Posted by Rita Brown
Here are the highlights from the December 8 board meeting.
Call to Order   John Ficorilli
President Ficorilli called the meeting to order at 11:36 AM with the following board members present: Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, Jeff Fitzgerald, Keith Horner, Derek Stemen, Andy Wannemacher and Anne Decker. Peg Ehora attended via telephone. Also, Treasurer Dan Best, Secretary Rita Brown and Anne Decker attended.

Secretary’s Report   Rita Brown
Farley made a motion to approve the Board Minutes and Addendum Minutes of November 10, 2020 as submitted. Buettner seconded the motion. Board Approved.
Attendance Report
The month of November ended with 4 Honorary Members and 149 Active Members or a total of 153 members. Two members joined the Club and three resigned. Attendance averaged 34.66% for the month.

President's Report John Ficorilli
Christmas Gifts for Milano’s and VMCC staff
Horner made a motion to acknowledge the Milano wait staff and VMCC Rotary support contact. Stemen seconded the motion. Board approved.
Personal Hygiene Drive for West Ohio Foodbank
Stemen reported that the drive will continue through this week. The donated items are gathered every evening.
Social Committee Updates
Due to the Pandemic, the Social Committee will be inactive during December. Their goal is to resume activity in January.
Jay Begg Virtual Reverse Raffle Updates
Sarno reported that the family is very pleased with the Rotary Club’s plan and fully supports it. Sarno and Decker will speak with Greater Giving in an effort to determine the best on-line platform for the Club to use for the event.
Nomination Committee for Rotary Board Positions
Fitzgerald and Stemen will be in charge of the Committee. Their goal will be to secure six candidates who will stand for election and are also willing to serve as Club President if selected. Three positions on the board will be filled for the term running from July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2024.

Board Reports
Polio Fund Raising Campaign Updates   Derek Stemen
Stemen reported the campaign is about $1,200 - $1,300 short of the goal. Due to the pandemic, next steps have not been finalized.
Updates on the Special Needs Christmas Party
Ficorilli indicated Baldridge has members in place as required for the party with this new format.
Updates on the Salvation Bell ringing on December 5th
Ficorilli participated in the event and has also heard from other Rotarians that the event was successful.
Club Christmas Raffle and Party updates   Andy Farley
The Club Christmas Party and Raffle are currently scheduled for Monday December 21, 2020. With the current spike in COVIC cases and the Governor’s mandates against holding large meetings, the health and welfare of the members needs to be the primary concern. The board agreed that the safest way to ensure the members well-being was to cancel the December 21st face-to-face meeting and the party. The meeting scheduled for December 28th will also be cancelled.
The next club meeting will be on Monday January 4, 2021. It will be held via Zoom.
As the club is planning the Jay Begg Reverse Raffle in February, discussion followed moving the raffle and including the items from the Christmas Party and Elvis’s next destination to the Reverse Raffle.
Effective January 4, 2021, regular Monday Club meetings will continue via Zoom. This process will be in place at least throughout January 2021.
Ficorilli will send an email to the members to share these updates.

Treasurer Report Dan Best
Best reviewed the balance sheet and profit and loss with previous year comparison and also the A/R aging summary.
He indicated three checks totaling $51,522 were recently sent to the Foundation. They include $42,450 from the golf outing, LRF dues contributions in the amount of $5,012 and dues contributions to the scholarship fund in the amount of $4,060.
He also reviewed the profit & loss previous year comparison. Line items that he specifically mentioned included a savings of $8,300 for cost of lunches as the number of face-to-face meetings dropped due to pandemic. Also District 6600 did not charge the Club their semiannual dues in the amount of $5,500 in July 2020. These two savings amounts show the club having a profit of $13,000. If those amounts had been paid, the period would have ended with a negative balance.
Best finished his report by reviewing the A/R Aging Summary. He continues to work closely with the few with overdue balances.
Ficorilli made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as submitted. Wannemacher seconded the motion. Board approved.
New Business: Rita Brown
Holiday cards to Club members who are shut-ins
The Board signed holiday cards for five long-term members who are no longer able to attend regular club meetings.
Location of the January 12, 2021 Rotary board meeting
The Board agreed to hold the January 12, 2021, board meeting via ZOOM.
Cyndi Scanland
Horner made a motion to accept the resignation of Scanland. Stemen seconded the motion. Board approved.
Steve Johnson sent a letter of resignation and indicated he is relocating to New Bern, North Carolina.
Buettner made a motion to accept the resignation of Johnson with regret. Farley seconded the motion. Board approved.
There being no further business, Ficorilli adjourned the meeting at 12.47 PM.

Respectfully submitted.
Rita Brown, Club Secretary