Posted by Bob Ruehl on Nov 19, 2021
Rotary In Review - How Rotary is making an impact in Zimbabwe
How Rotary is making an impact in Zimbabwe 
Increasing our impact is one of the four priorities of Rotary’s Action Plan, a blueprint for strengthening Rotary and adapting to the future. Carolyn Schrader, a Denver, Colorado, Rotary member who provides expertise on other club’s projects, learned the value of impact during a trip to Zimbabwe. Meeting with local women who were creating a savings plan, she realized that letting the local community shape the project meant they were owning it. Read more of her story in her blog post on Rotary Voices and visit the Action Plan page to download reference sheets on the plan’s four priorities that explain what you can do. 
This week's stories
Lessons in disability inclusion
Not that long ago, South African Rotary member Jeremy Opperman was standing in a checkout line when the cashier turned to his colleague instead of Opperman himself and asked how he was able to punch his ID number on the card keypad. Opperman, who is blind, says this behavior of people avoiding communication with those with disabilities has a name: “does he take sugar.” A member of Rotary’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion taskforce, Opperman shares more of his insights on disability inclusion in Rotary Voices. Read more
What would you do?
You are on a committee planning your district’s conference when a committee member suggests you enlist members of a Rotaract club to manage the Zoom registration and provide technical support for the conference’s virtual participants. Another member mentions there could be more meaningful ways to engage Rotaract members. What would you do? Share your response on our blog for possible inclusion in an upcoming issue of Rotary magazine. Read more.
Fighting malnutrition in Ethiopia
Rotary has entered a partnership with Power on Nutrition, the Eleanor Crook Foundation, and The END Fund to fund a nutrition program in Ethiopia. Learn more.
End of year newsletter schedule
Due to holidays and staff vacations, this newsletter's delivery schedule will alter slightly for the remainder of this year. There will be two more Rotary in Review newsletters following this one for 2021: on 3 December and 17 December.
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