Posted by Bob Ruehl on Jan 11, 2019
Bob Ruehl is heading back to Honduras to wrap up our sanitation project.
Lima’s Global Grant began in 2015.  Since we are nearing completion of the grant, I thought it appropriate to relate some of the interesting things that we have learned in the last few years.  This past summer we had an auditor visit from TRF, a PDG who is also a Cadre from Ecuador. The review and audit our progress and financials came out quite well. $197,000.
She took the time to interview many of the people to learn their impressions and views about the sanitary units we are installing.  Their comments were refreshing, surprising, precious and revealed a depth of understanding that they fully grasped the subject of hygiene and sanitation. The teacher’s feedback about the children were straightforward, the kids got the message about washing their hands.
As with any large amount of funding the final accounting is important.  This is the primary reason for the trip. The second item is to develop a new Global Grant if possible.