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The Scoop - May 8, 2017
Coalition brings diverse group together for the Ottawa River.
The Ottawa River Coalition is one of the longest serving such organizations in the state, coalition Executive Director Beth Seibert said to Lima Rotary Club Monday.
The group, which formed in 1993, has also contributed to a dramatic improvement in the health of the river, said Seibert, who has led the group for its entire existence. “We help the community with the river as a natural resource, drinking water, and helping to improve water quality,” Seibert said. “And we’ve demonstrated that water quality can be improved.” 
In 1987, a government environmental data collection showed that 46 percent of the fish collected downstream of the petrochemical complex had some kind of deformity showing poor health. In 2011 when another study was done at multiple points on the Ottawa River, the number had dropped to less than 1 percent, Seibert said. In the late 1980s and very early 1990s concerned residents and organizations grew concerned about the river and 15 agencies formed the coalition in 1993. The group brings together a diverse membership of environment al advocates, municipal officials, private industry leaders and others. Its long-term success led The Ohio State University and the Ohio Watershed Network to interview the group.
“We realized we have a story to tell about why we are together and how the relationship works,” Seibert said. The group produced a video about their work.
Learn more about the Ottawa River Coalition at
In other Rotary business:
Tracie Sanchez thanked the 19 volunteers for helping staff the spring Blood Clinic, including Dan Best who ran the bank by himself and had a deposit to the penny. He’s earned the job for life.
The UNOH Rotaract Club needs some help with connecting direct deposit to a website for their Color Run fundraiser June 3 at Faurot Park.
The Lima Senior High School art students are finishing the Little Free Library boxes, which will go out soon.
On May 22 and June 12, Rotary Club members who wish to have an updated photo can obtain one with Michael Ayers at the lunch meetings.
Bath Interact Club hosted safe driver education programs prior to prom.
On Wednesday, May 10, the Bath High School Interact Club, in conjunction with the Bath Twp. Fire Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Allen County Sheriff’s Office, and the Lima-Allen County Safe Community Coalition conducted youth safe driver education programs at Bath High School. As students arrived at school, they were be rewarded with free ice cream coupons courtesy of McDonald’s for wearing their seat belts. Those students found to be driving without a seat belt were issued a “ticket” by their fellow students.
During the school day, an “Impaired/Distracted Driving Simulator” was used to put Bath High School students “behind the wheel” in a simulated situation to allow them to see the dangers of both impaired and distracted driving.

Color Run
We had a fabulous time at the 3K Color Run!
The UNOH Rotaract Club has done a spectacular job this past year!  It was their first year as a chartered Rotary International organization and the Lima Rotary Club is proud of all they have accomplished.  They are reported to be the largest club on campus, and as anyone knows who has attended a club meeting at which some of their members were in attendance, they are a multi-national club of students from all over the world.
Led by President Nina Nikolic, the club was very active in the Lima community and completed the Spring semester by holding the first annual 3K Color Run.  It was estimated that more than 170 people from the local community participated.  Money raised in the event will be used to help in the fight against Opiate addiction.  More information with results of this terrific effort will be made available in the near future.
Thanks to the UNOH Rotaract Club and all that they have done in the Lima community.  It’s been a great year!
(Photo courtesy of Levi Morman of The Lima News)
Blood Clinic
We had a record turnout of 677 people for our Spring Blood Clinic!
Enjoy these photos from the Spring Blood Clinic.
Board Highlights
Here are the highlights from the May 9th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lima Rotary Club.
Lima Rotary Club Board of Directors Meeting Highlights
Tuesday May 9, 2017
Call to Order Dave Frost
President Dave Frost called the meeting together with the following members present:  Jill Ackerman, Paul Crow, Anne Decker, Peg Ehora, Dr.  Susan Hubbell, David Runk, Tracie Sanchez, Paul Swartz and Jeff Tracy.     Also Treasurer Kevin Bill and Secretary Rita Brown.  Incoming members Ken Dysert and Catheryn Sarno also attended.
       President’s Report              Dave Frost
Five of the Little Free Libraries are receiving final touches at Lima Sr. High.  Four of them will be located in the City Parks with the fifth located at the Salvation Army.  Frost will arrange for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening in May.  A Public Service Announcement will announce them to the Community. A large number of books has been donated. 
     2016-2017 Presidential Citation Status 
The Club is again on track to earn the Presidential Citation for the year.  The Lima Rotaract and Interact Clubs are also seeking the citation with Interact having already submitted the required information.  Runk will follow-up with the Rotaract Club to make sure they are on target for submission.
     District 6600 Conference
The Conference will be held from Friday May 19 – Sun May 21, 2017.  Frost will be leading a break out session.  The Interact and Rotaract Clubs have also been invited but Interact has turned the offer down.  Ten students from Rotaract plan to attend.
     Suggestions from the Annual Meeting
Concerns for disconnect between the Club and the Foundation were expressed after the Annual Meeting.  Suggestions include:
  • Publishing the minutes from the Foundation Board Meetings in the eSpoke. 
  • Having regular verbal updates from the Foundation presented at the club meetings
  • Asking organizations who are receiving grants to come back to say thank you.  Share how the grant money has been used. 
  • Monthly updates from the Scholarship Committee including detail if the recipients are graduating. 
These actions should result in more people being interested in contributing to the foundation and establishing a connection. 
     Special Olympics Torch Run Planning.
The Special Olympics Torch Run will be moving through Lima on Monday June 19th.  A local 10 – 12 mile run, starting at the Police Department, will begin at 10 AM with the Athletes joining them for the last two miles.  The run is schedule to end at the VMCCC at noon.  The event will be the Rotary Club Program for the day.  The Sheriff’s Department, Police Department and Prison are coordinating the event.  Frost, Abe Ambroza from the VMCCC and Officer Curtis Hile are working on the plans once the group arrives at the VMCCC.  The event will require using all three exhibit halls as a total of 250-275 people could be attending.  The Club will invite City and County dignitaries plus the athletes from the Abilities League.  Lima Rotary will sponsor the meal for the event.  Frost is speaking with The Meeting Place and The Milano Club regarding special pricing for the meal.  The athletes will each be presented with a Rotary International 4-way test coin as a memento.     
     Changing Of The Guard Planning (LRC & LRF)                       Dave Frost/Rita Brown
The date is scheduled for Mon June 26th at The City Club from 11:30 AM – 1 PM.  Mary Elmquist-Lane and Brown are planning it.
     Past Presidents Luncheon Update                                          Dave Frost/Rita Brown
The event is set for Tuesday June 6th.  Invitations have been mailed to thirty-one Past Presidents and the incoming President and Vice President.
     President Elect Report                                                           Tracie Sanchez
     2017-2018 VMCCC & Milano Contract
The new yearly contract with the VMCCC will be $15.019 which is a $76.50 increase per week.  Members requested having the head table on risers. With the cost increase, it was decided that the head tables will remain at floor level but the podium will be raised 8 inches.  Changes with the Milano’s contact will include reducing the number of salads from four to three each week and providing cookies for dessert rather than the fourth salad.   The price will remain the same at $9.75 per meal.  The club will have 46 meeting in the new fiscal year.   Meetings will not be scheduled for July 3rd, Labor Day, Christmas, New Years, Presidents’ Day and Memorial Day.
     By-Law Review/Amendments
The By-Laws of the club are being updated to include the 2016 Rotary International Council on Legislation updates.  The main updates include:
  • Dual membership is permitted
  • Service Projects and/or Social Events will count as meetings.  Meetings can be conducted on-line, in person, via video chat, and/or eClubs
  • For the Year 2017-2018, all bills shall be paid by checks signed by the Treasurer/and or the Past President (to avoid a conflict of interest, the incoming President for this year will not have check signing authority)
  • Classification of members in any one class can be open
  • The Treasurer is a permanent member of the club board. 
The Board agreed to thoroughly review the updates to the By-Laws and to continue the discussion at the June Meeting.  Once the Board has approved the amended By-Laws, they will be submitted to the membership for review, discussion and approval. 
     Golf Outing 2017  
The date of the Golf Outing has been changed to July 19th to allow Mrs. Perry to attend the event.  Chairman Andy Wannemacher stated currently having seven new sponsors plus all the previous sponsors are in place.   Flyers announcing the event will go out soon. 
     Spring Blood Clinic Recap 
Nineteen Rotarians volunteered to work at the event.  Six hundred seventy seven (677) patients attended which is the largest number since 2010.  Better location signage and publicity announcing the Rotary event is needed and will be addressed.  Total revenue is $47,950 and once bills are paid, the profit will be announced and presented to The Lima Rotary Foundation. 
     Rotary Field Of Dreams 
The project is coming along nicely with the cement and blacktop down.  It will need to sit for 30 days before the rubber can be put down.  Additional information will be shared closer to opening day.   
     Social Committee      Tracie Sanchez/Peg Ehora
The Rotary Day at the Park for the Lima Loco’s Game is set for June 24th.  It will be a family event.  Tickets are free and are available from Dave Frost, Catheryn Sarno or Tracie Sanchez.  The Interact and Rotaract Clubs will be invited. 
     Allen County Fair Parade
This year Rotary is hoping to walk in the Fair Parade.  We will have a Rotary Float and will invite the High Octane Drum Line, Abilities Baseball teams and the Rotaractors or family members who want to ride or walk along to participate.  The event will be open to Rotarians and family members.
     Rally in the Square
The Club is sponsoring a night at the Rally on August 18th.  The Band is “Someone’s kids”.  We will need volunteers to collect money at the door, check ID’s and serve beer and wine that evening.  It is a fun night to mix and mingle and support Art Space Lima.
     Next Rotary Social 
The next Rotary Social is scheduled for the Tuesday before Memorial Day.  Judge Warren has offered to do a testimonial.
     Vice Presidents Report          Paul Swartz
     Lima Rotary Showcase Project at VMCCC – North Hall
A showcase that will display Lima Rotary Club artifacts will be built and located in the North Hall at the VMCCC.  It will be built in two sections – each being 6 ft wide by 8 ft tall with sliding glass doors.  The total unit will be 12 feet wide by 8 ft tall and 20 inches deep.  All glass used will be safety glass.  It will be on casters and can be moved.  The goal is for the cabinet to be built without a cost to the club. 
    Past Presidents Report – June 3, 2017            David Runk
UNOH Rotaract 3K Color Run in Faurot Park planning is moving forward.  A number of sponsorships are in place.    The event will be held on June 3rd and will be a good fundraiser for the club.
    Membership Brochure Update  
Two hundred fifty (250) brochures have been printed and are available to club members to give to potential new members.  The brochures will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.
    Treasurers Report                  Kevin Bill
    2017-2018 Budget Review/Approval
Bill discussed the proposed budget for 2017-2018 fiscal year.    Bill indicated the numbers were based on last year’s numbers.   The increase will be the charge to the VMCCC for the risers for the podium.  The Milano Club charges will remain the same with an average of 90 people per meeting.   Fundraisers that go to the Foundation were not included as the club does not keep any of those funds.  At the end of April 2017, the budget was ahead $800.  There is no need to raise dues.  The Foundation is billed for its accounting fee in July.  Runk made a motion to approve the budget as submitted and Crow seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
     New Business                       Rita Brown                                                                             
  1. Kevin Stolly
Sanchez made a motion to accept the resignation of Kevin Stolly with regret effective June 30, 2017.  Jeff Tracy seconded the motion.  Board approved.                                                                         
  1. Adam Stolly
Decker made a motion to approve the application of Adam Stolly effective July 1, 2017.  Runk seconded the motion.  Board approved.
  1. Beth Seibert   
Ackerman made a motion to accept the application of Beth Seibert and Decker seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Respectfully submitted.
Rita Brown, Secretary
Have questions about Every Rotarian, Every Year, Paul Harris Fellows, the Rotary Foundation, contributions, etc.? Dick Schroeder has the answers...
The Every Rotarian, Every Year initiative asks every Rotarian to personally contribute to the Foundation’s Annual Fund every year.  We ask you to give $25 per quarter which is listed on your club invoice as a voluntary contribution.
May FAQ’s:
Are EREY contributions acknowledged?
YES.  Each dollar you give to the Rotary Foundation is acknowledged by the awarding of a “recognition point.” 
How do I accumulate recognition points?
You receive one Foundation recognition point for every dollar you contribute to the Annual Fund or to Polio Plus.
What is the connection between Foundation recognition points and PHF?
When a member has acquired 1,000 recognition points The Rotary Foundation recognizes them as a Paul Harris Fellow.  To encourage reaching Paul Harris Fellow status, Lima Rotary matches a member’s first 500 points to advance them to PHF.
How is continued giving acknowledged?
Paul Harris Fellows who maintain their support of the Annual Fund or Polio Plus continue to accumulate recognition points.  Each time a member acquires an additional 1,000 recognition points they reach another giving level.  The Rotary Foundation awards a new pin for each level - with the number of jewels denoting the level. 
What can I do with my Foundation recognition points?
You cannot personally benefit from your Foundation recognition points but they are important in at least two ways.
First, they serve as a measure of your continuing support for Rotary International and its world-wide activities for mankind. 
Second, you can transfer Foundation recognition points to others to help them qualify as a Paul Harris Fellow or to advance as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow. 
How many PHF’s are in Lima Rotary?
As of May 1, 2017, Lima Rotary has 108 Paul Harris Fellows.
The following members were presented PHF recognition at the May 1 Lima Rotary meeting:
George Diller
Andy Farley
Jeff Unterbrink
Tony DePalma         +1
Dave Frost                 +3
Larry Webb               +4
The Scoop - May 1, 2017
MESA is a uniquely regional commitment to international service.
The Lima Rotary Club has a long history of supporting international medical work and the MESA warehouse that supports it, MESA Chairman Bob Vincent said Monday. Vincent spoke to the club about how the Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad warehouse in  Fostoria can be supported, and how the MESA work is accomplished. Vincent used the metaphor of ‘gleaners’ written about in the Bible, people who would scoop up or ‘glean’ what was left of grain and still put it to use. The same is true with MESA, which works with hospitals and clinics to retrieve medical equipment and supplies past its United States expiration, but that is still usable, and ship those items to people in less developed countries.
Doing that work requires a warehouse, and after years of renting space, in 2014 MESA bought a warehouse in Fostoria, geographically centered in Rotary District 6600. The warehouse, portable dock, and renovations cost $91,000. Part of that was funded immediately with $55,000 in Rotary gifts. Part of it was funded with a $50,000 loan.
Vincent, a Bowling Green Rotary member, is a past district governor and finishing his term as MESA chairman this spring. He said larger Rotary clubs in the district are important to MESA because they have more resources and more Rotarians to put toward the cause.
MESA was founded in 1979 and remains a regional project. Vincent believes the concept can be replicated and taken national or international through Rotary or the international Rotary foundation. MESA has since added an education component, teaching English through preschool resource centers.
“There has never been a time when medical equipment and education was needed more,” Vincent said, “because of refugees and climate change.”
The annual bike tour is MESA’s No. 1 fundraiser, and supports costs associated with shipping containers of supplies. The ride, June 2-6, funds half of MESA’s operational budget and has a goal of $55,000 this year. A Rotarian looking to ride the whole 300-mile tour must raise $500 in pledges. Clubs can support riders and the tour in general. See Harold Bischoff for more information.
In other Rotary business:
George Diller, Andy Farley, and Jeff Unterbrink were recognized as Paul Harris Fellows, and Tony DePalma was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow plus one, Dave Frost as a Paul Harris Fellow plus three, and Larry Webb as a Paul Harris Fellow plus four.
Tracey Regula earned her blue badge and turned in her red badge.
Members of the UNOH Rotaract Club are holding a Color Run event June 3 at Faurot Park to raise money for opiate addiction awareness and prevention. The club is looking for participants and sponsors to help cover more than $500 in costs.
MESA Bike Ride
The MESA Bike Tour is June 2-6 across northwest Ohio. This year's goal is $55,000, all of which supports Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad. Please contact Harold Bischoff at to donate, or fill out this form and bring it to the next Rotary meeting.
Rotary Day at the Lima Locos is June 24 at 7:00pm when the Locos take on the Cincinnati Steam. See President Dave for your free tickets. Rain date is July 23.
Fair Parade
The Lima Rotary Club is planning to march in the Allen County Fair Parade on Sunday, August 13 at 2:00 pm. Please join us! Contact Peggy Ehora if you'd like to walk or ride.
The Lima Rotary Club is excited to be sponsoring the Rally in the Square on August 18 with the band Somebody's Kids. If you'd like to volunteer, contact Jim Osmon.
Picture Days
The next picture day is June 12.
Photographer extraordinaire Michael Ayers will have his second picture day on June 12 from 11:30-12:00.  So if you need a new Rotary photo, please make plans to see him prior to the meeting.