Posted by Anne Decker on Nov 17, 2023
Here are the highlights from the November 14 board meeting.
Call to Order                                                                                                               Lesley Fry
President Lesley Fry called the meeting to order at 11:48 A.M. with the following board members present:
Lesley Fry, Katy Page, Richard Warren, Demi Burden and Jeff Unterbrink. Also, Treasurer Tracey Regula, Secretary Anne Decker and bookkeeper Amy Ricker were present.
Secretary’s Report                                                                                                     Lesley Fry
Approval of the October 10, 2023 Board Meeting Minutes
Burden made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 10, 2023 board meeting as submitted. Regula seconded the motion. Board approved.
Attendance Report for October 2023 
Three new members joined the club and three members resigned in October. October attendance was 41.53%. The month ended with 149 active members and 3 honorary members.   
President’s Report                                                                                                     Lesley Fry
Corporate Memberships
The first meeting has been held to review the structure of corporate memberships. Current corporate members are being contacted to get input.
Todd Benz’s resignation has left the co-chair’s position open on the Program Committee. Anne Decker has volunteered to help chair Doug Wise schedule programs for the remainder of the year.
Golf Outing Recap
Approximately $23,000 was raised for the Scholarship Fund from the 2023 Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing. There are still a number of outstanding invoices. Andy Wannemacher is contacting them for payment.
Longtime golf outing supporter Barb Perry passed away on November 5. Her family has asked that in lieu of flowers, gifts be made to the Lima Rotary Club Scholarship Fund. Two donations have already been received totaling $250.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
The Lima Rotary Club will be ringing bells for the Salvation Army on December 16. Chair Joe Watson has filled all the slots with at least one person. He is still taking volunteers so there will be two Rotarians at each location.
Christmas Bonuses for Civic Center & Milano’s Staff
The club presents Christmas bonuses to the Civic Center and Milano’s staff each year. Burden made a motion to approve four bonuses in the amount of $300. Regula seconded the motion. Board approved.
Chamber of Commerce Invoice
Unterbrink made a motion to renew the club’s membership in the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce in the amount of $250. Burden seconded the motion. Board approved.
Rose Parade Donation
Burden made a motion to send a donation in the amount of $44 to Rotary International for construction of this year’s Rotary Rose Parade float. Page seconded the motion. Board approved.
Donation to Ghana Project
The club has received two requests to donate to an international water and sanitation project in Ghana. The board agreed to forward the requests to the Lima Rotary Foundation.
The club’s PolioPlus fundraising will begin in January.
Rotary Magazine Increase
The cost of a subscription to Rotary Magazine is increasing 50 cents per issue, which will cost the Lima Rotary Club approximately $900 per year. Fry contacted Rotary International to ask if members are able to opt out of receiving the magazine. They are not. The club must pay the full amount.
Rotary Ideals Literacy Project
The Fairborn, OH Rotary Club has begun the Rotary Ideals Literacy Project which includes two books for children: one about the 4-Way Test and one about Service Above Self. They have asked the Lima Rotary Club to adopt this as an annual literacy project. Fry will put together a presentation about it for the club.
Board Reports                                                                                                            All Board Members
Special Needs Christmas Party                                                                                    Demi Burden
The Special Needs Christmas Party is scheduled for December 9 at Shawnee United Methodist Church. A number of club members have volunteered to purchase gifts for the children and help at the event.
Christmas Extravaganza                                                                                               Lesley Fry
The club’s annual Christmas Extravaganza and auction is December 18. Chair Russ Decker has called a committee meeting for November 21.
Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                     Tracey Regula
Regula shared information from the Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. The club’s total income through October 31, 2023 is $56,037.76. Total expenses are $40,879.98. Net income is $15,157.78. Warren moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Page seconded the motion. Board approved.
Regula moved to disperse proceeds from the 2023 reverse raffle in the amount of $2,941.85 to the Lima Rotary Foundation. Unterbrink seconded the motion. Board approved.

New Business                                                                                                             Anne Decker
Cat Sarno has submitted a request to be reinstated to the club. Regula made a motion to approve the reinstatement. Page seconded the motion. Board approved.

New Member Applications
Michelle Steinke
Amber Basares
Page made a motion to approve the new member applications. Unterbrink seconded the motion. Board approved.

Andy Murino
Kleet Ellis
Warren made a motion to approve the resignations with regret. Burden seconded the motion. Board approved.
Motion To Adjourn
Regula made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Page seconded the motion. Board approved.
President Fry adjourned the meeting at 12:50 P.M.