Here are the highlights from the January 8 board meeting.
Call to OrderPaul Swartz
Swartz called the meeting to order with the following members present:  Kevin Bill, Ken Dysert, Peggy Ehora, John Ficorilli, Susan Hubbell, Anne Decker, Jed Metzger, Tracie Sanchez. Catheryn Sarno, Theresa Schnipke,  and Jeff Tracey
           Attendance report
The year ended with 168 members and 44.66% attendance.   We held orientation on Thursday Jan. 3 for Keith Horner, Randy Green, Kris Schroeder, Sarah Foster-Bledsoe, and Scott Cockerell.    Not able to attend the orientation was James A Brazzell.
With the exception of John Brazzell, Scott Cockerell and Sarah Foster-Bledsoe, the group will be inducted into the club on Monday January 7th, 2019.   Sarah, Scott and John will be inducted into the club next Monday January 14th, 2019.  
President's Report Paul Swartz
Small Project Coordinator (Committee) Update   Job Description
The committee is Ben Swartz, Adam Stolly, and Jay Wenger. They will be meeting soon to discuss next steps.
Sheriff Department Fund Raiser Update:  Raised to date approximately $5,077 so it is $923 short of goal. Tracie proposed transferring $631.37 of residual Rottery funds to the Sheriff Department Fund Raiser to clean up the outstanding line item.  Metzger motioned to transfer as stated.  Schnipke second the motion. Board approved.
Video for Rotary
The original video’s purpose was to tell new prospects about our meetings and to be used at the new member orientation.  Carl Berger didn’t want to use the video at new member orientation so Decker suggested editing out the portion that speaks to new members and using it more widely on social media to attract and educate people about Rotary. The board approved to have the video posted on social media outlets and for Decker to pay a small fee to boost it to the Allen County area to attract and educate people to what our Lima Rotary club has done. If we get one new member, this will more than pay for the nominal boost charge usually of $10 to $20 to boost.  The video is approximately 7 mins in length.
Hybrid Memberships Partial Memberships with Social Hour will be moved to Thursdays: Ehora, Sarno, Sanchez, and Ficorilli will meet to discuss changes.  Some discussion points included making Thursday’s meeting an abbreviated version of the Monday’s meetings with more social time incorporated into it. It was suggested to hold it twice a month and having the President Elect and VP take turns leading the hour to get familiar with leading meetings.  It was suggested to add assisting with a social hour as a Red Badge item to Blue badge. Changing the membership structure was tabled as there was much discussion regarding the pros and cons of such a move.  
Board Reports: (any updates to report)All Board Members
 Christmas Party Update                                                                      Tracie Sanchez                                              
As long as everyone pays for their raffle tickets and we have no more expenses that will need to be paid, we should be writing a check to the Foundation for $2,385.00.  This will not be paid until all the money has been collected.  $70 was raised, $532 for wine raffle, $690 for Elvis, $3100 for Auction items, $4245 for raffle tickets.  If everything is paid that was billed, we raised $8636.  $4600 is still outstanding to be paid from those that elected to be billed. Total expenses from the event were $6251.  $5000 to Salvation Army, $500 cash to raffle tickets, $226 wine money spent, $238 Paul Swartz pizza for Bath singers, $287 Proforma raffle tickets/mailing/postage.       
Salvation Army Update                                                                             Peggy Ehora
Paul stated next year that the Salvation Army will be required to request funds through the Foundation grant process.  Peggy stated the bell ringing went well.
Special Needs Christmas Party Update                                                  John Ficorilli/Theresa Schnipke/Dr. Hubbell stated there needs to be an age requirement as some kids seemed a bit older this year.  The food was eaten down to the last sandwich. Schnipke stated the cornhole game was a hit. Ficorilli stated it went smooth. 
Amphitheatre Update                                                                           Tracie Sanchez
We recently closed on the Sontag property. The Foundation is the owner of this property. Closing was possible with the partnership of Superior Credit Union and State Bank. We expect to close on the McDonald property soon. A meeting with vested parties consisting of Rich Rudolph, Mayor Berger, Howard Elstro, Senator Matt Huffman, Representative Bob Cupp, Tim Stolly confirmed support of the project so that the State of Ohio to procure funding of the project. A design committee has formed consisting of various local sources to maximize the use of the theater. A fundraising committee will be created soon.  Mike Powell is designing a banner to display “Future site of the Amphitheater.”
Polio Plus Update                                                                        John Ficorilli
$500 was raised on the first auction item of bottle of wine. He is still looking for additional items.  Catheryn suggested a lottery tree.
New Business: Catheryn Sarno, Acting Seretary
Miss You Cards Update:  Catheryn showed a sample of the card.  The board liked it and the ability to send a personal note on it.   
Board Member Selection Process for 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2022 term
It is time to select a committee who will prepare a roster of candidates for the Rotary Board of Directors term 7/2019 - 6/2022.  The Foundation Board will also be selecting their candidates for the same time frame term.  If the group of 6 candidates is selected for each Board by the time of the February meeting, a joint ballot will be prepared with the Rotary Board Candidates and the Foundation Board Candidates.  Ken Dysert will reach out to potential board members to run for election. Catheryn recommended we look into a female as the next person in line for president.
Joint Meeting the LRF – March 12, 2019  
At that time, both boards will announce those selected to serve on each of the boards.  Heather and Rita will announce the newly elected Board Members at the March meeting.
  1. Laura Meyer
  2. Alberta Lee
Jeff Tracey made the motion to accept with regrets the resignations. Kevin Bill second. All approved. No oppose.
Tracie shared a picture of Chuck Leidy proudly holding his Honorary Membership certificate.  Catheryn suggested creating a placard of all honorary members and displaying it in the Rotary cabinet.
Adjournment at 1:14PM
Respectfully submitted
Cathern Sarno, Acting Secretary