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Russell Hampton
The Scoop - July 31, 2017
Following the collapse of healthcare reform, Congressman Jordan is focused on taxes.
U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, spoke to Lima Rotary Club just days after the collapse of an attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare. While he was frustrated by the development, he said he’s now focused on tax reform.
The failure to pass a new healthcare law a “disappointing setback,” Jordan said, blaming some in Congress. Those senators voted for nearly identical legislation when it was sure to be vetoed by then-President Obama, but who didn’t vote for it now, when it would become law.
“They voted for it when it didn’t count, but now they can’t do it,” Jordan said. “It’s frustrating.”
Jordan wants to see a tax code with fewer income brackets, and a lower corporate rate. He also wants to see a work requirement with welfare programs as part of that tax reform. He also said he supported a sliding scale for programs such as food stamps, as another incentive to return to work, and not lose a safety net.
Jordan said he believes a repeal of Obamacare, tax reform, welfare reform and some other changes will lead to 3 percent economic growth in the country.
In other Rotary business:
Aaron McLaurine brought many students benefitting from his Soldiers of Honor Boxing Gym to Rotary Monday, to give the club an idea about how a foundation grant is helping his organization. To give the group some perspective, McLaurine said when he opened the after-school program, he budgeted for 25 children. He’s now serving more than 200. The gym went from being open 8 hours a week to 25.
The club is still looking for a handful of volunteers for the upcoming sponsorship of the Rally in the Square. See president Tracie Sanchez if you want to help.
Get to know Heather Rutz in this week's Member Spotlight.
Thanks for asking me to introduce myself.
So, I am not a mascot groupie, as you might think by these photos. They do tell a lot about me, though: my enjoyment of baseball and traveling, my pride for my adopted hometown of Lima, and the loves of my life, my wife Beth, and our son, Emmanuel.
I was born in Cleveland and raised in Lorain County. I’m into character building and moral victories, so I’ve remained a fan of Cleveland sports teams, but our family enjoys visiting other stadiums, especially ballparks.
I’m forever grateful to be raised by parents who modeled love, inclusion, and service, and who encouraged, rather than endured, a certain headstrong daughter.
When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an FBI agent, until I realized I wouldn’t be able to shoot anyone if I had to.
Deciding to become a reporter was my way to chase down the ‘bad guys.’ I was also following in the footsteps of my grandmother, who was a journalist.
I was a journalist for a long time, and even though I now have a job that comes with a living wage, I’m still a reporter at heart, and a staunch defender of the First Amendment and a free press.
A job at The Lima News is what brought me to Lima, something else for which I’ll always be grateful. Lima has been very good to me. I met Beth at the newspaper. We have been married 12 years and we have a soon-to-be-9-year-old son, Emmanuel, who was born in Ethiopia. He’ll be a third-grader soon at Liberty Arts Magnet Elementary School.
We are active at Trinity United Methodist Church, and we volunteer with Family Promise, for which I’m also a board member.
I’ve been blessed to live all around Ohio, and travel to many parts of this country; I’ve stuck my toes in the oceans of both coasts. Because of that experience, I have learned there is no place like home.
I’m very proud to call this vibrant, diverse, hard-working, full-of-potential town my home.
The Scoop - July 24, 2017
For Mary Leavitt, every day is Flag Day.
Mary Leavitt runs one of the nation’s largest United States flag stores, so these days she is surrounded by them. But her experience began out of a love of them.
In 1980, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, she wanted to show her patriotism, but couldn’t find a flag. Her searching led her to a grumpy wholesaler who didn’t want to sell one flag to one person. But she convinced him. Over and over, Mary went back to the wholesaler with larger orders after she realized others wanted flags, and that she could sell them to larger customers.
Eventually the work led to local and national media attention as the woman selling flags out of the back of her car while living in Libertyville, Illinois.
Today, Leavitt is the self-described “Flag Lady.” She and her daughter, Lori Leavitt Watson, run The Flag Lady’s Store in Columbus. Patriotism runs deep in her family roots. Her parents were Irish and German, and her grandmother was the second generation of her family to be born in the United States. Grandma Haley was especially patriotic, Leavitt said.
Grandma Haley always carried a small U.S. flag in her purse, Leavitt said.
“One day I asked her, ‘Grandma Haley, why do you always carry that flag in your purse?’” Leavitt said. “’She replied, ‘Who knows, I may get a chance to wave it today.’”
In other Rotary business Monday:
Bobbie Spence visited Rotary to give a spirited thank you for the gift of a wheel chair from the MESA warehouse. Spence, volunteer administrator for Restoration House and the community’s 2017 Jefferson Award representative in Washington, D.C., did not have the resources to borrow a wheel chair for her trip to Washington. MESA found her a chair and Rotary gifted the chair to her for further use.
Spence encouraged Rotarians to visit the Fostoria warehouse and experience what MESA does.
“It’s an experience you owe yourself,” Spence said.
Adam Stolly was welcomed as a new member of Rotary.
Demi Burden earned her red badge and turned in her blue badge.
Joe Kitchen provided a Rotary Spotlight about himself. The Spotlight feature can now be viewed on Facebook, either live or as a recorded video after.
Lima Rotary Club accepted a $1,000 donation from Andy Maravola and his annual charity car show.
The Lima Rotary Club is hosting the Rally in the Square tonight from 6:00-9:00 with the band Someone's Kids. Please come out and enjoy the music and fellowship and support ArtSpace/Lima and the Lima Rotary Club. Hope to see you there!
The Lima Rotary Club is creating a display case to show our items from our long, impressive history.
The display case has been ordered and will be made and installed in about 3 months in the North Hall of the Civic Center.The showcase will have a cherry finish, full glass doors and glass shelves with lighting in the top. Lima Rotary Club will be inscribed on the top of the case. It is about 80% funded. We will fill the case with items from the Lima Rotary Club's archives and will be able to regularly rotate the displays.
The Bath High School Interact Club is ready for the new year.
The Bath High School Interact Club held their organizational meeting for the 2017-18 year. They plan to work on the following: recruitment of new members for the club, a stronger focus on community service, and developing programs to improve leadership skills. The new president is Bath High School senior, Gabe Niebel and the advisor is Missy Vandemark.
Foundation Minutes - July 24, 2017
Here are the unofficial minutes of the July 24th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lima Rotary Foundation.
Fitzgerald, Kirk, Begg, Brown-Ellis, Fields, Wannemacher, Warren, Past President Frost, Treasurer Walsh and Secretary Rutz.
President Fitzgerald opened the meeting at 11 a.m.
Kirk made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted for the regular board meeting on April 24, 2017. Brown-Ellis seconded the motion.  Board approved.
WELCOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS: President Fitzgerald welcomed Andy Wannemacher to the board, and noted that Dr. Jeff Unterbrink, also a new member, was unable to attend.
Treasurer Walsh gave the following report:
  1. Distribution and review of the following:
    1. Lima Rotary Foundation Statement of Receipts and Disbursements by Fund, July 2016 through June 2017.
    2. Rotary Foundation Board Financial Report dated July 24, 2017.
  2. Reviewing the purpose of each fund
  3. Recommending a grant budget of about $7,000 each quarter, up from last year’s recommendation of $5,000, because of a budget surplus
  4. Reminding the board about the shared expense with the club of accounting
  5. Asking what the board wanted to do with the MESA warehouse request.
The board noted that Harold Bischoff was OK with the MESA request moving to the 2018 calendar year, and the board planned to consider the request then.
Begg made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted. Fields seconded the motion. Board approved.
The board reviewed the following grant requests:
  1. Soldier of Honor Boxing Gym: Request for $2,000 to serve at-risk youth in multiple boxing programs
  1.  Mobility Foundation: Request for $2,500 to serve adaptive need clients and fall prevention clients
  1. Lima Symphony Orchestra: Request $1,500 for “Kidstuff” at Lima Public Library, $1,500 for the Young People’s Concert, and $865 for tickets for clients of Marimor School
  1. Allen County D.A.R.E.: Request for $2,000 for T-shirts for participants
  1. ArtSpace/Lima: Request for $700 to purchase camcorder to conduct oral history videos
After discussing each grant:
Fields motion to approve Soldiers of Honor’s request for $2,000. Kirk second. Board approved request, noting that the organization had received two grants in one calendar year, but two different Rotary fiscal years, and that most likely another grant would not be approved until next year
Kirk motion to approve Lima Symphony Orchestra’s request for $3,865. Wannemacher second. Board approved request. Brown-Ellis abstained.
Warren motion to approve Allen County D.A.R.E.’s request, for $2,000. Fields second. Board approved request.
  1. Rutz reminded the board of their Conflict of Interest policy forms they have signed and collected the same forms from new board members.
  2. Fitzgerald informed the board of a joint meeting Nov. 6 with the Lima Rotary Executive Committee hosting the district governor.
  3. Fitzgerald asked for a motion reappointing Rutz and Walsh, and approving their compensation. Warren motion to approve. Begg second. Board approved.
  4. Fitzgerald asked Frost about the possibility of applying for the District 6600 matching funds grant. Frost will investigate the deadline with David Runk and Tracie Sanchez.
  5. Warren noted that the High Octane Drumline is using a grant request for a new trailer for equipment. The group is getting quotes now. Warren is getting help to set up an LLC to take ownership of the trailer, and board members suggested the LLC would help protect drumline organizer Jesse Lowe as well.
  1. The next meeting of the Foundation Board will be held Oct. 23, 2017 at 11 a.m.
No further business, Fields motion and Wannemacher second to adjourn at 11:39 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Heather Rutz, Secretary
Fair Parade
The Lima Rotary Club is planning to march in the Allen County Fair Parade on Sunday, August 13 at 2:00 pm. Please join us! Contact Peggy Ehora if you'd like to walk or ride.
Movies in the Park
Our inaugural Movie in the Park series was a huge success and we'd like to have you join us next year as a sponsor!
We had a great response from the community regarding Rotary hosting Movies in the Park.  We had over 200 attendees for Beauty and the Beast and it was a great platform to promote all the great things the Lima Rotary club does for our community.  Spherion donated beach towels as giveaways when attendees participated in the preshow fun! The Bath Fire Department donated smoke alarms.  I want to thank all the sponsors that helped make the event possible!  I’d like to thank the volunteers that helped pass out popcorn, Rashawna Perry and President Tracie Sanchez!  I especially want to thank Kevin Wieging of Ultra Sound for partnering with me in this endeavor!  Without Kevin, this would have never made it past the idea stage! I want to thank Anne Decker for her media coverage and help with getting the word out!  I want to thank the Lima Rotary Club for supporting this event and the clubs benevolence is deeply appreciated to me and our Lima community.  We had hugs and people come up to us during and after the movies to tell us how appreciative they were that the Rotary Club was doing this for them.  I hope to make the summer’s most anticipated event for our Lima community!  Again, thank you!
The Rotary Club of Lima’s Movies in the Park Summer Series is an event that Rotary host to bring together communities, promote the good that Rotary does, and allows families to enjoy a Lima based entertainment event that makes Lima appealable to current and potential residents.
We would like to extend an invitation to major area businesses to join us as a Sponsorship Partner.  We are looking for one or two major sponsor(s) to underwrite the event.
Benefits to a “Movies in the Park” sponsorship include:
VISIBILITY – Promotes an organization’s product or mission and increases brand recognition. We had over 200 attendees this year and the community loved the outdoor fun family atmosphere!  Your business is intrinsically vital to our Lima community and we would like you to partner with the Rotary Club of Lima to offer FREE movies in the park next summer 2018.
COMMUNITY CONNECTIVITY – 41.7% of our Lima children are currently living in single-parent family households. 52.7% of Lima renters spend 30% or more of their household income on rent. For the 52.7% of Lima families who live at or below poverty levels, the expense of taking a family of four to the movies is insurmountable.  We had some of those single mothers come up to us during the movies to say “thank you,” because they could never afford to take the kids to the movies. Working with neighborhood committees, local businesses, and corporate sponsors, Rotary Club of Lima is able to offer movies in local venues and neighborhood parks free of charge! We want our community to have fun things to do and stay in Lima after they graduate from college to work at YOUR Company! This is an opportunity to interact with potential clients, customers, and future employees!
PARTNERSHIP SPONSOR REQUEST– I am reaching out to a select few targeted businesses that will underwrite the 2018 Movie Summer Series so that I can leverage advertisement throughout the year and especially capitalize on the advertisement prior to the end of the school year.  My goal is to make the Rotary Movies in the Park the premier event to attend during the summer months and an event that families anticipate every summer.  Please join me in that effort!
The Lima Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable corporation
We want to start the 2018 Rotary Movies in the Park summer series June through July.  All movies would be shown on Friday nights at dusk.  That’s eight or more movies! We have a weather cancellation policy and we make every attempt to reschedule movies if we have to cancel.
Sponsorship Partners to complete and return to the following or you may request to be billed through Rotary Club of Lima Movies in the Park:
(Make Check or Money order payable to: Rotary Club of Lima)
Rotary Club of Lima
Attn: Movies in the Park Sponsorship Partners
PO Box 1111
Lima, OHIO 45802
              Check Box if you want to be billed and provide the information below:
Business or Organization: _______________________________________________________________
Contact: _____________________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Day Phone: _____________________________  Email: _______________________________________
  1. Golden Globe Sponsor(s) - $10,000 for sole major sponsor or $5,000 for co-sponsor                       
Sponsorship includes:  Company logo on popcorn bags, pre-movie on-screen advertising at all movies.  Recognition of sponsorship on any and all promotions, including TV, radio, all social media, email listings, flyers, and pre-movie spotlight time to directly address the audience as well as live announcement of the featured film. Banners displayed at venues.  You may leverage any promotional tools and giveaways at this sponsor level that promotes your company! TV and Radio recognition on all spots!  This sponsorship level automatically places you on the committee to have a seat at the table for all decisions such as movie locations, movie title suggestions, and recommendations, marketing strategies, policy, and vision of the event.
  1. Blockbuster Sponsor - $3000                      
Sponsorship includes:  Pre-movie on-screen advertising at all movies.  Company logo on all social media, email listings, flyers, and radio announcements. Banners displayed at venues. 
  1. Director Sponsor - $1000
Sponsorship includes pre-movie on-screen advertising at all movies. Company logo will be promoted through social media, email listings, and flyers. 
  1. Champagne Roll - $500
Sponsorship includes pre-movie on-screen advertising at all movies. 
  1. B-Roll - $300 or In-Kind
Sponsorship includes pre-movie on-screen advertising equal to the in-kind donation and/or live announcement of company name.  Promotional items are welcomed to hand out to audience.  
For more information, please contact: Catheryn Sarno | Mobile: 614-633-7305, EMAIL:
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