Posted by Anne Decker on Jun 29, 2021
Changing of the Guard was a fun goodbye to President John Ficorilli who did a great job of getting us through a difficult year. We welcome the Lima Rotary Club's new President, Jeff Fitzgerald as we look forward to an outstanding 2021-2022!
The Changing of the Guard included a roast of President John by Cat and Demi, the presentation of the Lima Rotary Club's annual Service Awards, recognition of long-time Rotarians, recognition of incoming and outgoing club board members and foundation board members, and a toast to the new year. A special highlight was Jay Begg's almost 5 year old granddaughter Ellie leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. She had been practicing it with Jay before his accident and was thrilled to get a chance to recite it for us. Jeff told us his hope for the next year is that it's normal. "Let's have some fun, do some fellowship, fundraising, and we'll all be working along with the District Governor from 6600 and her theme this year, 'Serve to Change Lives.'" Thank you, President John and welcome, President Jeff!
The Service Awards were presented to:
Rex Perry Club Service - Anne Decker
Rudolph Community Service - Beth Seibert
Goodnight International Service - Bob Ruehl
Member Vocational Service - Bob Cupp
Hulsken Youth Service - our school superintendents for working so hard to keep our children safe during the pandemic: Jill Ackerman, Rich Dakin, Keith Horner, Joel Mengerink, James Kanable, Craig Kupferberg, Theresa Schnipke
Outgoing Lima Rotary Club Board members are Peggy Ehora, Theresa Schnipke and Ken Dysert. Incoming board members are Lesley Fry, Elizabeth Brown-Ellis and Joel Mengerink.
Outgoing Lima Rotary Foundation Board members are Lesley Fry, Joe Watson and Beth Seibert. Incoming board members are Abe Ambroza, Jennifer Mason and Corey Frazer.
President John also presented three awards for outstanding service during his year: Demi Burden received his Superstar Award, Derek Stemen received the Never Say No Award and Cat Sarno received the Rock Award.