Posted by Anne Decker
Where there is need, MESA is there to provide medical supplies, educational equipment and technology.
Medical Equipment and Supplies Abroad was formed in 19xx by the Rotary Clubs of District 6600 in Northwest Ohio to ship medical and educational supplies to developing countries. Randy Box told us that in the United States, there’s a huge wealth of usable medical equipment and supplies that are no longer in service. The second-hand surplus in our country is often state-of-the-art to the healing needs of developing countries. Rotarians have the resources to collect, sort, identify, store and ship millions of dollars of still-usable medical supplies and equipment. The supplies and equipment go from MESA’s warehouse in Fostoria, into a shipping container, and then into the port of a local Rotary Club for distribution to Central America, West Africa, and Eastern European countries. MESA is supported by contributions from the Rotarians of District 6600, other individuals, businesses and organizations, and by the annual MESA bike ride which brings in around $50,000. The money pays for the cost of shipping the supplies and operating the warehouse. Two bike rides are planned this year: one from September 12-17 and one on September 22. Becky Waggamon is planning to ride in both - please support her with your contributions.
The Lima Rotary Foundation donated $5,000 to MESA at Monday's meeting.