Posted by Rita Brown
Here are the highlights from the March 9 board meeting.
Call to Order     John Ficorilli
Ficorilli called the meeting together at 11:40 AM with the following members present:  Carol Buettner, Andy Farley, Jeff Fitzgerald, Keith Horner, Theresa Schnipke, Derek Stemen, Andy Wannemacher, and Ken Dysert.  Also present were Treasurer Dan Best, Secretary Rita Brown and Anne Decker.
                Secretary’s Report    Rita Brown
                Attendance Report
The month of February ended with 142 active and 4 Honorary members for a total of 146.  No new members joined and two resigned.  To- date, 9 have resigned.  Attendance averaged 33.28%.   Attendance improved by 1.5% for our March 1st meeting. 
President’s Report    John Ficorilli
               Joint Meeting with the Foundation Board on April 13, 2021
The next Rotary Board of Directors and Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees will be held on Tuesday April 13, 2021.  At that time, the newly elected members to each Board will be announced. 
                Annual Club Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Lima Rotary Club will be held on Monday May 17 2021.  Preparation and Planning for the Meeting are underway. 
              Fundraiser updates
  1. Virtual Reverse Raffle – Plans for the Virtual Raffle have changed.  It will be held in person on June 3rd.   
More details will follow.  
  1. Spring Blood Clinic – Memorial Hospital will not do a Blood Clinic at this time.  They will reconsider for fall. 
  2. Social Committee – The Brunch at Old City Prime was a great success.  Plans are underway for the next event in March. 
Board Reports 
Board Candidates Slates for both Board       Jeff/Derek
Rotary Board of Directors – Elizabeth Brown-Ellis, Lesley Fry, Tommie Harner, Craig Kupferberg, Joel Mengerink, Tim Sielschott
Foundation Board of Trustees - Abe Ambroza, Aimee Bucher, Jeff Dulmage, Corey Frazer, Jennifer Mason, Kerri Romes.
Fitzgerald made a motion to accept the slates of candidates as proposed for the Rotary Board of Directors and the Lima Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees.  Schnipke seconded the motion.  Board approved.
  1. Polio Plus update      Derek Stemen
Stemen announced plans for the Rotary Merchandise Sale.  Members will be able to purchase tee shirts, polo shirts and quarter-zip shirts with the Rotary Logo.  Proceeds will be donated to Polio Plus.  The sale will be offered to members during April.    
  1.  Request from the Cole Collection – Bikes for Foster Kids Project    Andy Wannemacher
Wannemacher stated the Cole Collection will be distributing bicycles to Foster Children in Allen County.  They have requested assistance from The Rotary Club with Funding and Distribution.  Stemen made a motion to explore a partnership with them.  Ficorilli seconded the motion.  Board approved.
  1. Golf Outing update
The Committee met on March 8th.  Information will be placed on the Rotary website.  As Mrs. Barbara Perry will not be available to putt this year, Wannemacher stated they will be looking for a celebrity replacement for her. 
Treasurer’s Report     Dan Best
Best reviewed the Financial Reports for the Month of February 2021
He stated Total Assets are up $12,000 with Total Liabilities down $10,000.  Total Equities are up $21,600.
Best also reviewed the A/R Aging Summary.  He continues to make contact with any member in arrears.  Action plans are in place as needed.   Ficorilli made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.  Stemen seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
New Business:       John Ficorilli
  1. Rottery will be active again starting at the April 5th meeting. Beth Seibert and Katy Page will reactive it.  Stemen will provide a list of the non-profits to consider.
  1. Membership      Rita Brown
  2. Applications:  Chad Hughes, Allen County Fair General Manager
Best made a motion to accept his application.  Horner seconded the motion.  Board approved. 
Farley made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 1 PM.  Stemen seconded the motion.  Board approved.
Rita Brown
Club Secretary