Posted by David Runk on May 10, 2017
We had a fabulous time at the 3K Color Run!
The UNOH Rotaract Club has done a spectacular job this past year!  It was their first year as a chartered Rotary International organization and the Lima Rotary Club is proud of all they have accomplished.  They are reported to be the largest club on campus, and as anyone knows who has attended a club meeting at which some of their members were in attendance, they are a multi-national club of students from all over the world.
Led by President Nina Nikolic, the club was very active in the Lima community and completed the Spring semester by holding the first annual 3K Color Run.  It was estimated that more than 170 people from the local community participated.  Money raised in the event will be used to help in the fight against Opiate addiction.  More information with results of this terrific effort will be made available in the near future.
Thanks to the UNOH Rotaract Club and all that they have done in the Lima community.  It’s been a great year!
(Photo courtesy of Levi Morman of The Lima News)