Posted by Esther Baldridge
Special Needs Christmas Party - COVID Style
The annual Special Needs Christmas Party has taken on a new look this year due to the pandemic. The location has moved to Marimor School because the church is not allowing such events this year while we are on Level 3. It will be more like a drive thru or walk through party. Children and a parent will get their temperatures taken. If they pass, they will be allowed in the school where they will meet Santa and receive their personalized gift. They will then walk down the hallway past stations where they will receive book(s), a craft bag, a goodie back and a fruit basket. Before they exit, they will receive a picture of them with Santa. And then they go home. No lunch will be served and no entertainment. The participants will be divided alphabetically into four time slots to ensure there aren’t too many present at any one time. In the alternative, a family can choose to have their gifts delivered to their home. They will receive everything except a picture with Santa. 
We need volunteers of all kinds. We of course need people to “adopt” a child and buy a gift for the child. If the child wants home delivery, we need you to come to school and pick up the fruit basket, craft bag, and goodie bag, and book(s) and then delivery to the home. If the child wants to come to the school, we will need 5 – 10 Rotarians at the school along with some Interact students. In deference to football, we are doing this all in the morning so you can be home for the game. 
To volunteer, text or email Esther. (419) 302-2580