Posted by Heather Rutz on Aug 31, 2018
Fundraising is underway for a new 9/11 memorial.
Fundraising is underway for a 9/11 Memorial to be constructed next to the Shawnee Township Fire Department.
One of the memorial organizing group’s founders, Jeff Rosebrock, spoke with Lima Rotary Club Monday about why the group is seeking the memorial.
The group wants to make sure no one ever forgets the events that day that changed the world, Rosebrock said. He said he often gets asked why.
“Most importantly, to remember that day, the impact had on this community, and country, and how everything changed that day,” Rosebrock said. “We also want to teach our children how important that day was. It was like throwing a rock into a pond, with its ripples going out and out.”
The memorial has a location, near the Shawnee Township Fire House, and a commissioned design from Pat Beam. The group has also secured artifacts from all three 9/11 sites, Rosebrock said.
The memorial has a $400,000 budget. For information about the memorial, visit or call 419-410-4021.
In other Rotary business Monday:
The club welcomed new members who will be completing orientation activities before receiving full membership.
The club presented another round of $1,000 scholarships to nontraditional students.
The Lima Rotary Club was pleased to honor Harry and Myrna Shutt and Leo Hawk today with Paul Harris Fellowships for their outstanding contributions to the Rex Perry Memorial Golf Outing.