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Have you or someone in your family participated in a foreign mission?
Would you be willing to travel to another country to help in the completion
of a service project?  The International Service Committee of the Lima
Rotary is currently starting to review potential projects, in conjunction
with Rotary Clubs in other nations, that have the potential to help improve
the quality of life for others.

At an International Service Committee meeting on January 17th it was
determined that a subcommittee consisting of Jerry Courtney, Cheryl
Deitering, Bob Fett. Jeff Gast and Bob Ruehl will begin reviewing options
for possible service projects in other nations.  Per requirements
established by Rotary International such International Service projects
must be performed in conjunction with a Rotary Club in a foreign land
(called a host club) and an additional requirement is that a representative
of our club must visit the project site and host club.

In the past Bob Ruehl has fulfilled this requirement due to his numerous
trips to Central America.  With the new duties that Bob will be taking on
later this year it is vital that Lima Rotary be able to fulfill all project
requirements.  Other Lima Rotarians who have traveled to other nations as
part of service projects would include Cheryl Deitering and Jeff Gast.

Please accept this invitation to be involved in the planning of our next
International Service project if you have an interest in being involved in
a rewarding experience.   If you have an interest in traveling to another
country for a service project or knowledge of someone who is please contact
my office at 419-996-5317 or by email at: