Posted by John Ficorilli
The Lima Rotary Cub resumes (almost) regular meetings in July.
Just as we start to get pretty good with Zoom meetings, it looks like we will be able to start meeting at the VMCCC again, starting in July. Our plan as of now is to have our July 6 meeting at the Civic Center at the regular time. It will be set up as a hybrid live/online meeting. We will work to make sure we have adequate space to maintain social distancing (is anyone else tired of this term?) to maintain a safe environment for our members. There will likely be no sign in or buttons, and we may have to set up one-way traffic, but we will make it work.  
We are working with Milano’s to set up safe food distribution, and we will have more details as we get closer to the meeting date. We will also have live streaming of the meeting and text/chat capabilities for any members who are not yet comfortable attending in person. 
Thank you all for your patience as we are navigating this crazy time.  It will take more than a little virus to take down Rotary.