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We gave dictionaries to more than 1,000 third graders this week in our annual Dictionary Distribution.
The Scoop - October 23, 2017
The Lima Rotary Club celebrates World Polio Day.
Lima Rotary Club celebrated World Polio Day with a mayoral proclamation, pledging to help eradicate the disease and learning about how Rotary is contributing to the global eradication effort.
Mayor David Berger shared a proclamation naming Monday World Polio Day in Lima. On Monday, the representing flag flew in the square.
Paul Swartz shared many new developments in Rotary’s efforts, including that to date this year, the world has seen only five cases of Polio, only in Afghanistan and Pakistan (down from 350,000 in 1988). Rotary began its Polio vaccine campaign in 1985, and since then cases have dropped 99.9 percent and 2.5 billion children have been vaccinated.
Dr. Susan Hubbell shared information about why Polio is so debilitating, and how she continues to treat patients who contracted Polio as children in the 1950s and 1960s. Hubbell has done extensive research on Post-Polio Syndrome, what happens to a body with weakened muscles after Polio.
Rotary, several global health organizations, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are partnering to truly end Polio. The Gates Foundation is matching every Rotary donation two to 1, so for every Rotary dollar donated, the Gates Foundation will give two. What that means, Swartz said, if that every Rotarian giving $25, means $75 goes toward vaccinating. At 12 cents a vaccination, that’s 625 children who will be vaccinated.
To help kick off the pledges, past president Dave Frost said if the club members’ pledges exceeded last year’s $2,430, he would donate $250, and if President Tracie Sanchez and Swartz, president-elect, each gave $250, he would give another $250. By that afternoon, the three had donated $1,000 and the club had raised more than $4,000.
The effort is the largest global health initiative in history.
In other Rotary business:
Adah Ellerbrock turned in her red badge for a blue badge.
Bath Interact Club officers visited the meeting and spoke about some of the things they have done and will be doing. Interact recently held a “Yes Fest,” during which students could say yes to many community activities and programs. The club will be doing a spirit wear fundraiser and has lots of other activities planned for the school year, as more than 100 students have now joined Interact.
Bath HS Interact Club members are busy!
Bath HS Interact Club members are working hard on a new fundraising project. They plan to set up an online store to sell school spirit merchandise to raise money for programs and projects to benefit the club in the community. The committee is shown here with advisor Missy Vandemark.
The Scoop - October 16, 2017
Rotarian describes journey of anxiety diagnosis.
Marc Bowker’s journey of discovering a mental health diagnosis of anxiety and learning how to live with it began with a 20th wedding anniversary trip to Cancun.
Not the likeliest of places for a panic attack, but anyone who’s experienced such a thing knows they show up on their own schedule. Bowker, a member of Lima Rotary Club and owner of Alter Ego Comics, shared his story with the club Monday.
A series of family member deaths, business challenges and physical health problems led him to experience anxiety. It also led him to a psychiatrist who helped him realize he had lived with anxiety all of his life, even when he didn’t know what to call it, and even when he believed thoughts and feelings were things that everyone had. A person with anxiety fixates on the worst possible outcome and runs that outcome over and over in his head, without the ability to think about something else.
The good news for Bowker, and millions of others in the United States is that anxiety is highly treatable. The bad news is that many people with anxiety don’t receive treatment. Bowker takes medication and has developed routines and exercises that help him live with and reduce anxiety. He explained “SAVERS” – Silence, Affirmation, Visioning, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing. Bowker wakes up early every day and an hour of mindful meditation, exercise, reading and writing helps calm his anxiety.
In other Rotary business:
Beth Seibert turned in her red badge for a blue badge.
The UNOH Rotaract Club visited Monday, presenting a check for $1,700 to help respond to opioid addiction. The group raised the money with a Color Run this summer.
Blood Clinic
The Lima Rotary Club's Fall Blood Clinic is November 4 at Senior Citizen Services. We're teaming up with Lima Memorial Health System to offer low cost blood screenings. Download the registration form under the Forms tab on
We are holding a personal hygiene drive for the West Ohio Food Bank for the month of November. They are looking for hygiene items, laundry soaps, diapers, etc.  We will also be doing some volunteer hours at the Food Bank to help pack boxes. 
Lantern Tour
Enjoy these photos from Saturday's Lantern Tour...
Giving Thanks
Lima Rotary is a sponsor of the Giving Thanks Luncheon on November 21st from 11-12:30 at the Civic Center.  All community members are invited.  This is a free luncheon.