Posted by Anne Decker on May 03, 2024
The Lima Rotary Club plans for the upcoming year at its annual meeting.
The Lima Rotary Club held its annual meeting Monday. Members voted on resolutions that outline the distribution of the club's fundraising efforts and welcomed the new 2024-2027 board members. The new board members of the Lima Rotary Club are Jennifer Mason, Craig Kupferberg and Cory Frazer. The new members of the Lima Rotary Foundation board are Julie Klingler, Sam Bassitt and Michael Sarno. Congratulations and thank you for your willingness to serve!
The following resolutions were unanimously approved by the club membership:
     Resolution #1 - 2024-2025Lima Rotary Fundraising Projects, Goals and Purpose     
     These are the proposed fundraising projects and the amounts anticipated:
  1. Blood Clinic                                                                        $  5,000                 Unrestricted
  2. Rotary Christmas Raffle & Auction                                    $  4,000                 Unrestricted
  3. Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing                                       $20,000                Post-Secondary Scholarships
  4. Holiday Home Tour                                                            $10,000                 Unrestricted
  5. Rottery 50/50 Fundraiser                                                    $  1,000                 Designated Charities      
  6. Rotary International Polio Plus Campaign                         $  3,000                 RI Polio Plus Fund
  7. Rotary Members’ Dues for Foundation                              $  7,500                 Unrestricted
TOTAL estimated net proceeds                                              $50,500
Resolution #2 – 2024-2025 Lima Rotary Club Projects, Goals and Funding Source
(Based on funds raised above) These are the proposed distribution of the funds raised in #1 above: 
  1. Rotary Post-Secondary Scholarships                                $20,000                 Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing
  2. Grants to Local Non Profit Organizations                        $  1,000                 Rottery 50/50
  3. Rotary International Polio Plus Fund                               $  3,000                 RI Polio Plus Campaign
  4. Unrestricted Funds for the Foundation                             $26,500                 LRC Fundraising
TOTAL estimated distribution                                              $50,500
 Resolution #3 – 2024-2025 Lima Rotary Club Partnership Projects
These are the projects the club deems important. The Lima Rotary Club recommends that they receive consideration by the Lima Rotary Foundation by way of a traditional grant application process. Amounts to be determined by organizational needs and the LRF.
  1. MESA Contribution
  2. Lima Symphony Orchestra
  3. Salvation Army
  4. ALL Youth Leadership
  5. Presenting Sponsor of Scripps Regional Spelling Bee
    Resolution #4 – 2024-2025 Rotary Club Community Service Activities
    These are club service projects that benefit other organizations.     
  1. Salvation Army Kettle Drive                                         $    0.00
  2. Children’s Books to the Lima Public Library               $    0.00 ($500 donated in February 2023)
  3. Rotary 4-Way Test Speech & Essay Contest                $   1,200.00
    Resolution #5 – Rescind Corporate Member Category
     After research and consultation with representative members, a select committee appointed by the Board recommended ending the corporate membership category. The Board reviewed        their findings and agreed a corporate membership category is no longer needed nor beneficial to the club.
     Originally adopted to mitigate Rotary International attendance requirements no longer in effect, the category has inequities and requires administrative costs that complicate club
     operations. The Board encourages adoption of this resolution terminating the corporate membership category.  All corporate members will be transitioned to regular membership on
    June 30, 2024.
Also at the annual meeting, President Lesley presented a check to Foundation President Jennifer Mason for the following funds:
$24,556 from the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing to the scholarship fund
$10,445 in member dues to the Lima Rotary Foundation
$9,245 to the scholarship fund
$8,145 from the Christmas auction to the Lima Rotary Foundation
Total:  $52,391  
We also held the monthly raffle drawing. Jill Bishop, a friend of Tracey Regula's is this month's winner of $100. Congratulations!