The Scoop - November 2, 2020
Steps are being taken to improve diversity and inclusion in Lima.
On this day that our club honored the Paul Harris Fellowship, Dick Schroeder reminded the group of the important connection of personal contributions made to the Polio Plus program and challenged the members to each meet the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) $100 goal. Rotary International has championed this initiative to eradicate polio across the globe for over 40 years. Today three members were honored for continued contributions: Dan Best +1, Cliff Barber +2, and Rita Brown +4.
Our guest speaker today was Jerome O’Neal, who gave a passionate address on diversity and inclusion. Jerome paid homage to one of his mentors, Burt Rubens as one of the significant people in his own life who “opened up a seat at the table."  Jerome spoke about the need for Rotarians as community leaders to have the courage to be inclusive. “It’s not that complicated to be a good person, to do the right thing, and to include people," said O’Neal. And Jerome believes that when an individual is offered that seat, they must come to the table saying “what can I bring, not what can I get." He spoke of many initiatives that he is engaged in and how he has targeted four minority issues: drop-out rate, high unemployment, poor health outcomes, and home ownership. In closing, Jerome recognized that Rotarians are movers and shakers – community leaders that know how to move the needle. He asked that we have the COURAGE to be purposeful and be the “seat-patters” so that the view and the climate can truly be changed. And in doing so, he is confident Allen County will be strengthened.
Be sure to join us Monday for the Lima Rotary Club's PolioPlus auction!
Join us this Monday, November 9th for our PolioPlus Auction. We will have a lot of great items to bid on, including:
  • A Wine Basket
  • Wannemacher Product Basket
  • A Night on the Town (The Met Gift Card & 1 Night Stay at the Wingate)
  • Family Movie Night Package
  • Lottery Ticket Wreath
  • Door Dash Gift Card
  • Training on Using your Camera
  • Send someone to the “Bad Boys” Table
  • And More
As a reminder, you will be able to participate in person or over Zoom. If you plan to participate through Zoom, please make sure you have your camera on, so we can see you raising your hand to bid.  All proceeds will support our ongoing PolioPlus initiative. Help us eradicate polio by attending the auction Monday!
Wine Raffle
Lima Rotary wine raffle tickets are on sale now!
$20 gets you a ticket and guarantees you a bottle of vino!
Only 11 tickets left out of 25 tickets:
1 LUCKY WINNER will win a bottle of VINO worth over $100 from Doc Steiner's private collection!
1 bottle is worth $75
2 bottles are worth $50
2 bottles worth $30
2 bottles worth $25
and the rest are worth $10, so the most you are out is $10!
All the proceeds will go to the Lima Rotary Foundation
This is a Christmas Fundraiser for our Foundation, thank you for your generous support!
Methods of Payment: VENMO, Billed to your quarterly account, CASH, or Check!
Make checks payable to the Lima Rotary Foundation.
Habitat For Humanity
Habitat For Humanity is asking for our help tomorrow.
You may recall that I announced a few weeks ago our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Mark Suderman from the Lima office has reached out to me for some help with building some outside walls. These stud walls are being built in the construction area (at the ReStore/Office building) prior to taking them out to the build site in Delphos. 
Date: November 14, 2020
Time: 9 am to 12 pm
Place: Lima ReStore
Do you think we could get a handful of able-bodied Rotarians to assist? I am in. Please respond to me if you can commit.
Wear your Rotary shirt!  
Service above self
Learn more about international Rotary projects that are being planned at the 2021 Virtual Uniendo Project Fair.
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