The Scoop - June 6, 2022
The Columbus Zoo is assisting with conservation efforts around the world.
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's Conservation and Sustainability program supports projects that help people living with wildlife to monitor those animals, fight poaching, educate and build awareness, encourage human-wildlife coexistence, develop alternative livelihoods, and restore and protect habitat. The zoo's Vice President of Conservation and Sustainability, Dr. Michael.Kreger, told us that some of their projects include helping raise orphaned bonobos in the Republic of Congo, working with the Ohio Wildlife Center to rehabilitate and release wounded wildlife, rescuing tortoises from the pet trade in Madagascar, providing emergency support around the world where animals have been injured in disasters, helping people in Rwanda to establish bee hives so they wouldn't have to smoke bees out of trees when they gather honey in a national park, rescuing corals from a spreading disease and keeping them until it is safe to reintroduce them to the waters around Florida, and much more. He invited us to see their work at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, The Wilds, Zoombezi Bay and Safari Golf.
Also at Monday's meeting, we inducted four new members: Troy Elwer from the Allen County Fair, Steven Rakes from the West Ohio Food Bank, John Payne from Lima Municipal Court and Kendra Dilts from The Springs of Lima. Welcome to the Lima Rotary Club!
Reverse Raffle
Thanks to everyone who attended the Jay Begg Reverse Raffle and to all those who volunteered to help make it a success. Congratulations to Moe and Tina Miron, the big winners of $5,000 cash!
I can’t mention everyone by name so not to leave someone out, I want to send a big THANK YOU to all that volunteered their time organizing the event, set up Wednesday and taking on a role on Thursday night, plus tear down and of course all of you who attended, as we saw some new faces this year.   
Also, the donations for auction were wonderful. It is so much appreciated and I’m sure Jay would be proud of the event and the money it raises to make Allen County a better place to live, work and play.
2 people I do want to mention with a special shout out. Katy Page & Cat Sarno. Katy stepped up to take on the event and Cat swooped in, in the final weeks to make the ticket sales happen (all 200 sold!!). A big thanks also goes out to Russ Decker and Nutrien for picking up the tab on the increase in the food cost.
The final numbers are being calculated and bills being paid and we will have a final number on how we did, soon. The club board will be discussing this event at its meeting on June 14th as we don’t want to wait until February/March like the current President (😊) did to start putting this event together.
Again, Thank You so very much for everyone involved, as it takes more time and effort than many may realize to put on an event like this.
Serve to Change Lives
Lima Rotary Club President
Golf Outing
Join us for the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing on August 17 and support our scholarship fund.
Please join us for a fun day of golf, games, and Rotarian camaraderie. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the annual Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing. It will be held on Wednesday, August 17th at Hidden Creek Golf Course with a rain date of Wednesday, August 24th
Last year we had 29 teams competing and raised $39,910, all of which went to benefit the Rotary Foundation Scholarship Fund. The Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund selects persons who live or work in Allen County who are in pursuit of a degree or certification and will attend a school or college in Allen County. The intent of the scholarship is to encourage Allen County employees and residents to work and plan for their futures within our county. As of April 2022, the Rotary Memorial Scholarship Fund has helped 1,125 adults to continue their education and to pursue their dream. These scholarships total over $852,250. Degrees or certifications can be achieved at the Apollo Career Center (Adult Education), Bluffton University, Rhodes State College, The Ohio State University at Lima and the University of Northwestern Ohio. All residents who live in and employees who work in Allen County are eligible.       
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