Posted by Anne Decker on Jul 16, 2021
Family Promise is helping homeless families get back on their feet.
Lima has had a homeless shelter for women and a homeless shelter for men, but until Family Promise came into existence, there was no shelter that served families. Family Promise is an all inclusive, faith-based agency helping homeless families achieve and sustain independence by helping them find employment and housing. Executive Director Hellen Douglas told us that homelessness is a crisis. "33% of the homeless population have children. They're families. They don't want us to find them because they're afraid that their kids will be taken. We want to bring them in. We want to show them love/ We want to give them hope. We want to assist them so they're self sufficient." Family Promise is funded entirely by donations. Board member Rick Shields encouraged us to sign up for golf outing on July 24 which is one of their major fundraisers. Family Promise can shelter three families at a time, but they hope to increase that in the future.
Jeff Fitzgerald began his year as club president by hoping for a normal year. "When we talk about my year we're just talking about getting back to normal, meeting in person. We lost that for a long time. I'm hearing a lot of suggestions. I will listen to all suggestions and promise to do my very best."