Posted by Rita Brown on Apr 27, 2018
Here is part 2 of the minutes from the Rotary Club of Lima's Annual Meeting on April 23, 2018.
Resolution #1- 2018-2019 Lima Rotary Fundraising Projects.  Goals & Purpose.
These are the proposed fundraising projects and the amounts anticipated.
  • Rotary Blood Clinics (Spring/Fall)               $20,000                 Unrestricted
  • Rotary Christmas raffle & Auction             $   4,000                Unrestricted
  • Rotary reverse raffle                                       $10,000                 Unrestricted
  • Rotary Rex Perry Golf Outing                       $35,000                 Scholarships
  • Rotary Rottery 50/50 fundraiser                 $  4,000                 Designated Charity
  • Rotary International Polio Plus                   $10,000                 RI polio plus fund
  • Rotary International Service                        $  7,000                 Buenos Noches Fund
  • Rotary Dues for Foundation                        $  8,000                 Unrestricted
Total estimated net proceeds$98,000.00
A motion was made by Michael Ayers to approve Resolution #1.   The motion was seconded by Carol Russell.  Resolution approved.
Resolution #2- 2018-2019  Lima Rotary Club Projects, Goals & Funding Sources.  These are the proposed distribution of the funds raised in #1 above + proposed new projects for long term goals.
  • Rotary Scholarships                                         $35,000                 Rex Perry Golf Outing
  • Buenos Noches Fund                                      $  7,000                 International Service
  • Designated charities Rottery                       $  4,000                 Rottery 50/50 choice of charity
  • Polio Plus RI                                                        $10,000                 Rotary International Polio Plus
  • Unrestricted funds- Foundation                $42,000                 Club fundraising
Total estimated distribution$98,000.00
Dr Steiner asked if Polio Plus will continue as an ongoing project with Rotary International as Polio is nearing extinction in the world.   David Runk stated the project could be continued for ten years after the last case to insure the disease has been eradicated.      A motion was made by Dr Steiner to approve Resolution #2.   David Runk seconded the motion.  Resolution approved.  
There are three Newly Proposed projects
  • Rotary Amphitheater- downtown Lima - (Proposed by Rich Rudolph) The proposed project would include an amphitheater that will seat 800 people, green space, an ice skating rink and restrooms.  It would be Rotary’s next big project.  Rotary would have naming rights for it.   Various locations have been evaluated.  Currently the club has a $1,000 in earnest hold on a $150,000 piece of land located on Spring Street and Union Street.    
  • Members of the Amphitheater committee have spoken with representatives of AEDG, Rhodes State College, ArtSpace/Lima, the Civic Center and the Council for the Arts, and all have agreed to the desirability of the proposed project.   
    • Estimated cost - $800,000 for the Amphitheatre, Green Space, Ice Skating Rink and Restrooms.
    • Estimated cost - $150,000 for the real estate.  
    • Funding sources
      • $150,000 commitment from Lima Rotary Foundation for land.
      • Possible grants from the State of OH for up to $500,000. Club will need to do $300,000 in Fund Raising.
The committee has contacted the City, the County, the City Park District and the Port Authority; the land must be held by a government entity in order to qualify for the grants. The Port Authority may agree to have the land transferred under its authority. Esther Cary currently owns the land. Rotary has an option until July to purchase the land secured by $1,000 in earnest money donated by Butch Kirk. Tim Stanford has brokered the deal with Esther Cary and has entered into an agreement for Rotary to purchase the land subject to feasibility studies.   
Members questioned who would own the land, who would be responsible for maintenance, who would book the entertainment, what is the timeline, and how the money would be raised. Sanchez stated that these issues are still under consideration, and that the proposal today is in its infancy. Pending the results of the feasibilities studies, the committee will seek resolution to these issues.
Sanchez explained that the proposal today was for the Club to adopt the Amphitheater Project and to commit $150,000 to the purchase of the land today. When we have Club buy-in, we will move forward to address the outstanding questions.
A motion was made by Ruehl to adopt the Amphitheater Project and commit $150,000 to the purchase of the land with the provision that the following requirements be met before the purchase is completed:
Obtaining Environmental Inspection showing the property free of contamination;  Approval by the Rotary Club of Lima’s Board of Directors and its membership within three (3) months from acceptance of this offer;  Final determination as to the suitability of the properties for the intended use as an outdoor amphitheater and skating rink; and,
Securing a responsible, post-development owner that will accept the donated ownership of the completed amphitheater and skating rink complex.  The motion was seconded by Berlin Carroll.  Motion approved.
  • Rotary Riverwalk extension from Lima Lake to OSU/Rhodes Campus.
    • Estimated cost unknown
    • Funding sources unknown
Roy Baldridge spoke in support of extending the Rotary Riverwalk to the OSU/Rhodes Campus.  Ever since the Rotary Ottawa River Walk was extended to the Johnny Appleseed Metropolitan Park in Bath Township, the Regional Planning Commission has included plans to extend the Walk/Bikeway to The Ohio State University/Rhodes State University Campus.  The first phase of the project would be to connect the existing Walkway at Roush Road to Reservoir Road.  This ½ mile extension would connect the Rotary Walkway to over 1,000 households in Bath Township.  It would require crossing the CFE Railroad tracks and a bridge over Lost Creek.  The cost estimate is $792,588.  The second phase of the project would extend the Walk/Bikeway to the OSU/Rhodes Campus along the south side of Reservoir Road.  Most of this land is owned by the City of Lima, which supports this project.  The cost estimate for phase 2 is $2,040,426.  There are federal and state grants available to cover most of the costs.  The Walk/Bikeway would directly pass by the Proctor & Gamble Plant and connect with the Bike Trails available at the OSU/Rhodes State Campus.  Baldridge state this extension would be a tremendous benefit to our community, our east side neighborhoods and our universities.
A motion was made by Abe Ambroza to put together a committee to proceed with the planning and pursuing estimates of the cost to extend the Riverwalk to the OSU/Rhodes State Campus. The motion was seconded by Baldridge.    Motion approved.   
  • Kendrick Woods/Park Boardwalk replacement (Disabilities)
    • Estimated cost approximately $27,000.00 - now around $17,000
    • Funding sources
      • Split with Parks
      • Fundraising/ Hulsken Fund for some of it.
The original cost was estimated to be approximately $27,000 but with the access to lumber that President Sanchez has, the figure could be cut to $17,000.   If Rotary paid one half, the cost would be $8,500. 
A motion was made by Chief Joe Kitchen to approve the Kendrick Woods Boardwalk Project.  The motion was seconded by Chris Hardesty.  Motion approved.
Resolution #3- 2018-2019 Lima Rotary Club Partnership Projects.  These are the projects the Club adopts and deem important and the Lima Rotary Club recommends that they receive consideration by the Lima Rotary Foundation by way of a traditional grant application procedure.  Amounts to be determined by organizational needs and the LRF.
  • Lima Symphony Orchestra
  • Lima Rotary Club Dictionary Distribution
  • Salvation Army
  • High Octane Drum Line
  • Barbers gives bikes
  • Special Needs Christmas Party ( funded by the Hulsken Fund)
A motion was made by Steve Kayatin to approve Resolution #3.  The motion was seconded by Sam Bassitt.     Resolution approved.
Resolution #4- 2018-2019 Rotary Community Service Activities- These are Club service projects that benefit other organizations.
  • Salvation Army Kettle Drive
  • Salvation Army toys for tots/coat drive
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
  • West Ohio Food Bank Canned food/Hygiene Drive
  • Movies in the Park
  • Signed books to the Lima Public Library
  • 4-way speech/essay contest                                       cost $500.00
  • Rally in Square (Artspace)                                            cost $1,500/$2,500
A motion was made by Catheryn Sarno to approve Resolution #4.  The Resolution was seconded by David Runk.  Resolution approved.
Resolution #5- 2018-2019 Lima Rotary Foundation Support for District 6600 – These are District 6600 requests for the MESA Warehouse Operating Costs and Mortgage payoff.  
  • MESA Contribution                                                          $5,000.00
A motion was made by Harold Bischoff to approve Resolution #5.  The motion was seconded by Bob Ruehl.   Resolution approved. 
  1. New Business                                                                                                                                    Paul Swartz
Blood Clinic May 25th
Golf Committee right after meeting
Social meeting tomorrow evening
Scholarship meeting following this meeting
  1. Sanchez adjourned the Annual Meeting at 12:58 PM                                                                                                                                        .