The Lima Rotary Club is doing its part to eradicate polio.
On Monday, September 14th, Lima Rotarians were given information about the upcoming 2020 Rotary International World Polio Day, which will take place on October 24th. 
Lima Rotary Club members Keith Horner and Derek Stemen addressed the club about our local fundraising plans and goals.
Keith shared some great news that the African region has now been declared “polio free” with no new cases for four years. He said that the Lima Rotary Club’s goal is to raise $5,000. Pledge cards were made available on the tables.
The video was shown about this year’s fundraiser to help eradicate polio worldwide. Although the COVID-19 pandemic may offer challenges, Rotary International believes its members are up to the challenge.
Derek Stemen thanked Lima Rotarians for their ongoing support of PolioPlus. He suggested that we could easily meet our goal if 100 Rotarians each gave $50. He suggested several ways we can meet this year’s target.
  1.  Fill out a pledge card to make a donation by cash or check, or have it placed on your quarterly bill.
  2. Ask others outside of our club for their financial support.
  3. Make a donation online by going to
  4. Donate an item for the PolioPlus auction. 
  5. Donate a service to be auctioned. Suggestions included changing oil or serving as a designated driver.