Amphitheater Groundbreaking
We break ground on the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater on April 18!
You’re invited to join the Lima Rotary Club, Greater Lima Region, City of Lima and the State of Ohio for the groundbreaking of the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater on Monday, April 18, 2022 at 1:15 p.m., immediately following our regular meeting. The groundbreaking will take place on Spring Street between Main Street and Union Street. The Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater will be an integral component of the vibrant transformation we are seeing in downtown Lima. Please join us!
Board Members
Congratulations to the Lima Rotary Club's and Lima Rotary Foundation's new board members!
Members selected to join the Lima Rotary Club for the term running from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025 are: Jeff Unterbrink, Tim Stanford and Demi Burden. 
The following members were selected to join the Lima Rotary Foundation Board for a term running from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025:  Chris Hardesty, Craig Kupferberg and Berlin Carroll.
Congratulations, everyone and thank you for serving!
The Scoop - April 11, 2022
The winners of the 4-Way Test Speech Contest presented their speeches to Rotary.
Congratulations to the winners of the Lima Rotary Club's 4-Way Speech Contest winners. Their speeches were all outstanding! The winners were: Madeline Emerick, Lima Senior High School - 1st place winner; Kyla Fallis, Bath High School - 2nd place winner; Leah Shields, Bath High School - 3rd place winner.
Leah started by telling us that truth is essential to relationships in anyone's life. She encouraged truth, fairness and building goodwill and better friendships, and stated that being beneficial to everyone concerned is the point that ties the others together. "Relationships are a part of all of our lives and it's important to try to make them worthwhile." Kyla told us that kindness is contagious and we should treat others as we wish to be treated. "We need to do the little things. To be the people our community can count on when they need someone to be there. The Golden Rule tells us to treat others how treated but we have to take the first step on that. In order to change the world for the better, we have to act first." Kyla says the 4-Way Test will help us achieve that. Madeline says the 4-Way Test can help us be better parents. "This is the very foundation of healthy interactions and friendships with other people. Not just people within their own households, but people that they will continue to meet throughout their entire lives. You need to be the parents that your children need, not the parents that you believe society wants you to be."
You can watch all three speeches on our Facebook page:
Please come and join in some food and fellowship, for our April Super Social.
This month, April 22, from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m. we are inviting Rotarians to join us in a post Easter celebration! You will have made it through Lent, Easter with family, and should be looking for a fun night to unwind! 
Join us at Alter Ego Comics for a private gathering, fully equipped with games, food and drink offerings. Food and drink made available by Purple Feet Wine Boutique and games by Alter Ego Comics.
 If you have always wanted to join in our Rotary Social fun but haven't made the time now is your chance! We hope to see you there, please RSVP to Demi Burden (419) 230-2269 or
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights from the April 12th join meeting of the Lima Rotary Board and the Lima Rotary Foundation Board.
Call to Order                                                                                                   Jeff Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald called the meeting to order at 11:38 AM with the following Rotary board members present:  John Ficorilli, Andy Farley, Keith Horner, Jeff Fitzgerald, Joel Mengerink, Jennifer Mason, Carol Buettner. Also Treasurer Dan Best, Secretary Anne Decker.
The following Foundation board members were present: Demi Burden, Adah Ellerbrock, Mike Powell, Abe Ambroza, Adam Stolly, Corey Frazer, Russ Decker, Jennifer Mason. Also Secretary Scott Cockerell and Treasurer Jared Walsh were present.
Secretary’s Report                                                                                          Anne Decker
  1. Approval of March 8, 2022 board minutes
Farley made a motion to approve the Rotary Board Minutes of March 8, 2022.  Buettner seconded the motion.  Board approved.
  1. Attendance report  
The month of March ended with 141 total members – 136 active and 5 honorary. There were no new members and no resignations. Year-to-date shows an overall loss of 4 members. Attendance for the month of March was 44.30%, up from February’s 37.95%. 
President’s Report                                                                                          by Jeff Fitzgerald        
  1.  Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater
    Groundbreaking for the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater is April 18 immediately following the club’s regular Monday meeting. WLIO will do a preview and encourage the public to attend. Decker and Sanchez found the club’s banners to be displayed at the event.
  2. Social Meeting
    The next social meeting is April 22 at Alter Ego Comics.
  3. Spring Blood Clinic
    The Spring Blood Clinic is April 30 from 6:30-9:00 at Senior Citizen Services. Sanchez has signed up all necessary volunteers.
  4. Jay Begg Reverse Raffle
    The Jay Begg Reverse Raffle is scheduled for June 2 at the Allen County Fairgrounds. Tickets are $100 each, available from Katy Page. Decker will ask Schnipke to invite the Begg family to attend.
  5. Reuters Image Copyright Claim Update
    PicRights continues to contact the Lima Rotary Club seeking $1,510 for use on the website of two photos owned by Reuters. Rotary International’s counsel is handling the issue and does not want us to respond. RI does not think PicRights has a case.
Lima Rotary Foundation President’s Report                                                                   Demi Burden 
  1. Foundation Board Grant Update
$17,500 worth of scholarships have been awarded so far this year with another $11,500 pending. Community grants awarded this year are: $2,000 to D.A.R.E, $2,000 to High Octane Drumline, $2,000 to Soldiers of Honor boxing program, $5,000 to Salvation Army, $1,500 to the Lima Symphony Orchestra, $1,500 to the Lima Symphony’s children’s concert, $865 to the Lima Symphony for Marimor, $2,500 to Allen Lima Youth Leadership Program, $2,000 to Our Daily Bread soup kitchen, $5,000 to M.E.S.A. Community grants to date this year total $41,865.
Russ Decker will serve as President of the Lima Rotary Foundation in the 2022-2023 year, Mason will be President-Elect,
Ellerbrock made a motion to approve the Foundation Board President’s report. Stolly seconded the motion. Board approved.
Joint Board Discussion
  1. Treasurer’s Report - Lima Rotary Foundation                                                   Jared Walsh
Walsh shared the Statement of Fund Balances, Receipts and Disbursements Quarterly report for the first 6 months of the fiscal year ending as of 12/31/2021. The activity for the first half of the year is covered in seven buckets. The Amphitheater bucket contains $761, 512.44. The Buenos Noches Fund contains $1,306.64. The Endowment Fund contains $501,172.39. The General Fund totals $70,337.04. The High Octane Drumline Fund totals $612.25. The Hulsken Fund contains $62,998.10. The Scholarship Fund contains $109,602.44. Mason made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report and Russ Decker seconded the motion.  Board approved.
  1. Treasurer’s Report - Lima Rotary Club                                                               Dan Best
Best shared information from the Balance Sheet Previous Year Comparison.  The cash position is down compared to 2021, largely because in 2021 the club didn’t meet for a while because of the pandemic and District 6600 did not charge the club dues during that time. The club’s total income through March 31, 2022 is $67,867.10. Total expenses are $73,793.05. Net income is ($5,925.95). Farley moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Horner seconded the motion. Board approved.
  1. Annual Meeting Preparation                                                                         Jeff Fitzgerald/Demi Burden
The Annual Meeting will be held on Monday April 18th to be followed by the groundbreaking for the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater. 
Board Seat Election Results                                                                                         Scott Cockerell
Cockerell stated that the ballots were counted earlier today and 89 members voted.  Members selected to join the Rotary Club for the term running from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025 are: Jeff Unterbrink, Tim Stanford and Demi Burden. 
The following members were selected to join the Lima Rotary Foundation Board for a term running from July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2025:  Chris Hardesty, Craig Kupferberg and Berlin Carroll.
Derek Stemen and Russ Decker will contact those who were selected and those who were not.
Russ Decker made a motion to accept the new roster of members to each board.  Burden seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Board Reports: (any updates to report)                                                          All Board Members
  1. Empowering Girls Committee                                                            Jeff Fitzgerald 
    The new Empowering Girls Committee has held one meeting and has had good support from the members. They will be looking for ways the club can help empower girls.
  2. PolioPlus                                                                                              Keith Horner
    The PolioPlus campaign will be gearing up again with a dunk tank on May 23rd. Tickets will be sold to dunk people, and immunity tickets will also be sold. There may also be a raffle and auction. So far, the club has raised $3,000 of its $5,000 goal for the year.
  3. Golf Outing                                                                                         Scott Cockerell
    The Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing will be held August 17th at Hidden Creek Golf Club. Tickets are available from Andy Wannemacher and on the club website. Hole sponsors are being sought.                                                                                            
President-Elect Report                                                                                          
  1. New Ideas & Projects 
President-Elect Derek Stemen was not able to attend the meeting.
New Business:                                                                                                        Anne Decker
  1. Club Service Awards
Club Service Awards are given annually to members who show exemplary levels of service in the areas of Club, Community, International, Vocational and Youth Service during the year. They are awarded at the Changing of the Guard party each June. Anne Decker will be sending out a request for nominations soon and encourages board members to submit suggestions. 
  1. Applications
  1. Cathy Clark
  2. Matt Childers
  3. Shelby Koenig
  4. Steven Rakes
Applications for membership for Clark, Childers, Koenig and Rakes were presented. Horner made a motion to approve all four applications and Mengerink seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Nate Gast has asked to be reinstated to the club after resigning in 2021. Buettner made a motion to approve the reinstatement and Burden seconded the motion. Board approved.
  1. Resignations
  1. John Gonzales
  2. Myron Meas
Farley made a motion to approve the resignation of John Gonzales from the club, effective March 31. Mason seconded the motion. Board approved.
Best made a motion to approve the resignation of Meas with regret. Horner seconded the motion. Board approved. Mason stated that she will continue Premier Bank’s corporate membership and find a replacement for Meas.
Accounting Services                                                                                        Jeff Fitzgerald
Discussion was held about the Lima Rotary Foundation’s payments to the Lima Rotary Club for the services of the club’s bookkeeper. These services total $4,800 per year. The Foundation was invoiced $1,251.20 toward that salary in each year 2016 and 2017 and paid it. The Foundation was inadvertently not invoiced in 2018 and 2019. The Foundation board has since been invoiced for those two years and paid one of them. They do not feel they should have to pay both. Fitzgerald recommended that the club write off the outstanding $1,251.20 payment. Farley made the motion and Ficorilli seconded. Board approved.
Farley made a motion that the Foundation’s invoice for the 2022-2023 year be $1,750. Horner seconded the motion. Board approved.
Walsh suggested that ways be found to streamline bookkeeper’s duties so they are not so time consuming. Fitzgerald stated that duties would lessen once the amphitheater project is completed. Best suggested looking at ways to raise money for the club so it is not so dependent on member dues.
There being no further business, Buettner made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:50 PM. Mason seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Respectfully submitted.
Anne Decker, Secretary
Reverse Raffle
Get your tickets now for the Jay Begg Reverse Raffle.
The Lima Rotary Club's Jay Begg Reverse Raffle takes place on June 2 at the Allen County Fairgrounds. It's a fun night with games, dinner, silent auction, great fellowship, and your chance to win part of the $10,000 in cash prizes that will be handed out. It's also a big fundraiser for the Lima Rotary Club so we encourage you to buy a ticket even if you can't attend. Tickets are just $100 and are available from Katy.
Golf Outing
Join us for the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing on August 17 and support our scholarship fund.
Please join us for a fun day of golf, games, and Rotarian camaraderie. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the annual Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing. It will be held on Wednesday, August 17th at Hidden Creek Golf Course with a rain date of Wednesday, August 24th
Last year we had 29 teams competing and raised $39,910, all of which went to benefit the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund selects persons who live or work in Allen County who are in pursuit of a degree or certification and will attend a school or college in Allen County. The intent of the scholarship is to encourage Allen County employees and residents to work and plan for their futures within our county. As of April 2022, the Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund has helped 1,125 adults to continue their education and to pursue their dream. These scholarships total over $852,250. Degrees or certifications can be achieved at the Apollo Career Center (Adult Education), Bluffton University, Rhodes State College, The Ohio State University at Lima and the University of Northwestern Ohio. All residents who live in and employees who work in Allen County are eligible.       
District Assembly
You are invited to attend the District Assembly as we prepare to kick off a new Rotary year.
The District Assembly will be held on Saturday, April 30th from 9 am - noon. 

WHO:  Club President-Elects, Club Presidents, Club Secretaries, Club Treasurers, Club Membership, Public Image, Foundation Chairs, plus future leaders in your club and any engaged Rotarian. (We especially would like all Rotarians in a leadership role to attend but would encourage anyone interested in learning more!)

COST:  Free!

WHERE: Maumee High School; 1147 Saco St.; Maumee, OH  43537

REGISTER NOW:  Sign up for the day by Registering NOW for the District Assembly

Yours in Rotary Service,

Diana Savage
District 6600 Governor Elect
Rotary International
At the time of this correspondence, 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees are fleeing war and are in need of immediate assistance. 
Recently, someone has come forward within our Rotary District and offered to match our donations up to $50,000 for the Disaster Response Fund. All contributions need to be made to the Rotary Disaster Response fund by April 30, 2022, so that these donations are prioritized for the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis. If we raise more than $50,000 between March 6 and April 30, I will suggest we make a contribution to ShelterBox

The generosity of District 6600 Rotarians has always exceeded expectations. I know our hearts are breaking for the people of Ukraine. I do not wish to put any stress on you personally, just do what you can, whatever you can, in service to others.  I am thankful for each of you.

To donate online at -

Your club's President-Elect and Assistant Governor heard more about this Ukraine donation initiative at their training this past Saturday. Jim Murray, from the Huron Rotary Club, has volunteered to help us coordinate donations from club's foundations and answer questions regarding individual donations. Jim can be reached at 415-640-0027, or via email at

Thank you,

Mary L. AufdenKampe 
District Governor 2021-202
Strength in times of crisis in Ukraine
Past and current conflicts have had a significant impact on Rotary in Ukraine. Yet amid this turmoil, Ukrainian Rotary members continue to demonstrate resilience and an unwavering commitment to peace. The Rotary magazine for Germany and Austria compiled a report on Rotary’s growth in Ukraine over the past decade that serves as a backdrop to current efforts to respond to the unfolding humanitarian crisis. Read more about Rotary in Ukraine, and get the latest information on relief efforts.
This week's stories
Austrian aid convoy delivers supplies to Ukraine
On the evening of 2 March, Sebastian Adami, a member of the Rotary Club of Klagenfurt-Wörthersee, Austria, set out with a team of Rotaract members and colleagues from six nations to deliver relief supplies to contacts waiting near the border of Poland and Ukraine. Adami had seen images of the war in Ukraine and immediately wanted to help. He connected with others interested in raising money and supplies, and they secured the use of several trucks to drive the items all-night across Austria and Poland to the border or Ukraine. Read more of how Austrian Rotaractors used their network to channel humanitarian support into Ukraine.
Job training program brews confidence in Autistic youth
Café Voca, a project of the Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean-Northbrook, Illinois, USA, provides paid on the job training for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The club partnered with a local YMCA and Autism Workforce to create a café setting where the individuals, including four autistic youth, get a chance to handle responsibilities and learn social skills they would need for other jobs. Club members created the project after learning that only about 20% of people with a disability are employed. Read more about the project for Autism Awareness Month.
Council on legislation meets in Chicago
Rotary members from all over the world will gather in Chicago 10-14 April to discuss changes to the policies guiding Rotary clubs. Read more and get vote totals on My Rotary daily during the council.
Rotary Day with UNICEF: Empowering Girls
On March 24-25 Rotary and UNICEF held an event in New York City that focused on creating a safe and resilient world for girls. Watch a recording of the event on demand.
© Rotary International
One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA
We invite you to listen to a discussion featuring USAID Administrator Samantha Power with NPR's Scott Simon reflecting on events happening around the world, along with her vision for working with more local organizations like Rotary.
Upcoming Events
Groundbreaking Greater Lima Region Park/Amphitheat
Spring Street Between Main & Union
Apr 18, 2022
1:15 PM – 2:00 PM
Social Meeting
Alter Ego Comics
Apr 22, 2022
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Spring Blood Clinic
Senior Citizen Services
Apr 30, 2022
6:30 AM – 9:30 AM
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Apr 18, 2022 12:09 PM
Apr 25, 2022 12:00 PM
May 02, 2022 12:00 PM
LifeWise Academy
May 09, 2022 12:00 PM
National Police Month
May 16, 2022 12:00 PM
Recognition and Awards
May 30, 2022
Happy Memorial Day!
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