Posted by Anne Decker
We are excited to host the Allen Lima Leadership Youth Class's graduation ceremony on Monday!
32 local high school students participated in the Allen Lima Leadership Youth Leadership Program in 2021 from 10 local high schools. The class started its journey in October of 2020 for orientation, foundations of leadership and annual class projects.  
“Monday is the culmination of a year of learning and leadership for these very talented high school students. This year’s class devoted themselves to leadership, public speaking, and 3 class projects to impact their peers in secondary education,” stated Matthew Childers, Executive Director of Allen Lima Leadership. “Our great thanks to our Prime Sponsors: The Lima Rotary Foundation and Lima Memorial Health System. These two tremendous sponsors enable the Allen Lima Leadership Youth Program to continue to be an avenue for high school students to grow and become future leaders.“ 
Because of the extra guests, Rotary will be meeting in the Center Hall of the Civic Center on Monday. Please plan to attend and wish the students well.