Posted by Joseph Kitchen on Feb 06, 2019
The Bath High School Interact Club continues to stay busy.
On 1/25/19 - The Bath High School Interact Club hosted a “Dodge Out Drugs” dodgeball game during the Bath High School varsity boys basketball game. At half time, members of the club played a dodgeball game against teachers and staff. After the game, over 100 students stayed to play a great game of dodgeball. The goal of the activity was to remind students that there are lots of fun and enjoyable activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol. You can watch the fun here.
On 1/31/18 the BHS Interact Club attended the girls varsity basketball game as a group. They made signs and formed a cheering section with a goal of rooting on their classmates. The goal of the club is to create unity, school spirit, and encourage the student athletes.