Posted by Anne Decker on Aug 19, 2022
I’m reaching out to you today to announce our Rotary District 6600’s support of a project and framework to bring Rotary clubs together on Environmental Sustainability – Operation Pollination.
Rotary International President Jennifer Jones is spotlighting Operation Pollination as an important way of supporting the new 7th area of focus: Protecting the Environment.  North America hosts one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world: a 3,000 mile journey that the monarch butterfly makes year after year from Canada through the United States and into Mexico.  Operation Pollination is supporting an effort to bolster a vertical pollination garden along the migratory route and raise awareness by asking Rotarians to pledge to protect the crucially important pollinators.  In July, the International Union for Conservation of Nature red- listed the migratory Monarch as endangered.  This is a big problem because pollinators are essential to our food supply and are responsible for one in every three bites of food we eat. 

As such, our Rotary District 6600 has joined in with others along the migration route (between Windsor, Ontario and Morelia, Mexico) to sign Operation Pollination Pollinator Resolutions. We are asking each club to consider joining in with Rotary District 6600 by signing a pledge form alongside DG Diana Savage to acknowledge and support operation pollination and environmental sustainability.  This is a great opportunity to highlight what your club is already doing to support the environment, share project ideas, and identify your next environmental project.  As we build a network of existing projects and resources, we can collaborate to improve the health and wellbeing of the environment in our communities.

Join us on September 10th at the Dedication and Celebratory Lunch for the New Rotary Riverside Nature Preserve!  The cost is $10 per Rotarian to join the picnic lunch and free for any guests you bring along.  Please RSVP on dacDB. We will have an Operation Pollination booth at the event where we will have pledge forms available for individual clubs and strategic partners to join in on pledging their support.  We look forward to seeing you there and continuing the momentum in Rotary District 6600 to protect the environment!

Please reach out to Mike Noble, serving as Environmental Chair for Rotary District 6600, to discuss having your club sign a pledge resolution or if you’re interested in helping to promote this initiative at your club or in our District.

Thank you,
Mike Noble