Posted by Anne Decker
Wannemacher Total Logistics is spray drying food. 
Wannemacher Total Logistics opened its new spray drying facility in the Central Point Business Park on January 7. They purchased the business, then located in Upper Sandusky, in 2012 and quickly began expanding. In 2015, they began plans to move the plant to Lima. Spray drying is a method of producing a dry powder from a liquid or a slurry by rapidly drying with a hot gas. So, to make it simple, the product arrives in liquid form and is turned into powder. Some of the foods they process are beef, chicken, lemon, lime, fruit, cheese, even wine and butter. The resulting powder is used as flavorings in such things as soups, cereals, ice cream and spices. 
Also at Monday's meeting, Mallory Clark and Kalie Kitchen for giving us an update on the Bath HS Interact Club. The club proudly boasts 130 members and is involved in all kinds of activities from volunteering at the West Ohio Food Bank, to organizing a daddy daughter dance, to cheering on Bath High School sporting events that don't get much attendance. Thanks for your service!
Also, Lesley Fry asked for nominations for the Rotary Board and Rotary Foundation Board. If you're interested, please let her know. And Berlin Carroll gave us inspirational quotes from Kobe Bryant for fellowship.