The Scoop - September 11, 2021
OSU and NBA legend Jerry Lucas has developed a new way to educate children.
Education, not basketball, was on Jerry Lucas's mind when he spoke to the Lima Rotary Club Monday. "That's where my life has been spent, where my heart is, and that's where I've spent decades of my life making differences in education." Jerry explained that children learn automatically when their parents identify the things they are seeing around them. "Every tangible object that we see and identify has never been forgotten, because just the thought of it causes that object to reappear in our minds." Using that premise, Jerry has developed a whole new method of learning that uses pictures, songs and characters to teach. "We're going to do something to literally change education in America. To have children learn in an easy, simple, fun way. Those things that have identity cannot be forgotten and that's the exciting thing that's going to happen in education in the future, and I'm thrilled to have spent my life creating and developing material that's going to make a difference." You can learn more about Jerry's Doctor Memory program on his website:
To help fund his project, Jerry is teaming up with Rotary Clubs around the country to raffle off sets of autographed photos of himself, Archie Griffin and Jack Nicklaus. Tickets are $20 each and only 250 will be sold for each set of pictures. Contact President Jeff to get your tickets or get them at our regular Monday meetings.
MESA Bike Tour
We are excited to welcome the MESA bike riders to Monday's meeting!
The 2021 five day Rotary Bike Tour for MESA starts on Saturday, September 18 in Findlay and ends Wednesday, September 22 in Ottawa. Dozens of riders from across District 6600 will be riding to raise money for Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad, a project of District 6600 which collects used medical equipment, computers, and other supplies and ships them to developing countries. You can get involved by pledging dollars per mile for the riders, or by joining the ride yourself. Contact Becky Waggamon for more information.
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights of the September 14th board meeting.
Call to Order   Jeff Fitzgerald
President Fitzgerald called the meeting to order at 11:35 AM with the following members present:  Elizabeth Ellis-Brown, Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, Lesley Fry, Keith Horner, Joel Mengerink, Derek Stemen, Andy Wannemacher, and John Ficorilli.  Also present were Treasurer Dan Best and Secretary Rita Brown.
Secretary’s Report    Rita Brown
Wannemacher made a motion to approval of August 10, 2021 as submitted.     Mengerink seconded the motion.  Board approved.
August Attendance report
The month of August ended with 146 total members.  Two members joined the club and three resigned.  August attendance averaged 40.78%.  We have been averaging around 55 members attending by including those on Zoom. 
President's Report       Jeff Fitzgerald
Plans for the ticket sales for Jerry Lucas’ Memorabilia highlighting OSU’s most celebrated athletes
The plan is underway.  Adah Ellerbrock and Amy Ricker will be managing the ticket sales table during the Club Meetings.  The Club will be selling 250 tickets at $20 each.  Once they are sold, the raffle will be held.  A mass email with details will be sent to members again this week.  It will include the photo of President Jeff and Mr. Lucas with the framed Sports Pictures.
Request from Bob Ruehl – MESA Donation given to the Biker Riders
The District 6600 MESA Bike Riders will visit the Lima Club on Monday September 20, 2021.  Bob Ruehl indicated it is appropriate for the Club to award them with a cash donation at that time.  The Foundation has been donating $5,000 to MESA each year.  Ruehl’s request is that the donation be made at this time during their visit.  Fry will contact Foundation President Demi Burden and ask that the Foundation Board do an email approval of the request and that Foundation Treasurer Jared Walsh prepare a check for the MESA Bike Riders.  The “Big Check” will be used for the presentation at the Club Meeting on September 20, 2021.  Fitzgerald made a motion to approve a $5,000 donation pending approval from the Foundation.  Horner seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Christmas Party Updates
The Club Christmas Party is scheduled for December 13, 2021 during the regular Club Meeting.
Large item raffle – will be managed by Sam Bassitt and Dan Bucher 
Elvis Raffle, Silent and Donated Items Auction – will be managed by Jennifer Mason.  Farley will share information with Mason regarding the Auction and the Elvis Raffle.
Wine Auction – Rob Nelson and Cat Sarno will manage the Wine Auction.
Social Meeting updates   The Social Meetings will begin again in December.
Requests from DG Mary Aufdenkampe
Aufdenkampe requested each Club in the District make a donation to the District 6600 Peace Conference scheduled for October 30th at the Lorain County Community College.   The budget for the conference is $18,000.  Horner made a motion to donate $250 to the conference.  Fitzgerald seconded the motion.   Board approved.
Let’s Beat COVID-19 Action Required.  Fitzgerald discussed the confidential survey the District is doing.  A Rotarian in District 6600 will donate funds to each club based on their vaccination rate as of September 30, 2021.  Members have until September 30th to complete the survey.  The Club will learn how many have participated when a check arrives.  The Survey was sent by email to each Club Member from Mary Aufdenkamp on Tues Sept 7 at 8:05 AM.       
Board Reports
Plans for the Club’s Polio Plus Month and the October 18th World Polio Day Program        Derek Stemen
Stemen and Co-Chair Keith Horner will announce the plans for the October Polio Plus Campaign on September 27, 2021.  Member Pledge Cards will be on the tables starting October 4th.   Dr. Susan Hubbell and Russ Decker are securing our Speaker for the World Polio Day scheduled for October 18th.   An auction that is mostly Service Based items will be held on November 1st
Final Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing Report  Andy Wannemacher
Wannemacher indicated one sponsor has not paid to-date.  All other activities have been finalized.
Dictionary Distribution Plan              Rita Brown
Dave Cockerell, Chairman of the Dictionary Distribution, announced that final plans will be announced within the month.  The plan may look totally different this year.
4-Way Speech and Essay Contests updates
Ackerman indicated she meets with the Schools in October to get their buy-in and participation.  The Essay Contest will be held in February and the Speech Contest will be held in March after the Basketball Tournaments.  Ackerman will manage the Speech Contest and Heather Rutz will manage the Essay Contest
Final Distribution of the proceeds from the Reverse Raffle and the Golf OutingJeff Fitzgerald
President Fitzgerald shared an email from Catheryn Sarno. 
The proceeds from both events are ready for distribution. 
The Jay Begg Reverse Raffle net proceeds are $9,690.44; The Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing net proceeds are $39,182.22.
The Board agreed that presentations to the Foundation for both events will be held on September 27, 2021.  The Begg Family will be invited to attend the Club Meeting.
Treasurer’s Report              Dan Best
Best reported that the August 2021 month end net worth increased $6,909 compared to August 2020. For the current fiscal year to-date net income decreased by $2,073 compared to the same time period in 2020. Dues’ income increased by $1,223 but expenses for meal costs and District 6600 dues increased by a total of $7,411. These increases are due to the increase in member meetings compared to the 2020 pandemic year.  Best also reviewed a new report to reflect the Club’s working capital (current assets-current liabilities). Current working capital is $17,805. Also, he reviewed aged Accounts Receivable.  Farley made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.  Buettner seconded the motion.  Board approved.
                Membership         Rita Brown
Doug Wise – Hanneman-Siferd Funeral Home Managing Director - Sponsored by Michael Ayers
Jude Meyers – Shawnee Schools Superintendent – Sponsored by Craig Kupferberg
Ficorilli made a motion to approve the memberships of Wise and Meyers.  Farley seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Resignations – none  
Presidential Citation.    Jeff  Fitzgerald
Rotary International has announced the winners of the Rotary Citation for 2020-2021.  This past year was difficult as much of the clubs’ activity was shut down due to COVID.  Six of the sixty-four Clubs in our District have been awarded the Citation.  They include Elyria, Lima, Lorain, Oberlin, Ohio Pathways District 6600-E Club and Sylvania.  All of the Lima Club’s goals were reached except Membership Growth.  Congratulations Past President John!
There being no further business, Farley made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:38 PM.  Brown-Ellis seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Secretary
WOFB Hygiene Drive
The Lima Rotary Club is collecting personal hygiene items for the West Ohio Food Bank.
Why Rotary
This 'Why Rotary' video is designed to capture the essence of Rotary, promote awareness of Rotary and to be used for a prospect who wants to know more about Rotary. Share it with your friends and potential members.
Peace Corps Week
Celebrate Rotary Peace Corps Week.


By Rotary Service & Engagement Staff
Join Partnering for Peace (PFP) 20-26 September for Rotary-Peace Corps Week! There are many ways to participate in this collaborative week-long virtual celebration, including a webinar series and opportunities to host your own event. For more ways to get involved, visit our previous post and the Partnering for Peace event page. For questions and ideas on how to create a local event or to join Partnering for Peace, please contact
Hurricane Ida
Your help is needed for those communities devastated by Hurricane Ida.
Dear Rotary Members in Zones 30 and 31,

Rotarians are People of Action. Throughout the world in disaster recovery situations, our compassion and commitment to service are a significant part of relief efforts. Right here, right now, your help is needed here in our own zones.

Hurricane Ida has devastated communities in our Districts 6200 6840 and 6820. Governors Bob Vaughn (6840) and Mark Lee (6200) have assembled recovery teams to identify needs and coordinate response across all affected areas in Zone 31. Neighboring District 6190, through Governor Karen Johnson, has transported water for distribution in Louisiana. A group of Rotary members from Fairhope, AL, will prepare meals over 600 meals for three days. 

In many areas, there are no shelters, no electricity, very limited resources for food, gasoline and supplies, and scarce medical services. Communities such as Golden Meadow, La Place and Galliano are broken and families are left with nothing. Our own Rotary leaders in the area have been affected. Now more than ever is the time for us to live our hashtag, #Rotary Responds.

Here’s how you can help:
  • Please make a donation, and encourage your club, club members and district to make a donation.
  • Donations can be sent to the District 6840 Foundation via the following link: Donations are tax-deductible and  will be used to help affected regions in each district.
  • Your donation will help to fund supplies such as: tarps generators, gas and gas cans, roofing nails, bottled water chain saws, meals, pet food, baby formula, diapers, cleaning supplies and charging stations. Donations are desperately needed to fund these items.

If you have a network to suppliers who are willing to donate large quantities of these items, or are considering sending a team of recovery volunteers, please contact Governor Mark at and Governor Bob Vaughn at

Please help those who have lost so much by responding with a donation. Thank you for being a Rotarian, and on behalf the people of Louisiana and Mississippi, thank you for your compassion.

Elizabeth Usovicz
Director, Rotary Zones 30 and 31
BEL Rotary Action Gruop engages Rotarians and Rotaractors in community literacy.
By Carolyn Johnson, Chair of the Basic Education and Literacy Rotary Action Group
Basic Education and Literacy Month takes on even greater importance for Rotarians and Rotaractors this year, as we come to see the profound impact of the pandemic on education and literacy. Since March 2020, more than 100 countries closed schools for extended periods of time, leaving more than a billion students out of school - and many schools have yet to reopen. As a result, there is great concern that many children will not return to class once schools are reopened because of economic impact, increased pregnancies, and general disengagement from education. Yet we know that before the pandemic 773 million youth and adults could not read and write, and 250 million children failed to acquire basic literacy skills, according to UNESCO. Despite gains made in the last two decades to improve literacy, school closings during the COVID-19 pandemic threaten to reverse positive trends made toward greater school participation.
Rotarians and Rotaractors understand the critical importance of literacy as one of our Areas of Focus. The ability to read and write is an essential skill necessary to participate and contribute meaningfully to society.  Literacy empowers people, expands our opportunity to lead a productive and dignified life.  Literate people have access to better employment, higher quality  child and family health, and improved nutrition.  
BELRAG (Basic Education and Literacy Rotary Action Group) supports Rotarians and Rotaractors as they address these challenges to enable children to be confident readers and learners. BELRAG is offering three excellent opportunities to assist clubs and districts in their outreach to support literacy in their communities:
Cover of The Illustrated Encyclopedia
Access to books at home and in school promotes a love of reading and better performance in math, sciences and other subjects. BELRAG and RILM (Rotary India Literacy Mission) are partnering with Encyclopedia Britannica to offer Rotarians and Rotaractors a special edition of The Illustrated Encyclopedia which can be shipped globally. This single volume book in English, filled with engaging photos and graphics, is designed to inspire the curiosity of learners, age 8-108.  Endorsed by RI President Shekhar Mehta and specially published for Rotarians and Rotaractors, this is a tremendous resource for classrooms, libraries, after school, and adult education programs. BELRAG will provide teaching activities for each chapter to assist teachers and parents help engage students and guide them to learning more on the topics presented. Learn more about the Illustrated Encyclopedia.
Photo of Dover Rotary Traveling Tales Library Program (BELRAG Literacy Award recipient)
Literacy opportunities in every community  BELRAG Literacy Awards is an annual opportunity for Rotarians and Rotaractors to showcase their community literacy projects.  Four outstanding projects will be awarded $400 USD each - with at least one award reserved for a Rotaract project.  These awards are intended to promote local community literacy projects - reinforcing BELRAG’s belief that every club can and should be involved in actively supporting literacy in their own community. Applications are due by 30 September. Learn more about the Literacy Awards.
Photo of students participating in a reading program at Mondessa Youth Opportunities, an organization dedicated to educating high-achieving learners from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds in Nambia.
Quality early childhood literacy is the focus of Together We READ, the partnership between BELRAG and Save the Children.  We are pleased to announce Community Engagement grant opportunities for clubs in the U.S. Up to ten grants of $5,000 to $10,000 each will be awarded to clubs engaged with community partners to support high-quality early learning programs.  These grants can support projects supporting: school readiness, family literacy, access to quality books and learning resources, increasing community awareness of the importance of early literacy programs, or building capacity of educators and community to support healthy learning development. Learn more about Community Engagement Grants.
More information about these projects is available at Connect with BELRAG to learn how Rotarians and Rotaractors are involved in basic education and literacy or to promote your club’s BEL projects. 

Young Leaders
Young Leaders In Action
September 2021
Engaging the next generation of Rotary leaders
Share your service-learning journey in the 2021 Interact Awards!
This year’s Interact Awards invites Interact clubs explore to Rotary’s new service-learning resources. After applying service-learning to your club experience, submit a video, photos, and/or an essay showcasing your club’s service-learning journey to the Interact Awards.

Submit your nominations by 1 December 2021 for a chance to be named “Best Video,” “Best Photo,” or “Best Essay” and receive funds to support your Interact club’s next project. 
Taking Action
Be a part of the 2022 Rotaract Preconvention
After two years of gathering virtually, we’re optimistic the Rotaract Preconvention will be held in person again! Help us create a memorable and engaging event by leading a session on an initiative, project, or topic you want to share with Rotaract Preconvention attendees.

The deadline for proposals is 30 September 2021, submit yours today!
Join us for Reconnect Week 2021
During Reconnect Week on 4-10 October, Rotarians and alumni from around the world will gather online and in person to share their experiences, network with each other, and exchange ideas for staying involved in Rotary. This is the week that we recognize the value our alumni bring to our organization, and when we do what we can to engage alumni with Rotary. Get inspiration for your next event and post your own projects and events to inspire others to take part in Reconnect Week.
Get ready for World Polio Day
For World Polio Day on 24 October, we need everyone’s help to raise awareness about Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio for good. Download the World Polio Day Toolkit for resources and tips to plan activities and promote a polio-free world.

Share social media posts from the toolkit with #EndPolio and #WorldPolioDay hashtags, create a fundraiser for Rotary’s PolioPlus Fund, or host a virtual or community event. Be sure to register your participation for World Polio Day to show how the Rotary community is taking action to end polio. Follow us @EndPolioNow for World Polio Day updates and to learn more about protecting children across the globe from this paralyzing disease.
Resources & Events
3-4 June 2022
Rotaract Preconvention 
Houston, USA

4-8 June 2022
Rotary International Convention 
Houston, USA

Do you have an upcoming event to add to this list? Email us at
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New Fellowships
Rotary has chartered three new Fellowships.

New Friends of Alsace, Pickleball, and Urban Gardening fellowships

By Lisa Cook, Rotary Service and Engagement Staff
Rotary International is excited to announce the chartering of three new Rotary International Fellowships. Currently RI recognizes over 90 active Rotary Fellowships, groups of individuals who globally unite around a common hobby, profession, or shared identity with the primary purpose to network and further friendship.  Membership in a fellowship is open to any interested individual.
The newly approved fellowships are for Friends of Alsace, Pickleball, and Urban Gardening. The purpose of each fellowship is detailed below and includes a link to learn more or connect with each group:
Friends of Alsace – The Fellowship plans to organize worldwide events and activities to consolidate Alsace’s global presence.  The Alsace Fellowship strives to unite those that have an affinity for the Alsace region and its history.  The fellowship celebrates the region with all interested individuals along with those that have a personal connection to the region.
Pickleball The purpose of this Rotary Fellowship is to create and strengthen friendship locally and globally by playing and promoting the game of Pickleball.
Urban Gardening – The purpose of the fellowship is to create and strengthen friendship locally and globally by creating and grooming urban spaces with fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and any other items that are beneficial for urban spaces.
Read stories from Rotary Fellowships. Visit for more information on Rotary Fellowships, to join an existing group, or to propose a new one.
Upcoming Events
MESA Bike Tour
Sep 18, 2021 – Sep 22, 2021
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Sep 20, 2021 12:00 PM
Sep 27, 2021 12:00 PM
Ohio Northern University
Oct 04, 2021 12:09 PM
Fire Prevention Month
Oct 11, 2021
Happy Columbus Day!
Oct 18, 2021 12:00 PM
Oct 25, 2021 12:00 PM
Mercy Health - St. Rita's Medical Center
Nov 01, 2021 12:00 PM
Downtown Lima
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