Posted by Heather Rutz on Aug 02, 2017
Here are the unofficial minutes of the July 24th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lima Rotary Foundation.
Fitzgerald, Kirk, Begg, Brown-Ellis, Fields, Wannemacher, Warren, Past President Frost, Treasurer Walsh and Secretary Rutz.
President Fitzgerald opened the meeting at 11 a.m.
Kirk made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted for the regular board meeting on April 24, 2017. Brown-Ellis seconded the motion.  Board approved.
WELCOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS: President Fitzgerald welcomed Andy Wannemacher to the board, and noted that Dr. Jeff Unterbrink, also a new member, was unable to attend.
Treasurer Walsh gave the following report:
  1. Distribution and review of the following:
    1. Lima Rotary Foundation Statement of Receipts and Disbursements by Fund, July 2016 through June 2017.
    2. Rotary Foundation Board Financial Report dated July 24, 2017.
  2. Reviewing the purpose of each fund
  3. Recommending a grant budget of about $7,000 each quarter, up from last year’s recommendation of $5,000, because of a budget surplus
  4. Reminding the board about the shared expense with the club of accounting
  5. Asking what the board wanted to do with the MESA warehouse request.
The board noted that Harold Bischoff was OK with the MESA request moving to the 2018 calendar year, and the board planned to consider the request then.
Begg made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted. Fields seconded the motion. Board approved.
The board reviewed the following grant requests:
  1. Soldier of Honor Boxing Gym: Request for $2,000 to serve at-risk youth in multiple boxing programs
  1.  Mobility Foundation: Request for $2,500 to serve adaptive need clients and fall prevention clients
  1. Lima Symphony Orchestra: Request $1,500 for “Kidstuff” at Lima Public Library, $1,500 for the Young People’s Concert, and $865 for tickets for clients of Marimor School
  1. Allen County D.A.R.E.: Request for $2,000 for T-shirts for participants
  1. ArtSpace/Lima: Request for $700 to purchase camcorder to conduct oral history videos
After discussing each grant:
Fields motion to approve Soldiers of Honor’s request for $2,000. Kirk second. Board approved request, noting that the organization had received two grants in one calendar year, but two different Rotary fiscal years, and that most likely another grant would not be approved until next year
Kirk motion to approve Lima Symphony Orchestra’s request for $3,865. Wannemacher second. Board approved request. Brown-Ellis abstained.
Warren motion to approve Allen County D.A.R.E.’s request, for $2,000. Fields second. Board approved request.
  1. Rutz reminded the board of their Conflict of Interest policy forms they have signed and collected the same forms from new board members.
  2. Fitzgerald informed the board of a joint meeting Nov. 6 with the Lima Rotary Executive Committee hosting the district governor.
  3. Fitzgerald asked for a motion reappointing Rutz and Walsh, and approving their compensation. Warren motion to approve. Begg second. Board approved.
  4. Fitzgerald asked Frost about the possibility of applying for the District 6600 matching funds grant. Frost will investigate the deadline with David Runk and Tracie Sanchez.
  5. Warren noted that the High Octane Drumline is using a grant request for a new trailer for equipment. The group is getting quotes now. Warren is getting help to set up an LLC to take ownership of the trailer, and board members suggested the LLC would help protect drumline organizer Jesse Lowe as well.
  1. The next meeting of the Foundation Board will be held Oct. 23, 2017 at 11 a.m.
No further business, Fields motion and Wannemacher second to adjourn at 11:39 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Heather Rutz, Secretary