Posted by John Ficorilli
 We need your involvement in the new year to make the Lima Rotary Club better than ever.
As we navigate the pandemic and begin our new Rotary year, I need some help.  We need to make sure our members who are attending online due to health or work reasons have a great experience.  We need people with some technical ability to help with Facebook/Zoom during our meetings.  If we can get a few people, we can really improve our online presence and keep our remote members engaged.  Please see John or Anne for details.  We need to get Rottery back on track.  Drew Fields has done a great job, but he is not able to head this role any longer, and I am looking for a couple of people who can take turns running it.  We will see changes here also, and may need to come up with touchless transactions (think Venmo or account billing).  See Drew or John for details/ideas etc.  Lastly, with no fall blood clinic, we will need to replace that event with added fundraising efforts.  Lesley and I are planning on meeting next week to look at options.  All ideas are welcome!  Above all else, we are a SERVICE club.  Our community has needs and we need to raise funds to help meet those needs.  Contact Lesley or John with ideas and let us know how you can help.  If you are reading this, we want your feedback.  I know we can do this together!