Bob Cupp
Congratulations to  Bob Cupp for being elected Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives! Bob has been a member of the Lima Rotary Club since 1991. We know he'll be wonderful in his new role and we wish him all the best.
The Scoop - July 27, 2020
Most of us would rather die than speak in public.
"Given the choice between being in the casket or giving the eulogy, most people in the room would say, 'I wanna be in the casket,'" says Doc Warr, Distinguished Toastmaster. Doc told us that fear of public speaking is not unusual. Toastmasters International can help people overcome that fear by helping them develop their speaking and leadership skills. The 26 week program costs $45 and helps people find their personal voice and become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders. Doc says Toastmasters starts with learning. People learn to develop their ability to speak properly, work with a mentor, and then they practice, practice, practice.  Toastmasters has several pathways which help develop business skills including interview preparation, online meeting management, leadership development, project management, and conflict resolution. "It's the best way to learn because it's all about practical application. You can't look at a video. You have to do physically do it and Toastmasters will help you with that."
Also at Monday's meeting, Linda Hamilton took a few minutes to say goodbye and thank the club for all their support of the West Ohio Food Bank. Linda is retiring after 5 years as director of the WOFB.
And we met our newest member, Sara Ambroza, Interim President/Annual Programs Coordinator at Mercy Health-St. Rita's Medical Center and wife of Abe Ambroza. Welcome, Sara!
Golf Outing
Golfers! Register now for the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing on August 26!
This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the annual Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing. The date has been moved to Wednesday, August 26th at Hidden Creek Golf Course with lunch from Western Sizzlin Steakhouse. The Golf Committee is working closely with Hidden Creek Golf Course to ensure our participants' safety. The Committee is also staying abreast to the most current recommendations set forth by the Ohio governor regarding the best practices for staying safe during the on-going Coronavirus pandemic. Since standards and protocols are continuously being changes and updated the format and what happenings that will take place on the day of the event are still undergoing planning, but rest assure that the day will be both exhilarating and competitive. Contact Andy Wannemacher today to register as an individual or team at 419-231-3209 or
Last year we had 21 teams competing and raised over $43,000, all of which went to benefit the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund selects persons who live or work in Allen County who are in pursuit of a degree or certification and will attend a school or college in Allen County. The intent of the scholarship is to encourage Allen County employees and residents to work and plan for their futures within our county.  As of March 2020, over 1,046 adults wishing to continue their education have received scholarships from the Lima Rotary Club. These scholarships total over $776,250. Degrees or certifications can be achieved at the Apollo Career Center (Adult Education), Bluffton University, Rhodes State College, The Ohio State University at Lima and the University of Northwestern Ohio.  All residents who live in and employees who work in Allen County are eligible.    
50-50 Drawing
Get your 50/50 tickets for the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing now!
This year’s Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing will be held on Wednesday, August 26th at Hidden Creek Golf Course in Bluffton. The outing begins with a shotgun start at 9:00am and finishes with a delicious luncheon where the team winners will be announced along with the winners of our many fabulous door prizes and the big winner of 50/50 drawing!  
Scott Cockerell will be selling 50/50 Tickets on Monday, August 3rd, 10th , 17th & 24th at the Rotary Meetings. Tickets are 1 for a $1 OR 6 for $5. You need NOT be present to win. All proceeds go to The Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund.
You may also purchase your tickets online and be billed on your next quarterly invoice. Just fill out this form.
ACS Golf Outing
Honor Vince Koza by volunteering at the American Cancer Society golf outing.
The good friend of the Lima Rotary Club, Vince Koza, is being honored again. Every year Vince would come to Rotary to lead the boys & girls fall and winter sports coaches showcase. We all enjoyed his interviews with the coaches. A Jefferson Award nominee for 2020, Vince Koza is the honoree for this year’s American Cancer Society’s (ACS) Golf Tournament of Allen County. The event is happening on August 3rd at Shawnee Country Club. Vince was a member of the Volunteer Leadership Council for ACS for about 10 years. He served with several Rotarians on that board. He was chairperson for 2 years ending in 2018. Before his own battle against cancer, Vince also helped his father and mother deal with the disease. This was his emphasis in becoming active in the area council. He, along with wife Holly, have been spokespeople and committee members for ‘Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’ and ‘Celebrity Waiters’ fund raiser ACS events. This year’s golf event is almost the 40th year of the event. The event has honored other Rotarians such as Jonalee Schmidt, Jack Crouse, and Chuck Osborn. If you are interested in helping honor Vince on 8/3, you can volunteer as a course spotter in the morning or afternoon, you can buy a ticket to the cocktail reception/celebration of life & charity auction starting at 6 pm, or you can find a 4some of golfers. Contact Andy Farley for details.
Walk For Mesa
Raise money for MESA and have fun during the virtual walk/run/ride event.
MESA is hosting a virtual Walk-Run-Ride event which begins this Saturday, August 1 and runs through Labor Day, September 7th. Registration is just $10 per person and it is our hope that all Rotarians in District 6600 will join in the fun! Family members are welcome, too. Use your imagination about how, when and where to participate!  Be sure to post and send photos of "Rotarians In Action" for posterity and publicity! 

There are two easy ways to register for this Virtual Event: through an online app called "Run Sign Up" or by completing this pledge form and sending it around to friends and family. Donations are accepted in many ways: through the app, on MESA's website, or by sending a check directly to MESA's Treasurer, Jerry Peacock (his address is on the Pledge Form).

Sign up, then register yourself and family members and forward to friends: Run Sign Up
Download and complete Pledge Form and email to family and friends and return to Jerry Peacock with your payment.

The pandemic has derailed our annual five-day Bike Tour, but we are planning a few bonus rides throughout the district (practicing social distancing and safe practices, of course). More information about the individual bonus rides will be available shortly. 

Yours in Rotary,

Sharon L. Trabbic
Rotary District 6600 Public Image Coordinator
Rotary Club of Maumee Immediate Past President
Virtual Leadership Seminar
Sign up now for Rotary's virtual leadership seminars on August 1 & 8.
13 Ways
13 Ways To Kill Your Rotary Club
1. Neglect the food. For centuries, people have gathered together around food and drink. Hospitality creates conversation and conversation creates everything from relationships to project lists. Food and the accompanying ceremony is an asset for your Rotary club, not a liability.
2. Don’t attract businesses. Local businesses can help you identify the movers and shakers in your community. These people often make the best Rotarians. Work hard to be appealing when it comes to the length of your meeting, the location and the time/day slot. “Folksy” can work against you.
3. Don’t engage youth. Focus on the young people in your community, even kids too young to join your club. Why? Because parents join Rotary and kids grow up to be Rotarians. Besides, catering to youth is one of Rotary’s five avenues of service. Involving the young is just the right thing to do.
4. Remain convinced that you don’t have to “sell” Rotary. The world is a busy place. People decide where to donate their time based on value propositions. Make sure your club’s “value prop” is undeniable. Hint: Your goal is not to get all your members to agree on the value proposition. Your goal is to make sure that almost everyone feels that time with Rotary feels really good.
5. Let other service clubs do the heavy lifting. Yeah, so a neighboring group has a lock on your community. This should encourage your club! Remember that Rite-Aid always arranges itself at the same intersection as Walgreens. Lowes always builds near Home Depot.
6. Don’t worry about first impressions. Every successful enterprise worries about having curb appeal, a fresh coat of paint and competitive analysis. Constantly monitor what first-time visitors think of your Rotary club. Look for patterns and address the weak spots.
7. Don’t work with other area organizations. Some groups in your area have figured it out. Monitor the local Chamber of Commerce, social groups and other service clubs. Have your Rotary Club hitch it’s wagon to groups with bigger wagons. Engage in cross-promotions and host joint events.
8. Live in the past. Yeah, keep touting past achievements as recent successes. Work so hard at self-aggrandizement that you become delusional about what’s really happening to your formerly great Rotary club. Bring the data, not the drama.
9. Shut out young professionals, people of color and young professionals. A good Rotary club is a mirror of the people in its community. You probably like your club because it’s loaded with people who look like and think like you. But the group will be stronger when you have new faces and fresh talent.
10. Reject new stuff. Push back against change and resist technology by saying things like, “I’m not a technology person.” Stop trying new things and you’ll get what you deserve—a stale and antiquated Rotary club.
11. Ignore outsiders. Discount club visitors’ opinions because “they don’t understand us.” Learn to crave, interpret and deal with all kinds of feedback, especially invaluable comments such as “Your Rotary club is friendly, but not welcoming.”
12. Grow complacent. Apathy is the beginning of the end for your club. Pay attention to early warning signs such as low attendance, sporadic bursts of enthusiasm and STP (Same Ten People) Syndrome.
13. Don’t take responsibility. Some Rotarians keep thinking that someone else will make the changes that need to happen in their club. It’s not a good idea to count on next year’s President to turn things around. Again.
Don’t change everything about your club at once
Think of improving your club like improving your golf swing. Just make a couple small changes at a time and monitor the feedback loops.
If you’re systematic about making changes, you’ll be on track to success within six months or less.
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