Posted by Anne Decker
The federal government awards $559 billion in contracts every year and only 18 Allen County companies are taking advantage of that.
"There is a lot of money out there available for small businesses and unfortunately ,not much of that money is coming here to Allen County," says the Coordinator of Rhodes State College's Procurement Technical Assistance Center. "The government doesn't manufacture anything. They don't produce anything.They have to rely on the private sector for all their goods and services. The government has a goal to spend 23% or 128 billion dollars a year on the small businesses. It's going somewhere so why not Allen County?" The PTAC Center is available to help small businesses secure federal contracts. They will help your business identify its core competencies and decide what you do best, complete the necessary registrations to sell to governments, develop marketing strategies to help you sell to governments, and then find available contracts that fit your business. PTAC's services are funded by the US Defense Logistics Agency and the Ohio Development Services Agency and hosted by Rhodes State College, so its services are free to small businesses. You can contact PTAC at 419-995-8283 or