Posted by Tracie Sanchez on Mar 02, 2018
Our homeless project met its fundraising goal!
“We will end homelessness in Lima, Ohio.”  That is the statement from WOCAP’s Executive Director, Jackie Fox at a Rotary meeting on October 30th. The money needed was $15,200.00.   Our fundraising project started at the beginning of January with the intention to fill a gap our Community has for the homeless population that do not fit Federal or State guidelines for funding.  This is private money raised from the Lima Rotary Club to fill the gap.   
As of February 17th we have reached our goal of raising $15,200.00.  Committed to ending homelessness was:  Radio Hospital, Webb Insurance, Spherion of Lima, Lima Pallet Co., Swartz Contracting, Eye Site of Lima, Alberta Lee, Rich Rudolph, Carl Berger, Dave Cockerell, Jon Rockhold, Shelly Diepenbrock, Carol Russell, Chuck Wolfe, Larry Webb, Tracie Sanchez, Cliff Barber, Joe Kitchen, and Annette Swisher.  Our club raised $285.00 by passing the bucket around at a meeting and our “go fund me page” raised $420.00.  We also received a District Grant for $5,000.00. 
Much appreciated is the Lima Rotary Club’s support of this project with the intent that anyone that needs and wants a warm bed to sleep in will have one.  There is no reason in Lima, Ohio that anyone needs to be homeless.