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The Scoop - July 30, 2018
District Governor encourages Lima to lead.
District 6600 Governor Maris Brenner visited the Lima Rotary Club Monday, encouraging the club to stretch itself, lead and reach beyond its local borders to make a difference.
Brenner, whose home club is Rotary Club of Sandusky, is a resort and marketing professional. The last 11 years she led the Sales and Marketing Team at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, and she continues a modified schedule at Sawmill Creek Resort.
Brenner noted the many initiatives and the kind of work the Lima club has taken on in recent years, and it is because of that track record that she believes Lima can do more.
“I need you at the next level,” Brenner said. Lima members can teach and lead by example, showing the way for smaller clubs in the district, Brenner said, by doing things such as sharing program ideas and special projects.
Rotary International’s current president and Brenner are also encouraging clubs to look beyond their borders, she said, especially to international service. That support does not need to be as complex as Lima’s current international sanitation grant. It can be as simple as supporting the MESA containers headed to Guatemala, or the St. Marys club midwife project in Mongolia.
“I challenge you,” Brenner said. “Because you’re already doing so much, go beyond your borders.”
During her visit, Brenner met with a joint session of the Lima Rotary Club executive board and the Lima Rotary Foundation board. She also announced that Lima Past President Esther Baldridge has been named an assistant district governor. Brenner and Baldridge became friends when both of them served as their club presidents the same year.

Board Highlights
Here are the minutes from the joint meeting of the Boards of Directors of the Lima Rotary Club and the Lima Rotary Foundation with District Governor Maris Brenner on July 30, 2018.
Call to Order                              
President Swartz called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM with the following present:  District Governor Maris Brenner, Chief of Staff Duane Waite, Rotary Board Members and Rotary Foundation Board Members.  Bob Ruehl representing MESA and Chief Joe Kitchen representing Interact.
Secretary’s Report                       Rita Brown         
New Member Applications
Sanchez made a motion to approve the membership of James Kanable, Shawnee Local School Superintendent.  Hubbell second the motion.  Board approved.  New Member orientation is set for Aug 22 currently for 5 newly approved members
Resignation - Susan Crotty, City of Lima
Bill made a motion to accept the resignation of Susan Crotty with regret.  Sanchez seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
President’s ReportPaul Swartz
Swartz welcomed District Governor Brenner and Chief of Staff Waite and thanked the Board Members from each board for attending.
            Project Recap - current
The Golf Outing in June raised $38,500 for Scholarships. Since the Program began in 5/2001, $694,250 has been paid to scholarship winners.
Blood Clinic 
The Blood Clinic held in May netted $12,270.  Lima Memorial has paid all money to the Rotary Foundation
            Projects under way
Amphitheatre Project by Tracie Sanchez   
The Rotary Club is currently involved in a project to build an amphitheater in downtown Lima.  The total project is over a one million dollar contribution to the downtown Lima revitalization.
Kendrick Woods Project
The Rotary Foundation helped built a Handicapped Boardwalk in Kendrick Woods in 1987.   It is time to redo the walk. 
District grant requests, due by August 1, 2018, will be submitted for the Amphitheatre and the Kendrick Woods Project. 
 Extension of the Rotary Riverwalk
The current Rotary Riverwalk extends from Heritage Park on the West Side to Lima, through the City and out to the Ottawa Metro Park.  Current Rotarian, Roy Baldridge is leading planning efforts to extend the current Rotary River Walk on the East Side of Lima with a goal of providing service to The Ohio State Lima and Rhodes State College.
Other Current Projects 
The Club recently partnered with other service clubs in the Lima area on the Love Lima Campaign and plans to continue these type activities.  Also with other Rotary Clubs in the area on the Mission Dr. John Pajka makes to Ecuador to perform free cataract surgeries. 
Swartz also mentioned other Lima Rotary Club Projects such as the Christmas Party for Disabled Children, the Dictionary Distribution, Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army , MESA bike tour, Interact, Rotaract, Little Free Libraries, the Abilities Field, and the Homeless/Opiate Project  and the International Honduran Water/Sewer $200,000 International Project that is scheduled to be complete in January 2019. 
Ideas to enhance Luncheon Meetings  
Current meetings are recorded and available to watch on Facebook.  Future meetings will include roundtables with Former Presidents, Law Enforcement and an Interfaith Council.  And retired and former Rotarians will be invited back to meetings to stay involved with the club.  
New member recruitment
The Membership Committee, led by Dave Frost, has a goal is to increase membership by 10%.  New members will be greeters for 6 weeks.  They will receive an RI booklet explaining the organization and a beverage tumbler. Also orientation is being reviewed along with ideas to attract small businesses to the club.
Foundation President’s Report
Foundation Activities year to-date           Elizabeth Brown-Ellis
In 2017- 2018, the Foundation awarded 17 grants for a total of $36,800.  The Foundation meets four times a year to review grant requests from the community.  The first meeting for this fiscal year was last week with three grants being awarded.
             LSO - $3,865 to fund KidStuff, Young People’s Concert and Free Concert Tickets to Marimor.
            Allen Co Dare Program - $2,000 to purchase tee shirts for the Middle School students participating in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program
            Soldiers of Honor - $2,000 for At Risk individuals and Underprivileged youth – boxing program operations, boxing ring repairs and boxing equipment purchases.
Foundation Treasurer’s Report 
Secretary Heather Rutz explained that the Foundation oversees five funds.  The Board has fiduciary responsibility for the General Fund and Endowment Fund.  Other funds the Foundation administers include the Scholarship Fund, Buenos Noches  - an International Fund and the Hulsken Fund.
District Governor Message & Remarks Maris Brenner
Brenner focused on two primary goals – increasing membership and becoming broader world thinkers
The 1.2 million Members around the world have allowed us to be so successful.  However, that number has been the same for the last 20 years and the organization is not growing.  Growing membership is a primary goal now.
Brenner will assist the clubs with membership and stated “Attendance not required to be a full member – engagement is required.”  One challenge is to find out why people are leaving the club.   Find ways to have members feel rewarded. Pay tribute to what is going on in our own backyard – use billboards as fire power for recruiting. Get members on RI so they understand the value of interacting with Rotarians everywhere.  Brenner stated the importance of being active and engaged and the need to provide diversity in our programs so they have value to our members. And we must think beyond our borders.  How many of our members are active on RI? – we need to challenge everyone to be on RI in order to have access to information and to understand the value of interacting with Rotarians everywhere in the world.  
Brenner also asked about our knowledge and involvement with Uniendo and encouraged us to become more active and involved with projects from the villages in Central America by providing a little help.   She stressed stretching beyond our borders.
            Upcoming Rotary Events
Brenner announced Oct 24 as World Polio Day and asked about our fundraisers for Polio Plus
The District Conference will be starting May 2,, 2019 and will be held at Kalahari.  Onboarding will be the theme.  
A Joint Membership event is being planned with 3 districts participating – Cleveland, Columbus and our District 6600. 
The next RI conference will be held in Hamburg Germany in late May and early June 2019.
The District Rotary Summit will be held the first Saturday in January in Findlay.
Our new RI Pres is from the Bahamas.  While he was DG he connected with people around the world.  Haiti struck his heart and he has thrown out a large goal of eliminating water damage and providing clean water.
There being no further business, Swartz adjourned the meeting at 11:40 AM. 
Respectfully submitted
Rita Brown, Secretary
The Scoop - July 23, 2018
Hospitals are focused on new care models.
Hospitals are focused on new care models, as health care becomes more expensive and experiences worker shortages, Lima Memorial Health System President and CEO Mike Swick told Lima Rotary Club Monday.
In a single year, hospitals across the United States treat 143 million people in emergency centers, provided 605 million outpatient visits, performed more than 27 million surgeries and delivered 4 million babies, Swick said.
Hospitals are also economic drivers in communities, contributing nearly $3 trillion in economic activity in the United States. Hospitals employ nearly 6 million people in the country, and support another 16 million other jobs.
Those positions, however, are experiencing worker shortages, exacerbated by an aging population. People getting older means two things: People are retiring, and they’re getting sicker, meaning more demand on the system at the same time that so many Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce.
Between 2014 and 2022, the system will experience 1.2 million register nurse vacancies, and by 2025, a shortage of 130,000 physicians. The doctor gap is being filled by what Swick called “physician extenders,” physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and certified nurse midwives.
Health care systems are innovating and reshaping how they deliver care, with new technology such as robotic surgery, electronic medical records, and telemedicine. However, the population is also getting older and sicker, and hospitals are attempting to address that with care that focuses on keeping patients well. That means things such as prevention, education, and identifying risks.
The Bath HS Interact Club looks forward to a year of Service Above Self!
The Bath HS Interact Club officers held their first meeting this week to plan programs and projects for the 2018-19 school year.  They have a lot of great ideas and will be focusing on service to their school and to our community.  They look forward to helping spread the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self!” The advisor again this year is Missy Vandemark and the Lima Rotary Club liaison is Joe Kitchen. 
Emily Vandemark: Vice President Caylee Rieman: Treasurer, Jordain Craig: President, & Tori Dackin: Secretary. 
Yes Fest
The Bath High School Interact Club is getting ready to start the new school year with Yes Fest.
One of the first big projects our Bath High School Interact Club will be working on this year is their second annual  “Yes Fest.” This is a non-academic day where the students will have guest speakers and other activities throughout the day. One of the main objectives is to encourage the kids to volunteer and perform service work in our community. If your
organization, or one you are affiliated with, would like to set up a booth to talk to Bath H.S. students about getting involved, please contact:  Missy Vandemark, Bath Local Schools, 2650 Bible Road Lima, Ohio 45801, 419-221-0807  Ext. 6147 or
Movies in the Park
Movies in the Park is back for another great season!
We are pleased to have rescheduled Wonder for August 11 at dusk at the Rotary Pavilion in Faurot Park. Please join us for this free, family friendly movie!
Need Swag for the Rotary Movies in the Park: We will be giving away 215 Swag Bags at Black Panther on August 25th  filled with sponsor items. This is a great opportunity to get your name out into the community during a community event! We expect over 300 families to attend.  If you have literature, promotional items, back to school supplies, anything that is a fun giveaway, please contact Cat.  The deadline will be August 20th to collect items.  Thank you Rotarians for supporting this much anticipated and appreciated event! 
The first roundtable program is scheduled for September 10 with past presidents of the Lima Rotary Club.
On Monday, September 10, we will have our first Education & Program Committee roundtable panel discussion. We will kick off our roundtables with a panel discussion by past Rotary presidents. They will discuss their experiences as past Lima Rotary presidents. It will certainly be interesting. Please send your questions in to Chuck Wolfe by August 15 at
The second roundtable on October 1 will be a gathering of  police chiefs in our  area. This will be an arresting (smiley) panel discussion on the issues and programs. Please send your questions to Chuck before September 15.
Our third roundtable on Monday, October 29, will feature area religious leaders discussing their faith and pressing community issues that exist. Lima has a diverse religious community and you have an opportunity to hear and meet them. This promises to be uplifting program. Submit your questions by October 15.
World Water Day
Here are the results of the first World Water Day Competition.
2018 World Water Day Competition 
The first year of the WASRAG World Water Day Competition was very successful with 22 submissions from Rotary Clubs, Rotaract  Clubs, and Districts. A list of those submitting an entry can be found on the Stories Page.
Winning $500 for the Most Innovative Project was the Rotary Club of Suzano, Brazil. They took on a huge project and documented their impact extensively. Read their submission.
Winning $500 for the Most Impactful Project was the Rotary Club of de la Piedad, Mexico. They involved over 350 people to clean up one of the most contaminated rivers in Mexico.
Become a WASRAG Member
Developing Best Practices guidelines for water, sanitation, and hygiene projects; maintaining the  website; supporting the WASRAG Professional Services Team; and creating this newsletter are some of the benefits of becoming a WASRAG member. 
Follow this link to Become a Member.  To  check whether your membership has expired, email Anna Shepherd .
To join the mailing list for this newsletter, follow this link to subscribe.
Polio News
We are "this close" to eradicating polio. Find out more in the latest edition of Polio News.