meeting.
District Conference
Register now for the District 6600 Conference May 19-21 at Sawmill Creek.