Posted by Anne Decker on Nov 11, 2022
Here are the highlights from the November 8th board meeting.
Call to Order                                                                                                               Derek Stemen
Stemen called the meeting to order at 11:36 A.M. with the following board members present:
Derek Stemen, Jeff Fitzgerald, Joel Mengerink, Tim Stanford, Demi Burden, Jeff Unterbrink, Lesley Fry and Treasurer Tracey Regula. Also, Secretary Anne Decker and Amy Ricker were present.
Secretary’s Report                                                                                                     Anne Decker
Approval of the October 11, 2022 Board Minutes
Burden made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 11, 2022 meeting as submitted. Regula seconded the motion. Board approved.
Attendance Report for October 2022 
No new members joined the club and four members resigned in October.  September attendance was 43.01%. The month ended with 138 active members and 4 honorary members.   
President’s Report                                                                                                     Derek Stemen
Membership Initiatives
Stemen stated that there have been no visible results yet from the new membership initiatives. He is planning to target those who have donated to the amphitheater and encourage them to become members.
Rotary Social
The next Rotary Social is November 17th at Sophia Loser’s house at 5:30pm. Burden reported that there was good attendance at the September social. December’s social will be a good, bad & ugly Christmas sweater contest.
Books For Speakers
At each meeting, the club donates a book to the children’s section of the Lima Public Library in the name of that meeting’s speaker. It has been policy not to donate books for speakers who are members of the club. The board agreed to change that policy and present books to the library for all speakers.
Rotary District 6600 Peace Conference
The Rotary District 6600 Peace Conference is November 19 at the University of Toledo. The topic is “Finding Common Ground In Uncommon Times.” Attendance is free and all are encouraged to attend.
Board Approval For Projects
The board discussed having a policy that would require board approval for all fundraising and volunteer projects done in the club’s name. Stemen stated that he would begin working on this and would present it to the board before taking it to the club for approval at its annual meeting in April.
Good progress is being made on construction of the amphitheater. Stemen stated that there are plans for the club to take a tour of the construction site, possibly in conjunction with an announcement about stage naming rights.
Goal Review
Stemen will continue to work on membership initiatives. He also has two service-based meetings scheduled. The club will pack senior boxes for the West Ohio Food Bank at its meeting on December 12. He is also working with Allen County Children Services to pack backpacks for foster children. He would like to identify one more service project this year.
Fall Blood Clinic
The final numbers are not yet available for the Fall Blood Clinic held on November 5. It is hoped that attendance was up slightly from the previous year. The board would like to see additional promotion for the Spring Blood Clinic including a television PSA and appearance on WLIO’s Noon Edition
Rose Bowl Parade Float Donation
The board agreed to make a $25 donation to the Rotary International float being entered in the Rose Bowl Parade.
Board Reports                                                                                                            All Board Members
Empowering Girls Committee                                                                                    Lesley Fry
There is nothing new to report.
PolioPlus                                                                                                                      Derek Stemen
$2,175 has been collected and billed toward the club’s $5,000 Polio Plus goal. Donations are still to come from the October social and Rottery proceeds. The board discussed another fundraising drive after the first of the year, possibly including a sale of Rotary clothing.
Special Needs Christmas Party                                                                                   Demi Burden
The Special Needs Christmas Party is December 3 from 11:30-1:00 at Shawnee United Methodist Church. Burden reported that volunteers are needed to purchase gifts and host children. Invitations to the party were sent to the schools on Wednesday. Burden will write an article for the eSpoke and send an email blast.
Club Christmas Party                                                                                                  Derek Stemen
Todd Benz is chairing the Lima Rotary Club Christmas Party on December 19 with David Trinko’s help. He is looking for auction items and has begun selling Elvis immunity tickets.
Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                     Tracey Regula
Regula reviewed information from the financial reports. The club’s total income year to date is $54, 531.31, slightly above the same period last year. The club’s YTD expenses are $33,516.23, leaving the club with a net income of $21,016.08 up from $12,581.39 from the same period last year. Members who are more than 90 days in arrears will be sent email and regular mail in an attempt to collect. Burden made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Stanford seconded the motion. Board approved.
New Business
New Member Applications
Applications have been received from Susan Fifer and David “Chip” Bullock. David is requesting to transfer his membership from the Napoleon Rotary Club, where he was president, to the Lima Rotary Club due to a job transfer. Burden moved to approve the applications. Regula seconded the motion. Board approved.

Holly Metzger has submitted her resignation. Burden made a motion to approve the resignation with regret. Fitzgerald seconded the motion. Board approved.
Jay Begg Reverse Raffle
The club held a discussion about the Jay Begg Reverse Raffle. It was suggested that instead of having an evening event at the fairgrounds, the raffle be held over a period of four club meetings. Further discussion will be continued at future meetings.
Motion To Adjourn
Stemen adjourned the meeting at 1:04 P.M.