Posted by Anne Decker on Apr 08, 2022
Autism affects 1 in 44 people.
Angie Toland, the Occupational Therapy Assistant and Transition Coordinator for the Hancock Educational Service Center and Tyler Burklund, Director of Special Education for the Hancock County Educational Service Center, told us that the prevalence of autism has increased 241% since 2000 and affects all socioeconomic backgrounds. Angie told us that autism is a neurological difference in brain wiring, not a disease. The people affected with autism often have difficulty with social interactions and think in black and white, paying keen attention to details. They also have hyper or under sensitivity of all senses (sound, sight, smell, touch, taste). The strengths of people with autism are that they memorize and learn quickly, are very honest, punctual and have a drive for perfection. Angie says there is no cure for autism but symptoms can be managed by early intervention.