Merry Christmas
Amphitheater comes to life!
The Lima Rotary Club amphitheater committee was  excited to hear that the amphitheater will receive $1 million of funding from the state's capital budget. With this money we are very close to being 100% funded. We have raised $1.1 million to date. We have been working over the past several months to be shovel ready and the team will be working very hard with our architect to start the bidding process for the park. We look forward to updating the club after the new year and are excited to bring this project to life!   
Special Needs
We had a wonderful time at this year's Special Needs Christmas Party. Thank to everyone who worked so hard to make it a success!
The Scoop - December 14, 2020
The Lima Rotary Club awarded its quarterly scholarships at Monday's meeting.
The Lima Rotary Club awarded scholarships to 17 non-traditional students for the winter 2020 – 2021 sessions. These students are attending Apollo Career Center, Bluffton University, Ohio State University–Lima, Rhodes State College and the University of Northwestern Ohio. They are pursuing degrees in Biology, Education, Social Work, Nursing, Medical Assisting, Health Care Administration, Structural Plate & Pipe Welding and CDA. The members of the Rotary Club wish them the best in their field of studies and in the careers they have selected.  To-date the club has award 1,086 scholarships for a total of $814,250.
Also at Monday's meeting, we heard from Mary Jane Milano from the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network. This is an organ procurement organization in New York which is the link between people who need organ transplants and the donors. Mary Jane urged us to give the gift of life and become organ donors. "A person is added to the a transplant waiting list every ten minutes. 22 people die each day because the organ they are waiting for isn't donated in time. Nationally, there are over 119,000 people awaiting life-saving organ transplants." She says that if we choose to be organ donors, we should make sure our families know so they don't have to make that difficult decision at an emotional time. Mary Jane says nearly anyone can be an organ donor, no matter their age, health or religion.
Wine Raffle
Thank you to all who participated in the wine raffle by donating and buying tickets, and supporting the Lima Rotary Foundation!
Pick up your wine at the MET during business hours:
Your ticket number, name, and the person who donated the wine
are located on the bag.  
Congratulations Winners:
Ticket #2: $100 goes to Brian Cunningham donated by Doc Steiner
Ticket #4: $75 bottle goes to President John Ficorilli donated by Rob Nelson
Ticket #22: $50 goes to Mary Lane-Elmquist donated by Chris Horn
Ticket #8: $50 goes to Andy Farley donated by Richard Kortokrax
Ticket #15: $30 goes to Ashley Cowan-Meas donated by Rob Nelson
Ticket #12: $30 goes to Tracie Sanchez donated by Ashley Cowan-Meas
Ticket #5: $25 goes to Jennifer Mason donated by Andy Wannemacher
Ticket #3" $25 goes to Cynthia Spiers donated by Elizabeth Brown-Ellis
Following ticket numbers are all $10 winners:
#1: goes to Cynthia Spiers donated by Chris Horn
#6: goes to Demi Burden-Smith donated by Chris Horn
#7: goes to President John Ficorilli donated by Chris Horn
#9: goes to Cliff Barber donated by Tommie Harner
#10: goes to Dave Cockrell donated by Tommie Harner
#11: goes to Cynthia Spiers donated by Tommie Harner
#13: goes to Chris Horn donated by The MET 
#14: goes to Tommie Harner donated by Chris Horn
#16: goes to Chris Horn donated by The MET
#17: goes to Cliff Barber donated by The MET
#18: goes to Steve Conrad donated by The MET
#19: goes to Austin Sherer donated by The MET
#20: goes to Tammi Colon donated by The MET
#21: goes to Elizabeth Brown-Ellis donated by The MET
#23: goes to Russ Decker donated by The MET
#25 goes to Chuck Butts donated by The MET
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Rotarians!
Do good in the world. Make a gift to the Rotary Foundation.

We’re thankful for donors like you, who make Doing Good in the World possible. Because of you, The Rotary Foundation has supported people of action around the globe who are improving lives through meaningful and sustainable projects.

This year, we established a new peace center — our first in Africa. When a pandemic overwhelmed communities around the world, we took action and funded more than 300 COVID-19 projects to assist health care workers and vulnerable people. And our efforts to eradicate polio helped lead the African region be declared free of wild poliovirus.

Your gifts are more than donations, they provide people with the hope of peace, health, and opportunity to those in need. Your dedication to making a difference through service and your generous support of The Rotary Foundation make all these efforts possible.

Thank you for all you do to create lasting change in your community and around the world.
The Rotary Foundation
Young Leaders
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Taking Action
Apply to serve on the NEW Interact Advisory Council
There's still time to apply to serve on the Interact Advisory Council. Submit your application by Sunday, 20 December 2020 at 11:59 PM UTC-6 (Chicago time) for the opportunity to share your voice and advise the Board of Directors of Rotary International. Current Interactors and recent Interact alumni are welcome to apply.
Connect with Rotaractors around the world
Join Rotary International President Holger Knaack for a presidential conference series focused on opening opportunities for both Rotaract and Rotary members.

The first virtual presidential conference is hosted by Rotaract Brazil MDIO, 15-16 January 2021. Sessions will be in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
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15-16 January 2021
Rotary International Presidential Conference
Brazil, virtual

22-24 January 2021
Rotary International Presidential Conference
Nigeria, virtual and in-person

14-16 May 2021
Rotary International Presidential Conference
United States, virtual

5-9 June 2021
Hong Kong

11-12 June 2021
Rotaract Postconvention
Taipei, Taiwan

12-16 June 2021
Rotary International Convention 
Taipei, Taiwan

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Dec 28, 2020
Happy New Year!
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