Posted by Bob Ruehl
Rotarians are overwhelmingly satisfied with Rotary's current grant model.

You can now see a summary of the results of the 2018-19 grant model evaluation that was presented to the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine how satisfied Rotarians are with the new grant model, gauge their support for and understanding of the areas of focus, and assess the sustainability of global grant-funded projects. In all three of these aspects, our grant model is a success! Of the survey respondents:

  • 93 percent say that the current grant model is better than the previous grant model
  • 96 percent say that Rotary is working in the right areas of focus
  • 62 percent feel that they are well-prepared to implement sustainability requirements

In addition, since the launch of the current grant model in 2013, the average size of global grants has risen 21 percent, and the average size of district grants has risen 16 percent. We can all feel proud that our new grant model is working so well.

As leaders, we need to continue to remind clubs about the importance of community assessments. When we work with community members, these assessments help us understand what’s happening in a community, decide which challenges to tackle, and ultimately implement projects that are more sustainable and have greater impact.

I encourage you to share these evaluation results with clubs. Thank you, as always, for all of your work to support Rotarians who are Doing Good in the World.


Abby McNear
Director of Grants