Posted by Beth Seibert on Sep 12, 2017
The Lima Rotary Club commemorates 9/11.
We met today on the 16th anniversary of 9/11 – a day of solemn remembrance of the depth of our national grief, the boundlessness of American courage and a redefining moment in U.S. history.  Our guest speaker Lt. Andy Green, veteran officer with the Lima Police Dept reflected on how for most Americans this was a life changing event.  Even six hundred miles away, here in Lima/Allen County, Lt. Green recalled how the devastation impacted first responders and safety services professionals like himself that day – functioning in a blur, wondering what was really happening and trying to determine if our local community was at risk from terrorist attacks. In his remarks of introduction, Bath Fire Chief Joe Kitchen noted how 9/11 is documented as one of the greatest and most successful search and rescue mission in U.S. history with 14,000 rescued that day.  One of the important systems to engaging safety services effectively is the 9-1-1 and Lt. Green gave an extensive overview of that program. Green emphasized the critical role of the success of that system being the unseen heroes or the dispatchers.
Of special importance on the program today was the donation by the Lima Rotary Club of a trailer to Jesse Lowe for his High Octane Drumline.  A very appreciative Lowe reflected on the 18 youth currently being served by the local program and their excitement at such a gift. 
Also, Paul Harris awards were given to Barry Hardy, Roy Baldridge and Theresa Schnipke. Congratulations and thank you for contributing to Rotary International. In addition, we raised $531.00 with a bucket collection to donate to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Irma.  Thank you Rotarians!