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The Scoop - February 18, 2019
Assistant Prosecutor Tony Miller gave us a detailed look at the Allen County Prosecutor's Office.
The Allen County Prosecutor's Office handles more than 500 cases a year. Assistant Prosecutor Tony Miller told us that's a huge workload for twelve prosecutors. There are four main divisions in the Prosecutor's Office: Criminal Division, Civil Division, Juvenile Division and Children Services. Miller says it's the adult criminal division that gets the most attention because it handles the high profile felony cases. Half of Allen County's prosecutors dedicate their time to that division. With such a heavy workload, Miller says they try to plea bargain instead of going to trial whenever they can. With each trial costing about $5,000 and taking approximately a week, plus two weeks of preparation time, it makes good sense to settle the cases out of court. But Miller says he's seen an odd trend in Allen County lately that doesn't seem to be happening in other counties. He says more and more cases are going to trial than ever before. "We have a changing environment with defendants. We have a lot of defendants coming in and saying, 'Maybe I did it, maybe not. Prove it.' I don't know what's going on but there is a big trend in defendants being more and more difficult to deal with, not only for prosecutors but for their own defense attorneys."
Miller says the prosecutor's office works to be good stewards of the public tax money and they treat the job as a people business. "We try to do the right thing for the right people for the right reasons."
Also at Monday's meeting, we auctioned off dinner for ten from Log Cabin Traditions. Judge Warren had the winning bid of $300.
The Scoop - February 11, 2019
The Greater Lima Region is working on economic, community and workforce development.
The Greater Lima Region was formed to help our area better compete with the bigger cities that surround us. GLR's board chair, Mike Swick, told us that this grew out of a consultant's report that said our region is facing a huge workforce gap and that Allen and the surrounding counties needed to work together to develop our workforce and attract new businesses to the region. The Greater Lima Region's mission is to redevelop and revitalize the region by promoting economic, community and workforce development. Their three main goals are:
1.Grow employment in the Greater Lima Region by 22,000 jobs and  provide the qualified regional workforce to fill those jobs.

2.  Be recognized and viewed as an ideal location for new businesses to locate and existing businesses to expand.
3.  Be recognized nationally as one of the most livable communities in the Midwest.
One of the ways GLR is doing this is by hosting the MakerFest career fair each fall which attracts thousands of students and adults and gives them hands-on experience in different professions. Swick encouraged businesses and individuals to contribute to the Greater Lima Region to enable the organization to succeed in its mission.

Also at Monday's meeting, Lima Memorial physician assistant Natalie Lammers encouraged us to live heart-healthy lives. She says that everyone should have their blood work done so they know their numbers and can adjust their lifestyles and medicines accordingly. She also said that it's vitally important to get help immediately if you think you are having a heart attack. The longer you wait, the more heart muscle you lose. If you can get to the emergency department within an hour, you'll have a much better chance of recovery.

We were also excited to present Sheriff Matt Treglia with a check for $6,000 to help purchase exercise equipment for the sheriff's office. Treglia told us it was the single largest donation he has received for the department.


Board Highlights
Here are the highlights from the February 12th board meeting.
Call to Order                                                                                               
President Paul Swartz called the meeting to order at 11:35 AM with the following members present:  Ken Dysert, Peggy Ehora, Anne Decker, Jed Metzger, Catherine Sarno, and Theresa Schnipke.  Also present was Secretary Rita Brown and former Rotary Club President Jim Osmon.       
      Downtown Lima Parking Report                                                      Jim Osmon
Lima Rotarian Jim Osmon shared information with the Board regarding research on a new parking study for Downtown Lima done over the past year.  With the new developments such as the Rotary Pavilion, 43 Town Square residential building and the Rhodes State College campus, parking turnover is vital for all downtown tenants to survive. 
The conclusion of the research is that a consistent parking system is necessary.  The goal of the study is to not only provide for the current inventory and conditions but also to focus on accommodating future growth in a clear planned method.  The study will be community focused and not engineering focused. 
The study will include the needs of Rhodes State College, the proposed Rotary Pavilion as well as projected parking needs for the future.  CT Consultants will perform the study at a cost of $32,000.  Funding for the study will be needed from multiple sources with the City of Lima paying the bulk of the cost.  Rhodes State and The Lima Rotary Club will be asked to contribute.  Rhodes will match the amount contributed by the Rotary Club.   Ehora made a motion to recommend to the Rotary Foundation that the club support the study with a $2,500 donation as part of the cost of the Pavilion project.  Schnipke seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Presidents Report                                                                       Paul Swartz
Small Projects Committee
Swartz provided an update on the Small Projects Committee.  Members of the Committee include:  Ben Swartz, Adam Stolly, Jay Wenger and Jeff Dulmage with Ben Swartz doing the upfront work.  Kickoff of the projects should begin in April 2019.   
            Family Promise/Wocap Consortium 
Russ Thomas is leading the efforts.  Paul Swartz is part of the group
           Miss You Cards
Miss You cards were sent to 30 club members who have not attended a club meeting in the last three months. 
          Sheriff Department Fund Raiser 
A check in the amount of $6,000 from the Members of the Lima Rotary Club was presented to Sheriff Matt Treglia at the February 11 Rotary Club Meeting.  The money will be used to purchase exercise equipment for their fitness center.
           Attracting Minorities YPs to the club 
The Membership Committee, led by Dave Frost and Kevin Bill, will be leading a concentrated effort to recruit millennials and minorities.   Young Professions will be included on the committee.  Ehora will be speaking at the next Membership Committee Meeting.
            Board Reports: (any updates to report)                                       All Board Members        
            Amphithéâtre Update                                                              Cat Sarno
An update to the Club on the Amphitheater is scheduled for March 4th.  All  land purchases have been finalized.  Architect Pat Beam is working on the grading or slope of the grounds and layout.   Estimate on the building demolition will be coming.   Plans for this year include buildings demolished, ground turned, new dirt brought in along with grass planted.  March 4th is the fund raising kickoff.  Contact Swartz, Sanchez or Rich Rudolph if you wish to do fundraising.  
            Social Hour                                                                               Peg Ehora
Ehora stated the Committee met to discuss future plans for the Social Committee.  They discussed meeting once a month or more as an alternative to the regular club meeting on Mondays.  Discussion also included meeting for lunch on Friday.  The meetings would include conversation about events at Rotary over the last week or so.  They discussed putting out a Rotary events calendar with activities on one side and announcements on the other side.  The committee is planning an April – May rollout.     
            New Rotary Board Member Candidates                                      Ken Dysert
Dysert stated the following members have agreed to being placed on the ballot for a term that will run from 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2022.
  • Abe Ambroza
  • Julie Bassitt
  • Marc Bowker
  • Carol Buettner
  • Shelly Diepenbrock 
  • Andy Farley
  • Jeff Fitzgerald
Sarno made a motion to approve the slate of candidates.  Ehora seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Brown provided the following slate of candidates for the Lima Rotary Foundation as presented by Andy Wannemacher, Incoming President of the Foundation. 
  • Demi Burden
  • Steve Conrad
  • Adah Ellerbrock
  • Corey Frazer
  • Tim Sielschott
  • Adam Stolly
            New Member Orientation Video Update                                     Anne Decker
Decker stated the video is finished.  It currently has not been placed it on Facebook as she is editing the entry.
New Business:                                                                                    Rita Brown
            Resignations were received during January from:
  • John Krech
  • Jim Mason
  • Jodie Robinson
Sarno made a motion to accept their resignations with regret.  Ehora seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Swartz adjourned the meeting at 12:54 PM
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Secretary
District Newsletter
Here is District 6600's February newsletter.
MESA Mortgage Burning
The MESA warehouse has been paid off and a big mortgage burning celebration is planned for June 15.
MESA Bike Tour
Mark your calendar for the 15th annual MESA Bike Tour!
Membership  Minute
Get some great ideas for strengthening club membership in Rotary's February Membership Minute.
Membership Minute
February 2019Ideas for strengthening membership
The State of Rotary Membership 2018-19 midyear update 
No two clubs in the Rotary world are the same, and yet many of them share similar membership challenges. The  State of Membership Midyear Update reports on how we are doing halfway through 2018-19 and suggests ways to address some common membership challenges so we can finish the year strong. 

The 15-slide PowerPoint presentation can be shown as it is, or you can easily regionalize it to create a custom presentation for your members. Consider sharing it at PETS or other in-person training events.
Courageous leadership 

Forty percent of club leaders say that “attracting new members” is the biggest challenge their clubs face. But is recruitment the issue? Or is it actually learning how to create healthy clubs that offer a vibrant membership experience, one that is irresistible to both members and visitors? Using stories of transformation from Rotary and in their professional careers, trainers Louisa Horne and Doug Logan outline one strategy for making necessary changes to the club experience while including members in the process.   

Join us for the webinar Courageous Leadership on Wednesday, 27 March, 14:00-15:00 Chicago time (UTC-6). Register and see when the webinar is in your time zone. All registrants will receive the recording and slides.

Help your club earn a Rotary Citation

Learn how you can track your club’s achievements and report them to Rotary using resources such as Club Administration, Rotary Club Central, and Rotary Showcase, and ultimately earn a Rotary Citation. View and download citation achievement guides for Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs, and Interact clubs for details. 

Start a Rotaract Club
Club and district leaders: Do you want to start a Rotaract club? Check out these 10 steps that will guide you in the process. You can also view a webinar or take the online course in the Learning Center to learn why community-based Rotaract clubs are so great, how easy they are to start, and how getting involved in Rotaract can inspire and engage Rotary members, too.
Club innovation: Far-flung fellowship
The Rotary Club of District 7040 Passport is for residents of Ontario, Nunavut, and Quebec in Canada and New York state in the United States — a huge area. The club meets through video conference calls, and members can also attend meetings of clubs anywhere in the district to count toward their meeting commitment. What is your club doing to reinvent itself? Tell us your story at
Membership Minute is a bimonthly newsletter that provides the latest membership trends, strategies, best practices, and resources to help strengthen membership in your clubs. The newsletter is sent to Rotary coordinators, district governors, district membership chairs, club membership chairs, club presidents and subscribers. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested. 

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