Posted by Anne Decker on Jun 10, 2022
The Columbus Zoo is assisting with conservation efforts around the world.
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's Conservation and Sustainability program supports projects that help people living with wildlife to monitor those animals, fight poaching, educate and build awareness, encourage human-wildlife coexistence, develop alternative livelihoods, and restore and protect habitat. The zoo's Vice President of Conservation and Sustainability, Dr. Michael.Kreger, told us that some of their projects include helping raise orphaned bonobos in the Republic of Congo, working with the Ohio Wildlife Center to rehabilitate and release wounded wildlife, rescuing tortoises from the pet trade in Madagascar, providing emergency support around the world where animals have been injured in disasters, helping people in Rwanda to establish bee hives so they wouldn't have to smoke bees out of trees when they gather honey in a national park, rescuing corals from a spreading disease and keeping them until it is safe to reintroduce them to the waters around Florida, and much more. He invited us to see their work at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, The Wilds, Zoombezi Bay and Safari Golf.
Also at Monday's meeting, we inducted four new members: Troy Elwer from the Allen County Fair, Steven Rakes from the West Ohio Food Bank, John Payne from Lima Municipal Court and Kendra Dilts from The Springs of Lima. Welcome to the Lima Rotary Club!