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The Scoop - March 24, 2017
Essay and speech contest winners wowed the club with their words.
Essay and speech winners told Lima Rotary Club Monday about how the 4-Way Test helped them in difficult situations.
Top-placing students from this year’s speech and essay contests gave their speeches and read their essays. The students from Lima City Schools and Shawnee Schools recalled difficult situations, such as losing loved ones, forgiving people who had hurt them, and deciding to tell the truth about other classmates misbehaving.
For the 4-Way Speech Contest, first-place winner Alexandria Stafford, a Shawnee High School freshman, and Elisa Ehrnsberger, a Lima Senior High School senior, both gave their speeches.
For the 4-Way Essa Contest, Meghan Nuckles, who won first place for Lima City Schools, and Andreas Scutt, who won first place for Shawnee Schools, both read their essays. Andreas is the son and grandson of Rotarians Elizabeth Brown and Rita Brown.
Many of the students spoke about the rarity of honesty, and the difficulty of telling the truth.
Stafford, who lost a loved one when the little girl died at age 3, spoke at length about grief and honoring someone’s memory. “Is it beneficial for all concerned?” Stafford asked. “I’m not sure it’s beneficial, but there are many opportunities for growth.”
Winners will go on to compete at the district level.
Speech Contest organizer Jill Ackerman and Essay Contest organizer Esther Baldridge both thanked the many Rotarians who helped plan and judge the events.
In other Rotary business Monday:
President Dave Frost reminded the club about the upcoming Blood Clinic May 6 and reminded club members that Lima Memorial technicians only would be working this time. To volunteer, contact Frost or Tracie Sanchez.
The club’s annual meeting will take place April 24. Sanchez spoke about preparing for that day and gave a ballot to members asking about preferences related to funding projects through club commitments and the foundation.
The Scoop - March 20, 2017
Lima is a "blank canvas of opportunity."
"It takes people to transform a community," according to Jason Duff. And he should know. The entrepreneur has been a vital part of the revitalization of downtown Bellefontaine that has taken place in recent years.  After graduating from ONU, Jason began buying vacant downtown buildings, some for as  little as $1, with the vision of filling them with specialty shops. He first approached Kenton pizza restaurant Michael Angelo's about opening a location in Bellefontaine. He received a resounding no. "No is just a delayed version of 'yes'," says Jason. With persistence, Jason convinced the owner that there were opportunities for him in Bellefontaine, and the result is the highly successful restaurant, 600 Downtown. "That was the catalyst for people to believe in the resources, energy and opportunity for development," in downtown Bellefontaine.
Jason says Lima has made a good start toward downtown revitalization with its many restaurants and shops. He says to really be successful, we have to team up the people who have the money with the people who have the ideas and energy. "When that happens, this town will be lit on fire."
A number of members of the Lima Young Professionals were on hand to hear Jason's speech.
Also at Monday's Rotary meeting, we auctioned off a painting package, courtesy of Swartz Contracting and PPG for $700 to benefit PolioPlus. We also got an update on the Bath High School Interact Club from Haley Garland. This spring, the Interact Club will be promoting safe driving, offering McFlurry coupons for those who arrive at school wearing seat belts, and passing out 'don't text and drive' magnets. She presented PolioPlus and the Rotary Field of Dreams at UNOH with checks from the club's fundraisers, and Dale Lewellyn presented Interact with a $500 check from the Ohio Association of Local School Superintendents. Tracie Sanchez gave us the great news that concrete will be poured at the Rotary Field of Dreams at UNOH on April 4. Blacktop will be poured shortly afterwards, and once it is cured the rubber playing surface can be laid. They are planning a mid-summer ribbon cutting. Also Monday, Abe Ambroza was presented with his blue badge.
Blood Clinic
The Spring Blood Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, May 6 from 6:30-10:00am and we're pleased to have the Lima Memorial Health System phlebotomists providing the blood draws for the event.
From Bob Ruehl:
What don’t you know about your current health?  Feeling good? Surprises come when we least expect them, especially when we feel good. The value of the blood clinic is not in one test.  The value is in overtime our bodies change. When we are young we do not need insurance so we think. We seem indestructible and prove it by
Working many hours with little sleep.  Our energy is great until we crash. Speaking from personal experience I have had few sick days during my life. Two years ago I returned from a trip to review a project with the Tarharuma Indians, in the Sierra Madre of Mexico. I didn’t feel well.  Going to the doctor was right after one of our blood clinics.
The results from the blood clinic were with the doctor.  He made a quick read of the results and saw the changes from previous Blood clinics. The next day I was with a specialist who ordered a scan, and two days later I had my cancer removed. I was told that if I had waited as one usually does when you don’t feel well that the progression of the disease would have precluded a normal life. Building a medical history for your doctor and for you is a significant step to a long life.  Besides supporting your Rotary Club with the $35.00 you spend, you get to build a medical history for yourself. Please be there on May 6th.  We will have some cookies and a donut for you.
The new theme for 2017-2018 is “Making a Difference” and President-Elect Tracie wants your input on how we can make a difference in our OWN community. Please fill out this ballot with your ideas.
Social Night
Thanks to Lisa Amstutz for hosting a wonderful social night!
We had a fun social night on March 25, hosted by Lisa Amstutz. She played a game to learn about money and finances and drew a name to win an adult Easter basket!
Container Loading
MESA needs your help loading a container bound for Honduras.
Volunteers are needed at the MESA Warehouse at 1370 North Main Street, Fostoria, OH 44830 on Saturday, April 8 to load a container bound for Honduras.  This container is one of approximately 5 containers that will be shipped to a number of clinics in Honduras mainly due to equipment donated by ProMedica based in Toledo.  The loading process is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. until noon.
It is requested that anyone volunteering call Gary Davis, Director of Operations & Logistics  at 419-348-7719 to confirm that you will be present on April 8th.  Rotary truly does change lives and thank you helping to change lives in Central America.
River Cleanup
Help keep the Rotary Riverwalk beautiful. Join us for the Ottawa River Cleanup on April 22.