Posted by Bob Ruehl
A solution that ends malnutrition
For Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group, we have had more opportunities to speak to clubs all around the world by Zoom. I personally have enjoyed meeting so many committed Rotarians in clubs this year and to hear of the many programs they are involved in. It reassured me that Rotary is still offering opportunities for us all. But when I open my email each day and read statistics like the Word Bank estimates "That an additional 38 to 150 million people will fall into poverty this year”, I am inclined to be overwhelmed. 
However, I know we CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to that statistic if every Rotary Club started one garden in a school, a hospital, or a community garden and encouraged their community to grow their own food.  It only has to be a couple of pots to start with, or a tub, or small garden bed. The Brief Garden Guides we have prepared for many clubs around the world have been great starts for this process.  They don’t only explain how to grow these plants but why these plants are good for you and how your body uses the nutrients in them.
We have increasing requests for these guides, and clubs and individuals have received them with open arms.
The downside of course, is that we continue to have an urgent need for funds - we have many request we cannot meet because of the funding situation. Our one part-time employee, Karalyn, cannot keep up with the requests, and her skills in this area are better than most!
SO, could you please share this with your clubs? If they have only a few dollars left undistributed this year, we would be very thankful to receive it and would use it wisely.
The committee continues to look for a corporate sponsor to support our projects. If you know of anyone we could speak to we would be delighted to be referred to them.
For clubs who have not already heard our presentation, please pass on my details to them, so we can tell our story. We are good at Zoom meetings too!
Best wishes for the second half of this year when Rotary continues to Open Opportunities.
Yours in in Rotary
PDG Una Hobday OAM
Chair, Food Plant Solutions Rotary Action Group
+61 419 902 955