Posted by Paul Swartz on Nov 26, 2018
This heartfelt letter shows how we are making a difference through MESA.
November 17, 2018
Dear Bob, Gary and Scott and all members of MESA, today I am writing to thank all of you for the wonderful program of medical equipment that they provide us and which we know requires a lot of dedication and effort on your part to keep it current. This has also become the flagship program of our club and it fills us with satisfaction to work with it, because although you know it is not too express it in poor countries like ours with even poorer health systems, the supply of supplies and medical equipment to the most needy in an almost direct way as we do with everything that MESA provides us, often turns out to be the difference between life and death literally when things that seem as simple as a thread of suture or a pair of gloves and not to mention more complex equipment have directly helped to save lives, as well as drastically improve the lives of those who receive a wheelchair, crutches a walker or hospitals that now provide comfortable beds for patients, where we have helped of MESA equipped surgical units in an almost complete way, thus achieving a tangible and beneficial impact on the communities and people who need it most. so. That is why MESA, through this means and from the depths of our hearts, our Kaputzihil Rotary Club and the people who benefit, we thank you and hope that you will receive them with all your heart.   
Edgardo Yescas Cubas
Rotary Club Tegucigalpa Kaputzihil.