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Annual Meeting
Here are the minutes from the annual meeting of the Lima Rotary Club.
Lima Rotary Annual Meeting Minutes
April 24, 2017

1. Call to Order
President David Frost called the meeting to order on Monday April 24, 2017 at 12:15 PM.
2. Lima Rotary Club President’s Report
a. Welcome and Opening Remarks from President David Frost
i. In accordance with our club by-laws, each year, prior to May 1, the Lima Rotary Club holds an annual meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to provide updates and reports from both the Lima Rotary Board and the Lima Rotary Foundation, as well as discuss and approve resolutions regarding fundraising and projects for the next Rotary Year. Healthy and productive communication is encouraged during this meeting. Last but not least, the annual meeting allows for transparency, but more importantly, a source of education regarding the Lima Rotary Club and Lima Rotary Foundation and the operations of each.
ii. Per our laws, a quorum for this annual meeting is defined by 1/3 of our membership being present. For the record, (74) are present and (57) are required for the quorum). Discussions and amendments should be made before the motion is fully proposed for adoption. The business of the meeting will be transacted by a voice vote.
b. Recognition of the Lima Rotary Board of Directors 2017-2018
i. For the upcoming Rotary Year commencing July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, Frost recognized the Lima Rotary Club Officers and Board Members: Officers: President Tracie Sanchez, President-Elect Paul Swartz, Vice President Ken Dysert, Secretary Rita Brown and Treasurer Kevin Bill. Board members will include Jill Ackerman, Paul Crow, Dr. Susan Hubbell, Jed Metzger, Catheryn Sarno, Jeff Tracy with Dave Frost as Ex-Officio board member.
3. Lima Rotary Foundation President’s Report
a. President Dale Lewellen presented the following list of Grants paid for the year to-date:
i. High Octane Drum Line $2,000
ii. Allen County Dare Program $2,000
iii. Lima Symphony Orchestra $1,500 for Kid Stuff at the Lima Public Library
$1,500 for Young People’s Concert
$ 865 for tickets for Clients of Marimor School
iv. Barbers Give Bikes $2,000
v. Boy Scouts $1,925
vi. Family Promise $2,000
vii. Soldiers of Honor Boxing Gym $2,000
viii. Allen County Youth Leadership $2,000
ix. MESA/Resource Centers Int. $ 500
x. Celina Rotary Club $2,000 to fund a medical mission to Costa Rica
xi. Dictionary Project $2,040
b. Lewellen announced the members of Board of Trustees for 2017-2018: Officers; Jeff Fitzgerald, President, Incoming President, Elizabeth Brown-Ellis, Secretary Heather Rutz, Treasurer, Jared Walsh. Trustees include: Jay Begg, Drew Fields, Butch Kirk, Linda Hamilton, Judge Richard Warren, Andy Wannemacher and Dr. Jeff Unterbrink with Dave Frost as Ex-Officio Member. Lewellen also thanked the Club for its support over the past year as Lewellen will be relocating from Lima.
4. Jared Walsh, Treasurer of the Foundation presented the financial report through March 31,
2017, for the six distinct funds administered by the Foundation.
a General Fund Balance $61,043.81
Endowment Fund balance reflects the $100,000 paid in December 2017
For the Abilities League Ball Field 426,952.18
Hulsken Fund – established by the Hulsken Family for Disabled children 59,006.42
Scholarship Fund- overseen by Bill Timmermeister and the Committee 114,115.80
The Buenos Nochos Fund, administered by the International Service Committee 2,335.64
Drumline Fund – Judge Warren helps oversee the fund 2.266.67
Total Fund Balances $665,720.52
Andy Farley made a motion to approve the Foundation Board report. Anne Decker seconded the
motion. Membership approved. Document Attached.
5. Tracie Sanchez presented the Treasurers Report for Lima Rotary Club as Treasurer Kevin
Bill was not present:
a. Currently the Lima Rotary Club is $800 under budget.
b. Accounts Receivable look good with members’ dues over 90 days less than $5,000.
The Finance Committee is closely monitoring.
c. All liabilities are paid current to the Lima Rotary Foundation.
d. Bill and Sanchez are working on the 2017-2018 budget and hope to present it to the Board
in May.
A motion was made Bob Ruehl to approve the Club Treasurer’s Report and Dale Lewellen
seconded the motion. Membership approved.
6. Frost provided a brief overview of the Historical Background, the Role of the Lima Rotary
Foundation and the Selection and Authorization Process. The Rotary Board and the Lima
Rotary Foundation meet at least semi-annually to review projects and activities and confer on
funding matters. There are Five Resolutions to consider:
 Fund raising Projects (Resolution #1)
 Club Projects (Resolution #2)
 Partnership Projects (Resolution #3)
 Community Service Projects (Resolution #4)
 District 6600 Commitment (Resolution #5)
Resolution #1 - 2017-2018 Lima Rotary Fundraising Projects, Goals and Purpose.
Resolution proposed by David Frost and the Board of Directors and Dale Lewellen and the Lima
Rotary Foundation.
These are the proposed fundraising projects and the amounts anticipated.
A.) Rotary Annual Reverse Raffle $18,000 Unrestricted
B.) Rotary Blood Clinics (Spring/Fall) $15,000 Unrestricted
C.) Rotary Christmas Raffle & Auction $ 4,000 Unrestricted
D.) Rotary Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing $35,000 Post-Secondary Scholarships
E.) Rotary Intl. Service Committee Fundraisers $ 7,000 Buenos Noches Fund
F.) Rotary Rottery 50/50 Fundraiser $ 4,000 Designated Charity
G.) Rotary International Polio Plus Campaign $ 6,500 RI PP Fund
TOTAL estimated net proceeds $89,500
A motion was made by Dave Collins to approve Resolution #1. The motion was seconded by
Elizabeth Brown-Ellis. Resolution approved.
Resolution #2 – 2017-2018 Lima Rotary Club Projects, Goals and Funding Source
(Based on Funds Raised above)
Resolution proposed by David Frost and the Board of Directors and Dale Lewellen and the Lima
Rotary Foundation
These are the proposed distribution of the funds raised in #1 above.
A.) Rotary Post-Secondary Scholarships $35,000 Rotary Rex Perry
Memorial Golf Outing
B.) Buenos Noches Fund $ 7,000 Rotary Int’l Service
Committee Fundraiser
C.) Rotary Rottery 50/50 Fundraiser $4,000 Rotary Rottery 50/50
D.) Rotary International Polio Plus Fund $6,500 RI Polio Plus Campaign
E.) *Unrestricted Funds for the Foundation *$26,000 LRC Fundraising
*Unrestricted Fund Balance of $26,000 is reflective of Total Estimated Net Proceeds (Resolution
#1), less Club Projects (Resolution #2), Riverwalk MOU Contribution (Resolution #3) and MESA
Contribution (Resolution #5). Furthermore, mandatory $12.50 per member, per quarter LRF
contribution is NOT included in this amount.
NOTE: By way of surveying the LRC membership, the following organizations and or projects are
deemed important and the LRC recommends that they receive consideration by the LRF by way
of a traditional grant application procedure. Amounts TBD by organizational needs and the LRF.
 Lima Symphony Orchestra
 Lima Rotary Club Dictionary Distribution
 Salvation Army
 High Octane Drum Line

Andy Farley asked if can additional requests be brought forward and was advised yes with a
Grant Application.
Richard Schroeder asked if the Board is not determining the projects the board undertakes. Frost
advised him that a new project can be submitted to the board and board can approve it. The next
step in the process is to present it to the Foundation through a Grant Application. The Lima
Rotary Club Dictionary Distribution is not a required project. Last year is was required. The
results of the club survey indicate the membership prefers the foundation review and approve
grant request.
A motion was made by Judge Richard Warren to approve Resolution #2. The motion was
seconded by Michael Ayers. Resolution approved.
Resolution #3 – 2017-2018 Lima Rotary Club Partnership Projects
Resolution proposed by David Frost and the Board of Directors and Dale Lewellen and the Lima
Rotary Foundation
These are the projects the club adopts.
A) Rotary Special Needs Christmas Party (Hulsken Fund)
B) Riverwalk Maintenance (Fourth Year Of Five Year Commitment -MOU signed 7-1-13)
NOTE: In accordance with the LRC & LRF Memorandum of Understanding with the Johnny
Appleseed Park District and the City of Lima, it is anticipated that approximately $6,000 will be
donated for Riverwalk maintenance. (1/3 of funds raised from Christmas Raffle/Auction & Blood
Clinic). Currently in Year 4 of 5 Year Agreement.
A motion was made by Dale Lewellen to approve Resolution #3. The motion was seconded by
Andy Wannemacher. Resolution approved.
Resolution #4 – 2017-2018 Rotary Club Community Service Activities
Resolution proposed by David Frost and the Board of Directors and Dale Lewellen and the Lima
Rotary Foundation. These projects do not require funding from the Foundation.
These are club service projects that benefit other organizations.
A) Salvation Army Kettle Drive & Coat Drive $0.00
B) Lima Rotary Little Free Library $0.00
C) Lima Rotary Red Cross Blood Drive $0.00
D) *Lima Rotary Lima Locos Sponsorship & Night At the Park *$0.00
E) Lima Rotary West Ohio Food Bank Canned Food Drive $0.00
F) Lima Rotary Salvation Army Coat Drive $0.00
G) Rotary 4 Way Speech & Essay Contest $500.00
H) Rally in the Square (Artspace) $ $1,500 to $2,500
A motion was made by Mike Powell to approve Resolution #4. The motion was seconded by
Bob Ruehl. Resolution approved.
Resolution # 5 – 2017-2018 Lima Rotary Foundation Support for District 6600
These are District 6600 requests
A) MESA Contribution $5,000
In an effort to provide clarify, Frost stated after both Club Boards met, they agreed that MESA is
very important to the club. We provide a contribution to MESA in July that amounts to $6 from
each member of the club. This is a voluntary contribution. Also the Foundation receives grant
requests from MESA.
Frost voice a motion to eliminate resolutions #5 and recommend a formal foundation grant be
submitted by MESA to the LRF, consistent with previous years. Dale Lewellen made a motion to
eliminate resolution 5 and Susan Hubbell seconded the motion. Resolution approved.
Bob Ruehl, Chairman of the International Committee asked if the Club had interest in the Lima
Rotary Club developing another International Global Project such as the $198,000 Honduran
Water Project. This is a long-term planning process that takes three to six years to develop.
Members questioned if such a project drowns other club projects? Frost indicated there are
multiple sources available for funding requests. Harold Bischoff stated the Lima Club had
contributed $14,200 to the $198,000 Honduran Water Project. Frost called for membership voting
by show of hands with the majority of club members being in favor of the Club pursuing another
long-term Global Project.
The Annual Meeting was adjourned at 12:55 PM.
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Club Secretary

The Scoop - April 24, 2017
President Dave presides over the annual meeting.
Lima Rotary Club President Dave Frost conducted the club’s annual meeting Monday, explaining and asking for votes on several resolutions for the coming Rotary year.
The club’s membership approved by voice vote five resolutions:
Resolution 1: 2017-2018 Lima Rotary fundraising projects: reverse raffle, spring and fall blood clinics, Christmas raffle and auction, Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing scholarships, Rotary International Service Committee fundraisers, Rottery 50/50 fundraiser, and Rotary International Polio Plus campaign.
Resolution 2: 2017-2018 Lima Rotary Club projects: Rotary post-secondary scholarships, Buenos Noches Fund, Rotary Rottery, Polio Plus campaign, unrestricted funds for the foundation.
Resolution 3: 2017-2018 Lima Rotary Club partnership projects: Rotary Special Needs Christmas Party, Riverwalk Maintenance.
Resolution 4: 2017-2018 Rotary Club Community Service Activities: Salvation Army Kettle Drive and Coat Drive, Lima Rotary Little Free Library, Lima Rotary Red Cross Blood Drive, Rotary 4 Wa Speech & Essay Contest, and Rally in the Square.
Resolution 5: The 2017-2018 District 6600’s request for a MESA contribution of $5,000 will be submitted to Lima Rotary Foundation for approval.
Also, Lima Rotary Foundation President Dale Lewellen and Treasurer Jared Walsh gave reports on the foundation’s yearly grants approved and finances. The foundation awarded about $27,000 in grants this year.
Club President Elect Tracie Sanchez also provided a treasurer’s report for the club.
In other Rotary business:
Mary Elmquist Lane asked for volunteers to serve refreshments during the Lima Stadium Park dedication May 21. She needs six to eight volunteers to serve soft drinks and appetizers provided by area restaurants.
YMCA Executive Director Jared Lehman turned in his red badge for his blue badge.
The Scoop - April 17, 2017
Jim Martz worked in the "Golden Age" of baseball.
The game of baseball is not what it used to be, but professional scout Jim Martz still loves it today.
Martz, a Gomer native, is retired from baseball now, but spent decades scouting players who would go on to become major league players. A top player in high school, Martz got close to the big leagues but an injury sidelined his playing career. He was able to stay in baseball for 35 years, and along the way received two National League championship rings and two World Series rings. He was inducted into the Elida High School Hall of Fame in 2011 and honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013.
Martz was a pitcher in the Cubs’ minor league system but in 1970 became a full time scout. From his time as a player and then over and over again as a scout, he experienced how rare a thing it is to become a major league player. Even today, 620,000 high school and college players are eligible each year for the draft, and 1,200 are drafted. From those 1,200, 600 sign with a team (as Martz did), and of those 600, 50 will see time in a major league game.
Money and analytics have changed the game a great deal, Martz said.
“The game I knew and loved no longer exists, especially when it comes to scouting,” Martz said. “But I still believe that you need to have eyes on a player and boots on the ground if you’re going to have a successful organization.”
Thousands of miles traveled, and many looks at players across the country taught Martz to be on the lookout for talent in many forms. He told a story of meeting Ken Griffey Jr. and eventually helping sign him. Griffey had the attention span of a gnat, Martz said, and was literally playing with matches the day the two met. Griffey was recently inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame by unanimous vote.
After Griffey signed, the Topps baseball card company sent Martz a legal pad portfolio and a certificate, which he still has and showed off Monday. Griffey, even though he retired five years ago, will still be paid $3.5 million a year by the Reds until 2025. “My Gomer math tells me that’s about $50 million. I have this folder and this certificate. And Griffey is going to make $50 million,” Martz said, laughing. “No one ever said life was fair.”
In other Rotary business:
The club’s annual meeting is Monday, April 24. Club members received in their email the meeting agenda, as well as proposed resolutions that will be discussed and voted on by those members present.  Of the recent ballots sent to members, 63 of the 83 returned ballots indicated they favored following the 2015 MOU that makes much of the money raised unrestricted for Lima Rotary Foundation decision-making. That means that groups connected to several projects used to seeing earmarked funding will need to submit annual grant applications to the foundation board.
Rotarian Lisa Amstutz and members of the UNOH Rotaract Club gave an update about their group’s service work this spring, including donating to a children’s hospital, conducting a clothing drive, and helping with Child Abuse Prevention Month.
President-Elect Tracie Sanchez gave an update on the Abilities Field, saying sidewalks have been poured and blacktop for the diamond will be laid this week. The field will be ready for play by late June or July.
Field of Dreams
Work is underway on the Rotary Field of Dreams at UNOH!
Picture Days
The next picture day is June 12.
Photographer extraordinaire Michael Ayers will have his second picture day on June 12 from 11:30-12:00.  So if you need a new Rotary photo, please make plans to see him prior to the meeting.
District Conference
Register now for the District 6600 Conference May 19-21 at Sawmill Creek.