Posted by Rita Brown
Rotary Committees and Activities 2020-2021
Each year around this time, we put out a form at the club meetings that offers all club members the opportunity to select the activities and committees they would like to be a part of for the upcoming year. Do you want to help with the Salvation Army Bell Ringing or the Special Needs Christmas Party? Or would you rather work on the Program Committee? Maybe you would like to be a part of Fellowship this year. How about the Golf Outing?
This year, to simplify the process, Anne has put together an electronic version of the Committees. You will be receiving it in a few days through your email or you can find it here.
Once you complete your selections and hit submit, your form will be returned directly to me. I will enter your selections into our Club Runner Lima Rotary Club database. 
Doing this is so helpful to the Committee Chairs and also ensures you have the opportunity to share your time doing the activities that interest you most!
Thank you!