Posted by Bob Ruehl on Jun 21, 2024
Learning In Action
End-of-year updates from the Learning Center! 
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Although the 2024 Rotary International Convention in Singapore has ended, you can view and download the presentations and handouts from the breakout sessions. 

Visit the Learning Center and explore the 2024 Convention Breakout Session Presentations learning topic.
Learning Center highlights
This month, find these featured courses in the Learning Center:
  • Working With Your Club Leadership Team
    Learn how you can work with other club leaders to plan activities, structure committees, engage members, and set and achieve goals for your club.
  • Minimizing Risk
    As a club or district leader, learn what you need to know to reduce risk and use insurance to protect yourself, others, and the club or district.
  • Rotary Fellowship Basics
    Rotary Fellowships help Rotary members and friends build a global community around shared hobbies, passions, professions, and identities. These courses help Rotary Fellowship officers and board members succeed as leaders of a global Rotary Fellowship. 
Updates to courses and learning plans
New courses
New courses will be available in the Learning Center after the new Rotary year starts on 1 July. Here are a few of them:
  • The Importance of Eradicating Polio
  • Donor Stewardship
Courses to be retired
These webinar courses will be retired from the Learning Center as of 1 July. Based on our retention policy, webinars are archived after three years.
For more resources on DEI, explore the learning topic  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Resources and Discussion
The Protecting Youth Program Participants course will be reposted on 1 July to allow leaders to see who has completed the course each year.

Download the course catalog PDF for updated learning plans and revised courses.  

Learning anywhere with your smartphone or tablet
If you’ve never used the Learning Center, you’ll need to visit it for the first time on a desktop or laptop computer and accept the privacy policy. After that, you can use the mobile version on your smartphone. 

Download the updated mobile guide for complete instructions on using the Learning Center on your smartphone.
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